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This is episode four of a six week podcast series I do every year called Journey into the Wild Soul. It’s FILLED with gems to explore your inner world to help you have a better outer world experience. (And that is putting it very, very mildly.)

I’ve also opened up a free pop-up Facebook group to get some quality time together as a Wild Soul community before 2020 starts and we get all “hyped up” about a new year. I hope you’ll join me and bring your friends!

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The Journey into the Wild Soul is about reflecting on the year and perhaps years previous, so that we can leave the past in the past as we transition into a new year. As well as to invite you to consider if how you’ve been going about your growth, healing and transformation is really effective or if it’s more performative, obligatory, inefficient, ineffective, or just a distraction.

Our theme this year is WHOLENESS and in this second episode, I’m diving into all things embodiment from concepts to practices to the benefits, why it works, how to develop discernment and speak your body’s unique language of the senses and more.

If you didn’t hear the first three episodes, that’s ok, you don’t have to go back and listen to it before diving into this one unless you want to. Here are the links if you do:

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the first two topics in the Arc of POWER which is the curriculum in my yearlong women’s circle POWER. The topics are Surrender + Release and Trust + Receiving. These two topics help people learn how to work with life in a way that doesn’t require so much forcing, pushing, overdoing or exhausting of the will.

They show people how to create space for what they want, trust themselves, ask for the support they need and be open and willing to receive it. Those things might sound simple, but every year I help hundreds of women who struggle with one or all of those things and the outcome is incredible.

Enjoy the episode and remember to check out POWER 2020 to see if it’s for you!

What You’ll Hear:

3:28 Navigating what we have to with grace, acceptance, love and joy
9:20 How growth is not linear or circular
10:43 Leaving the past in the past to make room for growth
13:14 Why we need to let go of control and how surrender helps
15:47 The layers of release
17:47 Why relationship, friendship and family breakups are so hard to process
21:12 How grief can shift you and the person you are
24:13 Being able to move through emotions and using them as a catalyst
25:01 The purpose of forgiveness
27:32 Making use of the bad things that happen to you
33:19 Knowing how to spot resistance
37:29 Being clear on when you mean “yes” or “no”
40:48 Getting support in expressing and cultivating your talents
43:37 How everything you need is already inside of you
46:22 Learning surrender and release before receptivity
48:40 Outsourcing what you’re not good at or what doesn’t bring you joy
55:51 Two POWER 2019 stories from students


Embodiment Challenge

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“Being a human is absolutely no joke.”

“Living in the spiritual realms is so nourishing and healing but where the real practice comes is when the rubber meets the road and when you have to go back into your life and deal with people.”

“Growth is not linear but having a path to follow really, really helps.”

“We’re all carrying so much all of the time that if we’re going to make room for anything new, we literally need to make room.”

“We need to learn to run with our emotions and thoughts so they don’t run us and so they don’t congest us.”

“Surrender is not about quitting. Surrender comes from wisdom.”

“Having a practice around surrender and release helps us to deal with the heavy things we carry.”

“We can feel our feelings without analyzing them.”

“You do not experience awful things for nothing.”

“Allowing is the ultimate opposite of control.”

“We do not reach and meet our potential without learning how to trust ourselves and without learning how to be receptive.”

“What is for you cannot really pass by you.”

“Most of our issues aren’t actually issues of enoughness. The issue is accessing  your wholeness.”

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