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This interview has been months in the making and proof that Divine Right Timing is a thing. While trying to schedule this interview Katie and I went back and forth a million times, then we did it, and I ended up deleting the file and we had to re-do it. That said, we finally did it and I’m super glad because the conversation around healing from addictions from eating disorders to being a workaholic, self-help exhaustion and journaling as an integration tool was great. Enjoy!

About Katie Dalebout:

Through her blog, podcasts, videos, and courses, millennial blogger, speaker, and podcast host Katie Dalebout curates inspired wisdom that guides people to go deep and sift through the thoughts clouding their minds. She’s a contributor to Hello Giggles, Refinery29, and Mind Body Green, and in 2013 launched the weekly podcast Let It Out, which attracted wellness and lifestyle celebrities such as Gabrielle Bernstein, Tara Stiles, and Joe Cross in its first few episodes. She’s the author of the Amazon best-selling book Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling (Hay House, 2016). She helps people develop a positive image of their bodies by embracing their creativity and personality outside of their physicality. She’s on a mission to share journaling tools that invoke deeper authenticity and self awareness.

In this episode, Katie shares:

1. Body Diversity and why it’s helpful to gain an appreciation for all shapes and sizes
2. All things journaling – all the ways, the different types of journaling, and different purposes it can serve

What You’ll Hear:

3:15 Body diversity and using your voice to change the conversation
11:12 Katie’s body journey through anorexia, orthorexia, and balancing all areas of life
23:37 Cultivating community, spontaneity, and listening to your needs
30:54 On the many methods of journaling + how we change over time

Click here to watch/listen or scroll upward to listen only:

Let it Out Podcast
How to Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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