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I got to chat with today’s guest, Amber Rae right on the heels of her new book coming out. We explored a ton of things related to life and creativity. Her big truth was around the truths she doesn’t want to look at. She asked the question, “Do you tell your journal the truth?” Which sparked a playful and deep conversation around our willingness to look at our shadows, anxieties and worries.

From there we talked about:
-How wonder is curiosity in action
-Being slightly more curious than afraid
-How wonder helps with negative emotions
-The difference between fear and intuition
-Developing characters to relate to yourself objectively
-Identifying our “creative aches” and more…

Whether you live a creative life or not, there are so many gems in this discussion about navigating the things that keep us from our fullest love, expression and joy everyday. Enjoy and share!


About Amber Rae:

Called a “Millennial Motivator” by Fortune and “The Brené Brown of Wonder” by Mind Body Green, Amber Rae is an author, artist, and speaker whose work invites you to live your truth, befriend your emotions, and express your gifts.

Her writing blends raw, personal storytelling with actionable aha! moments and has reached more than 5 million people in 195 countries. Her public art has spread to more than 20 countries, and she’s spoken to and collaborated with brands like Kate Spade, Apple, Amazon, and Unilever.

Amber has been featured in The New York Times, TIME, Fast Company, BBC, ABC World News, Tim Ferriss’s blog, and more.

Previously, Amber helped launch six best-selling books as Chief Evangelist of Seth Godin’s publishing experiment and started an “accelerator for your life” called The Bold Academy.

She lives in Brooklyn and around the world with her fiancé, Farhad.

What You’ll Hear:

6:25 Navigating our inner voices + following curiosity and wonder
16:21 The difference between fear and intuition
25:34 Creative processes and how Amber wrote her book
37:06 On creating things just for yourself
44:02 How the process of writing a book has served Amber’s life + curiosity and overanalysis


Choose Wonder Over Worry by Amber Rae
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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