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Today’s episode takes us on an exploration of something I don’t talk about a lot and that is quantum physics, consciousness and the holographic nature of the universe. Some folks are really going to resonate with this and others might be like, “What the actual hell are you all talking about, Elizabeth?” So I want to remind you, I’m not here to hit the mark every episode with every person, I’m here to follow my own curiosity and take you on the adventure with me.

Our guest today is Christina Rasmussen, a dear friend and repeat guest. The basis for the interview is her new book, Where Did You Go?

Her big truth was how people who are made the same way have such opposing ideas.

From there we talked about life, death, creation and seeing this reality we live in for what it actually is. We talked about synchronicity and the holographic principle, immersing ourselves in a world of unexpected experiences every day and how to respect people’s foundational beliefs (as long as they aren’t causing harm).

We got into the Observer Effect, how grief is an evolutionary experience and despite what many of us have been taught, why it is ok to pick and choose to create your own foundational beliefs that will create happiness in your life.

This is a juicy one! Enjoy and share.

From Christina Rasmussen:

In 2006, a tragic event changed the trajectory of my life. Learn more about my experience in my weekly blog posts. My grief spurred me to turn to the stars and the universe for answers. Learn more about that here. I founded The Life Reentry® Institute to help people reclaim their lives after great loss. I’m an author. I wrote Second Firsts and my new book, Where Did You Go?, is on sale now!

Connect with Christina:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

What You’ll Hear:

4:36 Being immersed in a world of unexpected experiences every day
10:14 How people who are made the same way have such opposing ideas
12:11 Seeing people differently than you in order to bring them closer to you
15:24 The premise of Christina’s new book, Where Did You Go?
17:50 Why Christina felt like she was living in a duality when she was writing her book
20:36 Life, death, creation and seeing this reality we live in for what it actually is
24:09 Synchronicity and the holographic principle
31:55 The ability to graduate from the guru
34:39 Why it is ok to choose to create your own foundational beliefs + why we must respect others’ beliefs
45:00 How grief is an evolutionary experience
51:50 The only constant is change
58:02 The reactions Christina is receiving to her book
1:01:40 What’s next for Christina

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot
Quantum Consciousness by Stephen Wolinsky
The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden


Click here to watch/listen or scroll upward to listen only:


“The universe took me and said, ‘you asked for this and we’re going to take you and throw you out into the world and you’re just going to bounce and bounce and bounce and find your footing,’ and I’m enjoying the bouncing so much.” – Christina Rasmussen

“It is mindblowing to me how people made the same way have such opposing ideas and beliefs.” – Christina Rasmussen

“When you’re talking to someone and you’re telling them about something and they are just not getting it, it’s not their fault, they just can’t see what you see. It’s not personal, they just can’t.” – Christina Rasmussen

“Every time we understand the universe, the universe will change. There will be another reality underneath that reality that we will go and understand, that’s called evolution.” – Christina Rasmussen

“People will have opposing ideas and we will respect that.” – Christina Rasmussen

“What you see in front of you and what you hold in your hands, whether it’s a book or a phone, it’s made in the same way as nothingness is.” – Christina Rasmussen

“All I’m really asking people is to consider the possibility that they can’t hear and see everything there is around them.” – Christina Rasmussen

“This is basically a hologram that we are projecting from a deeper reality.” – Christina Rasmussen

“These are not haters they are just making sure that you don’t take away their safety guard.” – Christina Rasmussen

“Everything doesn’t have to be black and white.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Grief is an evolutionary experience and grief is love.” – Christina Rasmussen

“There’s no right or wrong, there’s just change itself.” – Christina Rasmussen

“This is not about changing the world, it’s about my dream.” – Christina Rasmussen

“The more we understand our reality, the more that reality can give back to us.” – Christina Rasmussen


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