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Today we’re kicking off a six-week podcast series I do every year called Journey into the Wild Soul. It will be FILLED with gems to explore your inner world to help you have a better outer world experience. (And that is putting it very, very mildly.)

I’ve also be opened up a free pop-up Facebook group to get some quality time together as a Wild Soul community before 2020 starts and we get all “hyped up” about a new year. I hope you’ll join me and bring your friends!

Details can be found here –

The Journey into the Wild Soul is about reflecting on the year and perhaps years previous, so that we can leave the past in the past as we transition into a new year. As well as to invite you to consider if how you’ve been going about your growth, healing and transformation is really effective or if it’s more performative, obligatory, inefficient, ineffective, or just a distraction.

Our theme this year is WHOLENESS and in this first episode, I’m sharing some of my own experiences towards wholeness, discussing the difference between identification and integration, and sharing some metaphors for healing, growth and transformation to help you honestly evaluate where you are right now in your own journey – and give you some perspective for moving forward AND measuring your progress.

As always on Truth Telling, we’re gonna keep it real and pack it in with tons of love, truth, kindness, laughs, stories and useful insights. Enjoy!

What You’ll Hear:

5:42 An overview of the Journey into the Wild Soul
8:49 Why the program was first called Unconsume Yourself
10:33 Focusing on sufficiency and the power of enoughness
12:14 Why Elizabeth decided on the theme of wholeness for 2020
16:31 An excerpt from Adrienne’s book about semantics 
19:51 Why you shouldn’t cling to an identity
23:32 Why Elizabeth chooses to not identify as a survivor of abuse
27:02 Sharing stories so you can apply them to your own life
29:31 Elizabeth’s experience of intentional dating and how this changed things
32:40 What Mercury Retrograde periods are and Elizabeth’s experience with them
38:59 How the magic in relationships often comes from yourself
41:16 What an even energetic exchange looks like 
42:50 How integration and wholeness allow you to face things and make them useful
44:42 How the healing journey is different for each person
48:48 Revisiting lessons as you heal and grow to look at it with a different insight
50:31 Hearing what people loved about Power 2019 and the community aspect
52:41 Setting boundaries to drown out extra noise 
55:35 Why so many people continue to return to Power
57:27 The confusion around passion and purpose 


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“Part of this journey is to give you an excuse to hone in on a couple of really vital and important, crucial things for you and maybe drown out that extra noise and identify things that aren’t actually serving you.” 

“As we move through this journey, part of this is trying to help you let go of more of what you don’t really need and clear away what’s distracting you from flourishing from what you already have.” 

“As we come into our own wholeness, we’re better equipped to contribute to, inspire, help create wholeness on a larger scale in our society, in our culture, in our own communities, in our own families.” 

“It’s not all about you, but it does start with you.”

“Where I always find validation for my work is in other healing, growth and transformational modalities. It’s rooted in these bodies of work that are about helping people get free.” 

“That’s the best part about embodiment based work. It’s flexible, it’s agile, it literally works for freaking everything.” 

“Things often felt better than they actually were because I generally feel good.” 

“As you move out of surviving into thriving, things might just feel fine because you do.” 

“We’re all healing something all the time.”

“We can’t control or change others but we can absolutely work on how we react, how we respond to, and how we experience things.”

“Everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you.” 


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