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It’s Not Your Money with Tosha Silver

It’s Not Your Money with Tosha Silver

by | Oct 7, 2019

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Those of you who have been around listening for a while have undoubtedly heard me mention Tosha Silver and her book Outrageous Openness before. Maybe you’ve even listened to her first interview which was all the way back in the first 25 episodes of this show in 2015.

Either way! I’m excited to have her back to discuss her latest book, It’s Not Your Money – the concepts of which can be applied to many besides money.

Her big truth was around not being able to say yes to everything and from there we got into authenticity, not in a buzz word way, in a connecting to your true self and being of service way.

We talked about why it’s not your money, people’s pain around money, and how to stop worrying about money for folks who do, which led to a conversation about what abundance actually is, how to ditch fear around money and becoming a conduit for flow.

We also talked about one of my favorite topics of late, what is not useful about the Law of Attraction, befriending the harsh judgmental parts of growth and healing, the relationship between reciprocity and deserving, how we handle loss and practices for letting go, and more.

It’s a deep and winding conversation – I hope you love and look forward to hearing what resonates with you!


About Tosha Silver:

Tosha graduated from Yale with a degree in English Literature but along the way fell madly in love with yogic philosophy. For the past 30 years, she’s taught people around the world ways to align with Inner Love. She’s the author of Outrageous Openness and Change Me Prayers. She lives near San Francisco, where she runs an online school called “Living Outrageous Openness,” ongoing support to those who truly want to live these beautiful, ancient practices. You can also join her on Facebook by liking her author page where she often writes. She particularly enjoys finding fresh, funny ways to embrace the Divine, while avoiding conventional jargon and cliches at all cost. She loves how the sacred and mundane are truly One. 

Connect with Tosha:
Website | Instagram

What You’ll Hear:
6:39 How Tosha is feeling in her body
7:16 The truth that is having an impact on Tosha’s life
9:18 Coming from an authentic place 
10:36 Why Tosha decided to write It’s Not Your Money
14:14 How the universe tricked her into writing her book
18:04 Why you should focus on being abundant
19:33 How Tosha defines surrender
22:02 Your soul’s curriculum and the lessons you face in life
26:02 Being open to the messages in front of you
31:03 Not holding your sense of identity in wins and loses
33:02 Navigating through grief and loss
36:48 Learning to be self-compassionate
41:48 Deserving existing on the same spectrum as entitlement
45:23 Tosha’s thoughts on reciprocity
53:09 How a soul matures
55:36 Why Tosha does her work
57:43 Accepting your soul’s agenda

Power 2020
Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead
Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender
It’s Not Your Money: How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance

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“I can’t say yes to everything and I’m not supposed to.” – Tosha Silver

“It’s about how to be abundant rather than how to get it.” – Tosha Silver

“If you’re not in that place of being open to the message, you won’t even see it.” – Tosha Silver

“When your sense of identity is always found in having a win, you’re living in a nightmare. Even if its a very beautiful nightmare.” – Tosha Silver

“If you don’t know how to hold a sense of your own center and a sense of who you really are in the midst of loss, all of your ability to create is useless.” – Tosha Silver

“The key to virtue is knowing how to handle loss. It has nothing to do with what you can chase and grow, it’s how you can be centered when life is devastating you.” – Tosha Silver

“Whoever you are. You have to know that you deserve to receive.” – Tosha Silver

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