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Welcome to the shortest episode in the history of the show, y’all! I recorded this episode to fill you in on the first ever break I’m taking from the podcast in over four years. I’ll be back in September with fresh new interviews and some other juicy surprises I’ll keep to myself until then.

In the meantime, we’ve put together some Podcast Playlists for you to either catch up or review some of your (and my) favorite episodes in some of our most popular categories.

Click here to download the playlists 

And also, keep an eye out for a special online event I’m hosting on Monday 7/15 and some celebrational offerings on Monday 7/22 in honor of Mary Magdalene Feast Day.

You’ll be able to pre-enroll for POWER 2020 and save over $500, join the NEW Wild Soul Movement teacher training for over 25% off and I’m opening applications for the first ever Wild Soul Year of Embodiment: An Experience in Travel, Sensuality, Joy, Connection and Pleasure


What You’ll Hear:

2:37 My first break ever in the history of the show
3:31 Why Elizabeth needs a little breather
7:24 Where you can find Elizabeth’s pledge online
7:50 Podcast playlists that Elizabeth has put together
9:19 Reviewing some of the amazing content from guests
9:42 Preparing for a book proposal
10:40 Why July 22nd is a special day for Wild Soul Movement

Podcast Playlists

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“When I have resistance, I always pay attention.” -.Elizabeth DiAlto

“Whenever I procrastinate I look at why, and it’s just that… I need a little breather.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“I do not have a business and I do not work as hard as I work to not be able to take a break sometimes when I need a friggin break.” – Elizabeth DiAlto


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