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In today’s show, we’re exploring something we never have before – hypnotherapy as a healing modality. And we can’t talk about hypnotherapy without getting into beliefs and how the subconscious mind works, so I was really excited Stephanie Kwong, a dear friend of mine and brilliant practitioner, agreed to come on the show to jam on all of it.

This was a really fun and also personal conversation where we both shared some of the beliefs we’ve been working to rewire. Steph’s was around making it hard for people to love her. Mine was around trusting myself but not trusting others.

We talked about patterns, managing expectations, and the ways we delete and distort information in our reality to make things match our current beliefs. She also walked me through the four ways to actually change your beliefs for good.

This is a really juicy conversation – a combination of personal stories and examples, as well as client stories, really bring home just how complex our minds are and how important it is to pay attention to the ways we act based on what we think is true that isn’t necessarily true.

Enjoy and share!


From Stephanie Kwong:
Stephanie Kwong is a mindset mastery coach, hypnotherapist and host of the Rise Higher podcast. She supports high achievers to identify and remove mental roadblocks, and redesign their subconscious mind to achieve their next level through hypnosis, subconscious reprogramming, and other techniques to master their mind and elevate their energy. Through subconscious reprogramming, her clients effortlessly achieve the results they want personally, professionally and financially. Her Self-hypnosis Mastery online course, Believe, shows you how to partner with your subconscious mind to reprogram your beliefs so you can manifest your dream life and have it all. Stephanie is also a teacher of self-love. Her Self-Love Transformation online program shows the ‘how’ of self-love, and has thousands of students around the world develop a more loving relationship with themselves to experience greater happiness and fulfillment. Her deep passion is to empower people to transform their lives and to turn their dreams to reality by aligning their inner world to the outer results they want to create.

Connect with Stephanie:
Website | Instagram | Facebook

What You’ll Hear:

4:41 How Elizabeth and Stephanie met
7:33 How Stephanie is feeling in her body right now
10:28 The different chronotypes of sleep
14:26 The truth that is having an impact on Stephanie’s life
19:55 How expectations and assumptions go together
24:20 Making it hard for people to love you
30:10 Not being able to receive someone’s best
35:53 Asking her friends what she needs to work on
38:07 The harmful effects of falling in love with people’s potential
39:36 Distorting information in your reality to fit in with what you believe
42:32 Why Stephanie has gone all-in on hypnotherapy
46:48 The 4 different ways to change your beliefs
51:06 What hypnotherapy can help with that traditional therapy can’t
53:20 How our body holds onto trauma


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“We need to stop shaming ourselves and just find what works for you.” – Stephanie Kwong

“Stop making it so hard for people to love you.” – Stephanie Kwong

“When I truly know that I’m lovable, that means I can just let the love in instead of pushing it away.” – Stephanie Kwong

“We’ll literally delete and distort information in our reality to fit into what it is that we want to believe or what we have believed up until now because we like to be right about what we believe.” – Stephanie Kwong

“Once you align the subconscious with what you want, you’ll have it.” – Stephanie Kwong

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