In today’s world of pop psychology, it’s easy to analyze ourselves out of our intuition.

We tend to live solely in our minds and ignore or even reject the physical and spiritual parts of ourselves. To achieve true liberation and healing, we must learn to embrace our whole beings.

In today’s episode, I’m talking with renowned psychic Aycee Brown about her work with spiritual empowerment.

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Aycee uses the tools of Human Design, Astrology, and Numerology to bring spiritual clarity to people’s lives. She helps people discover and embrace their innate psychic, intuitive, and divine talents. She aims to empower people to live life unburdened and truer to themselves.

I’m excited to dig deeper into Acyee’s work. For me, spirituality is inextricably linked with embodiment practices. They both help us get out of our heads and experience life more fully.

Join me in today’s episode to learn more about spiritual empowerment, the Mystic Path, and the Divine Talent within you that’s waiting to be embraced.

Listen to episode 357 now!

In episode 357 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [7:30] How Aycee became aware of her psychic gift and grew to accept it
  • [14:34] What the Mystical Map is and how Aycee helps people navigate it
  • [17:02] Aycee’s experience with channeling and how she uses this gift to empower others
  • [26:26] How Aycee’s psychic gift informs her use of human design, numerology, astrology, and other tools
  • [29:50] Aycee’s view that everyone has Divine Talent and the freedom to decide how to use it
  • [36:36] How Aycee adapted Human Design to make it more accessible to a diverse audience
  • [39:16] How multidimensionality helps Aycee to better understand herself and others
  • [44:38] Why the focus of Aycee’s work is spiritual empowerment and what that means
  • [56:49] Aycee’s advice for how to approach spiritual counsel and guidance to get the most benefit

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      Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast:

      • “Boundaries allow y“Your spiritual life is your life. I can give you tools, tips, tricks, point you in the right direction, but I want you to walk away empowered to have it for yourself.” ~ Aycee Brown

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      Since 2013 I’ve been developing a body of work that helps women embody self-love, healing, and wholeness. We do this by focusing on the four levels of consciousness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

      In practical terms, this looks like exploring tools and practices to help you tune into the deep wisdom of the body and the knowing of the heart, which I believe are gateways to our souls. Then we cultivate a new relationship with our minds that allows the mind to serve this wisdom and knowledge and soul connection, rather than override it, which is what many of us were taught.

      If you’ve been doing self-help or spiritual development work for a while, these are the types of foundational things that often people overlook in pursuit of fancier concepts that often aren’t practical or sustainable. Here, we will focus on building these strong foundations so you can honestly and thoroughly embody self-love. If you’re feeling it, subscribe to the show, and leave us a review wherever you listen from. You can also keep up with show updates and community discussion on Instagram here.


      Transcripts for Episode 357:

      – [Elizabeth] What’s up everybody. Welcome to episode number 357 of the Embodied Podcast. We are bringing interviews back into the fold for the fall, and I’m super excited to have Aycee Brown on the podcast today. Aycee’s work is dedicated to illuminating the psychic, intuitive and divine talents within you while inspiring you to consciously claim them and reroute your life in a way that feels lighter and more empowered at once. She is a psychic channel, a Pisces and an emotional projector, and she helps map out ideas, concepts, and spiritual information in a way that eliminates confusion and any feelings of doubt or worthlessness. Her big thing is that you can return to feeling empowered and embodied in your being because she has witnessed it in her own personal transformations through her work. And our conversation was a complete exploration of all that, we eked out on things like when did you know you were psychic? How do you hone and cultivate your psychic abilities? We talked about a lot of things going on in the world right now, how sometimes things go in the self-help spirituality and personal development industry and all kinds of other things related to these deeper spiritual concepts, psychic abilities, and things that help us connect to our divine talents. It is a really fun conversation. I also hope you will go check out Aycee, my favorite place to follow her is on Instagram. So that’s it. Let’s get into show. Yay, hi Aycee, thank you so much for coming on the show.

      – [Aycee] Thank you for having me.

      – [Elizabeth] So I always have an opening question. This is the third iteration of the podcast, and now that it’s called the Embodied Podcast. The first question I like to ask guests is, how is your body today? What is going on with your body?

      – [Aycee] Oh man, that’s a good question. So I would say, I don’t wanna say so much. I will say that I had some bad food choices yesterday. And so my body is not in the best feeling. And what I mean by that is, I could have made right food choices but yesterday I just decided not to, I was feeling emotional and I made a food choice. And then I took some Benadryl. I’m not gonna sugar coat that, so I could go to sleep. And so now my body is like, what the fuck? Excuse my language.

      – [Elizabeth] It’s like the series of choices, the things we do to then deal with the previous poor choice. I hear you. I feel like pandemic life is full of a lot of those for a lot of us.

      – [Aycee] It’s been interesting. And I am really kind of evaluating a lot. I’ve been evaluating a lot over the last couple of months.

      – [Elizabeth] I’m curious in your world and your practice, I know you have a lot of courses and you have this great Instagram following and I’m sure you hear from a lot of people. It feels like since about June, in my world, the word people keep using is liminal and liminality. Like having a release control at proportions we’ve never seen before. And just so much, not grounding, so much in flux. Are you finding that also?

      – [Aycee] Yeah and I do believe that had something to do with Jupiter being in Pisces as well. And I’ve been trying to prepare people, clients that I work with, like, hey, that feeling that you had a few weeks ago, that’s gonna be like that all next year, but like kind of use this time now that Jupiter’s back in Aquarius to like get some foundation together. ‘Cause the feeling of how June was, and it just was like, really, I don’t wanna say it was shaky. It just felt unstable, it energetically and I’m just like, that’s gonna be a whole year of that, of just feeling really dreamy, airy fairy kind of thing.

      – [Elizabeth] Oh man, by the way, if anyone’s listening to this much later on, this is we’re talking June, 2021, because that happens. People might be, it could be years from now and people are like, what are they talking like this?

      – Like what do they mean?

      – [Elizabeth] What do they mean? So yeah, June, this great, still in pandemic times, we have the before times, I’ve just been calling these the COVID times ’cause we’re certainly not at the after times yet.

      – [Aycee] No, and hopefully we will get there if people do what they need to do.

      – [Elizabeth] Do what they need to do is right. I found you last year on Instagram and I love your stuff. I did one of your little mini courses that I think at the time it was on another platform, but I know you just updated your gorgeous website, and it looks so amazing. I was geeking out. I was going through all the different courses and things that you have over there. But the thing that I’m really excited to ask you about is this voice of truth. I wanna know more about this. I wanna know about if you always knew you were psychic, like the journey of claiming that and what that’s been like for you. So yes, that’s the thread I wanna tell. You can start wherever you wanna start.

      – [Aycee] I always knew, but I didn’t know. I knew something was off. You know what I mean by something was off. I knew at a very young age and all this always kinda comes, pops into my mind lately. Is that when I was in like kindergarten, I think, I remember standing, I’m from New York, I’m from Queens. I remember being like in New York’s public schools, we would have playtime before we would go inside. So I remember it’s either was in the morning or in the afternoon. I remember these girls were double dutching and I was looking at them and I remember a man coming next to me telling me to go and like give the one of the girls like a hug. And I was just like, no, like I felt that feeling of like, and I was just like, no. And so that was one thing. And also too, like, I will always knew like, no, like at my grandmother’s house, when I was over there, like who was calling, I would always like have visions or talk about people who had passed in the family, those type of things. And then as I got older, I remember always being the person and especially in junior high school that I knew a lot about everyone. Like I knew when they were lying, when they weren’t telling the truth. I knew that, I also was a dreamer and I had discussed my dreams with my grandmother and we would like, have conversations about that. So I always knew, I didn’t start saying that I’m psychic probably until like I would say high school, because that’s when I started like going to Barnes & Nobles and reading like, oh, that’s what’s happening.

      – Nice.

      – And so, or my grandmother would say she has the gift, but I was like, what the hell does that mean?

      – Nice.

      – So that’s how it was.

      – [Elizabeth] So your family, so they understood that. So were you raised in any kind of religious environment or more spiritual-oriented? Like how is it that your grandmother was cool with, understood and was able to articulate that you had a gift? In my family, I was raised Catholic. I grew up on Staten island and–

      – [Aycee] My grandmother’s side of the family. Well, my grandfather and my grandmother, they were Catholic. And so, but when my grandmother, when my grandfather passed on, my grandmother started attending the Church of Unity in Rockefeller Center, I believe where it was like, they used to go to church, like with Maya Angelou and all of that stuff. And Eric Butterworth that when he was there preaching and stuff. And so my grandmother started getting really into, the mind and kind of that was like the beginning of like law of attraction within the church kind of thing. And so it was always like that. When people ask me that, I don’t remember not having, especially, with the Catholic religion, not having some type of ritual, we were always like candles for things. That was, it was never like a, I don’t remember like, or my grandmother was like, using bay leaves in certain Hoodoo practices. Like I don’t remember not having that life.

      – [Elizabeth] That’s cool. Yeah. I’ve derived a lot from Catholicism. I no longer practice that, but ritual, lighting candles, sacraments, there is so much ritual.

      – So much.

      – In that religion.

      – So much.

      – [Elizabeth] One of the things I talk about a lot actually is how my mom used to get upset with me. She was basically like, “You can’t just cherry pick what you like about our religion.” And I was like, “But I’m going to cause this doesn’t feel right. This doesn’t feel right. This doesn’t feel right.” And like you, it took me much longer to own, oh, I’m a psychic that’s what’s happening. Like, why do I know things? Why? And I was a very curious kid and I realized much later that a lot of that curiosity stemmed from looking to confirm all these things I was feeling that didn’t make any sense to me.

      – [Aycee] Exactly. Especially when it, and I look back and I get not upset at myself. And it’s so funny. I talked to my therapist about this, my therapist actually, she has divine talent. She is, you know, I would say clairvoyant and a medium. And through her like training, she was of course taught. She had to like put that to the side because you can’t bring stuff like that up in your therapy practice, like that’s unethical and all of that stuff. So now she practices a little bit different, but we talk about that, how it’s there is a part of me that still struggles to this day with having all of that information all the time. And sometimes kind of not, I don’t wanna say psyching myself out, but sometimes expecting a different answer or feeling about something or a situation and kind of like, oh, but no, maybe I’m wrong. You know what I mean?

      – [Elizabeth] I really know what you mean. ‘Cause in our hearts, in our human heart, we want to be wrong sometimes.

      – But then you also have to look at like, yeah, what it is. So it’s hard. It is hard, especially being a teenager and dating and boys and all of that stuff. And yeah, it just didn’t help.

      – [Elizabeth] It did not help and for really long time and this is a really interesting thing about our culture being so therapized and having so much access to therapy and things like that. Now we’re so analytical. And it’s typically with meme culture online, we’re all armchair astrologers, armchair therapist. Like we’ve all got enough to be dangerous in a lot of different things. And so it’s really easy to analyze our way out of our intuition.

      – Oh, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy. But that’s just never been true for me. I can’t do that.

      – [Elizabeth] But before I was accepting that I am just like very psychic. I would try to make sense of things. Recently, I’ve come to describing things as logical sense or intuitive sense rather than, or mystical sense to be quite honest, which feels a little different to me, but to be like, yeah, some things fall under the different categories, which actually reminds me. So I was cruising around your new, beautiful website. And I love one of the things that you said, I wrote it down here so I wouldn’t forget. You said you help people navigate the mystical map of their lifetime. What does that mean to you? The mystical map? What does that look like?

      – [Aycee] So for me, what that means, ’cause what I am good at is I’m very, very amazing. I’m not gonna downplay this.

      – [Elizabeth] Nice, good for you.

      – I’ve worked well when people come to me and they are lost. They don’t know which direction they’re going, and they are on some path and they just need a point like go that way.

      – Nice.

      – Or I work well with people who externally have a lot of great things happening, but internally their lives stop. So the mystical map is more of about your direction in life, love, business, career, self, all of those things, the love of your body, the love of career, the love of self, the love of like all of those things in kind of helping people navigate, where should they go next? Because we’re always going north in my opinion. But sometimes we start on our journey in the south or the east or the west, and we sometimes have to go backwards to go north. Sometimes we have to jump around, but we’re always going north. And so that’s what the mystical map is.

      – [Elizabeth] I love that. I also am really curious. So we got a little bit of the history of how coming into your psychicness was, I’m curious about channeling and I’m asking this one of the things I’ve always loved about having a podcast. I get to ask people really selfish questions about things that I am also currently navigating. So for whatever reason, I’ve been so reluctant for all the years of my life that I’ve been doing this, which is really since about 2013 channeling. And you know what I think part of it is? There’s so many like the only word that comes to mind is charlatan, which just feels like such an old timey word, but there’s so many people, who pretend or perform, or this spiritual least superior thing because they can do stuff like that. But it really, most of us are channeling at least part of the time.

      – [Aycee] I would say all of the time, like famous producers are channelers, but they just channel through music, writers are channelers, but they just channel through their writing. It really depends. So for me, I started probably in high school with, I didn’t have a word for it, but I knew that there was something talking to me and telling me things or I went automatic. I knew that wasn’t me ’cause some of the thoughts that I would have. And so it’s so funny that, what’s her name? Gosh, I can’t, why am I having trouble, Caroline Mys. She says that our intuition is not young. Our intuition is old. So within, when I heard her say that, I was like, oh, that makes so much sense. Because as a child and having these psychic abilities and things like that, I always was very advanced. So the consciousness was always advanced and the awareness was always advanced. So when she said that your intuition is not old, it’s ancient. So that’s why when you’re young and your just trying to live your life. And that’s how I knew that I was channeling because I would have a lot of these thoughts and this awareness that wasn’t where I was presently, that was very advanced for me.

      – [Elizabeth] I love this connection. I just started listening the other day to an audio with Caroline Myss and Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

      – That’s the one that I’m talking about.

      – [Elizabeth] Oh my God! Amazing.

      – Amazing.

      – [Elizabeth] And I loved one of the first distinctions they also made was the difference between instinct and intuition. I love these nuances because–

      – [Aycee] That was phenomenal. I was like, oh, that makes so much sense.

      – [Elizabeth] And also those two, I was like, they’re joining forces for something. Get me in on that.

      – That was a phenomenal record.

      – [Elizabeth] Hold on, let me pull, I’m actually gonna pull up my audible real quick, just so we can tell people the name of it, so that they can look it up if they wanna look it up–

      – Just finished listening to it, it is called–

      – [Elizabeth] Intuition and the Mystical Life.

      – [Aycee] Yes. Intuition and the Mystical Life.

      – [Elizabeth] Yeah. I love that. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Tosha Silver, but she also talks about–

      – I am.

      – [Elizabeth] People who were older souls and people who were the younger souls in this lifetime and how some of these younger souls are the big, like the manifestors, these are like the 25 year-olds we see that are like manifesting millions on the internet. And you’re like, what? And like some of the older soul people are just like, I just wanna commune with God y’all.

      – [Aycee] And I don’t think that there’s, I mean, yes, there’s a difference with old soul, new soul kind of thing. And it’s so funny looking back at my dating life. ‘Cause there’s patterns there and all of that stuff. I was in a relationship with someone and I knew that they were new soul because of the way that they conducted themselves. And I was just like, you really haven’t been here before, because there was such, and there was nothing wrong with it. I mean, we’re not together, but there was a very big distinction about the way that they carry their lives and they will always have a lot of drama and mistakes. And I was just like, this is interesting. And I started noticing that about people who I was dating and like where their souls were. And so I noticed when I dated older souls, and it was just very interesting, like, this is interesting. ‘Cause sometimes I would date someone who was an older soul and they would be trying to kind of force themselves to have this freedom. And I’m like, but that’s not you, so why are you forcing it? And you know, but that’s besides the point.

      – [Elizabeth] I’m just curious, why would the freedom be a thing that wasn’t, was that specific to that person or to older souls? What’s that connection?

      – [Aycee] I think it was just specific to that person because it was almost like they were forcing this freedom kind of like, they didn’t want to be tied down, but then they acted in moments of someone who wanted to relax and feel safe and have security. And it was almost like they were torn between just being, I don’t wanna say even complacent ’cause that’s not the goal. Just being comfortable and calm. Versus like, being out in the streets, trying to date and do all this stuff and have fun, all of that stuff. It was just kinda like, that’s not you.

      – [Elizabeth] This is one of the things that I love. So I know that you are moving much more towards being in your own space and being the voice of truth and doing those things. And you also have courses and you offer things for astrology and numerology and human design. And as you’re saying this, one of the things that’s coming up for me, so I have open asana and open head and I also have open root. See, see, exactly. Kind of a couple of years ago, I realized that I just had to accept this persistent restlessness that I just always feel. And I was like, if I just accept it and I don’t make it wrong and I don’t try to solve it, I wonder what would happen.

      – [Aycee] That’s where the root is. I feel for y’all, I don’t have, I have a lot of openness, but I only have my spleen, my root and my emotional solar plexus are defined. So everything else is open, but by completely open with no hanging gates or anything as my G center.

      – [Elizabeth] That’s the identity one. So for anyone listening, a lot of people who listen to this show are like armchair human design people, they’ll have context for it. And so I don’t wanna dig into like basic human design stuff with you because people could easily go take one of your courses, get that, just scroll around on your Instagram, find that, or find that in any other array of places on the internet–

      – Or my podcasts, for sure.

      – [Elizabeth] Like, there’s so many resources for that. But yeah. So what made me think of that though, was, as you were talking about this person, I always, I’m easily distracted and I get excited about things and then I have to come back. This is why I love things like human design, astrology, numerology, ’cause they help with self-knowledge and self-awareness, and I can catch myself exactly like what you were saying about that person being like, that’s not me. It sounds real sexy, but I know I’m not built for that. I need to like smack my own hand. Like, no, don’t do it girl.

      – [Aycee] Right, exactly. And so that’s why it’s, but you know, everybody’s on their own journey. And I can’t like tell people what to do all the time.

      – [Elizabeth] Exactly. Do you want to though?

      – Of course I want to, but you sort of have to let some people be who they are and they will come to their own kind of, they will acknowledge what is wrong. I don’t wanna say what’s wrong. They will come to their own awareness when it’s time for them to do so.

      – [Elizabeth] Exactly, and that’s something. So one of the things that really bothers me so much about, the current state of our culture is, it’s such a buzzword is cancel culture, but I wanna not even cancel culture, it’s just, people’s quickness to dismiss other whole human beings. Like I it’s this unwillingness to tolerate, or this it’s this intolerance or this lack of capacity to witness people on their journey is what it feels like in some cases.

      – [Aycee] I would say so it just depends on the case. Some people do need to be canceled and when I mean canceled, not completely, but they need a timeout. Maybe they should call it a timeout culture.

      – [Elizabeth] Time out culture.

      – They just need a timeout of reassessment, a learning period, those types of things.

      – [Elizabeth] We had time’s up going for a while. Maybe we need to coin timeout culture. Maybe that’s what it means to be timeout–

      – [Elizabeth] Someone just needs a timeout.

      – Like you’re on a time out now.

      – [Elizabeth] We need to give you a time out. We just don’t need to hear from you for a while.

      – [Aycee] That probably would be better than actually canceling someone. Just give them a time out, let them go, figure it out, learn, explore, and then come back.

      – [Elizabeth] Totally. So I’m curious for a person like you, who’s been psychic forever. Who’s comfortable with channeling and owning all that. How have things like astrology, numerology, human design, if they even have. I’m imagining they’ve helped you ground into the truth that actually comes through you or is that not how those tools have helped you? So the funny thing is, and I tell people all the time, ’cause they’re like, would you ever do a training on like reading human design charts or something like that? Which I have thought about, but for me, because I’m psychic, I see something completely different when I look at your chart. And then other things come up. So it’s kind of, I’m doing you a disservice actually by just showing you the basics. Because for me, I don’t see what you see. So I think that if anything, my talents, my divine talents of channeling and clairvoyance and clear audience have brought something more to those tools that I use.

      – [Elizabeth] Nice. I can relate to this in the sense of, I work in the Akashic records, I do Akashic records readings, I’m a person, not like you, who in my teens was like, yeah, I’m psychic. This is what’s up, I really, I’m still, I’m still now just in the last few years, starting to like really own that and just be like, listen, but it’s funny. ‘Cause people who’ve been coming to my events and workshops and things like that for so many years have been whispering to me forever. Like you know, you do this thing where you like look up into the corner of the room and then pull something out of nowhere. And we’re all like, “How did she know that?” And I’m like, I know, but let’s not make a big deal out of it. ‘Cause I just don’t ever want it to be about me or that I’m a psych, you know what I mean? Like I want it to be focused on the person not be about ’cause you know how people can put you on pedestals. And that always really bothers me.

      – I mean, but that’s gonna happen with this work anyway.

      – Unavoidable, unavoidable. But listen, I tried to avoid it for a really long time. And finally I was like, all right, it’s unavoidable. I just need to work with it. So, but anyway, I noticed that’s one of the reasons why I love working in the Akashic records, ’cause then it’s about working with your masters teachers and loved ones and not about me, but just like you just said, I started to realize, ’cause this is one of the ways I got through the pandemic. I just did a ton of readings, I just got to be with people. I stayed in connection with people by doing, I’ve done like 350 readings since the beginning of the pandemic last year.

      – Wow. That’s a lot.

      – It’s a lot. And but it became like undeniable, like how psychic I am. ‘Cause I was like, there’s stuff coming through. Aside from the training I’ve done. Like there’s things that come through differently than what I was taught and just accepting that. And I’m sharing this because I know, like we have sensitive, our people are, we call them Wild Souls. The website is Untame Yourself. This is all about connecting your humanity with your divinity. All these conversations are to help people do that. And I know we have so many people who listen, who are probably nodding their heads and being like, oh yes, me too.

      – [Aycee] Everybody has divine talent. Everybody’s psychic. So it’s just about how you want to use it. People think that you have to do what I do. Oh, I have to figure out a career in the spirituality space. That’s for me, not for you, you don’t have to hang up a shingle and say, oh, I’m psychic, I’m giving readings now. You can use it in corporate America. You can use it in your small business. You can use it wherever. Or you can just use it just for your own personal life. You don’t have to do anything front-facing with it, except for your own personal journey to just increase your skills and your awareness. So, but everyone has divine talents. Everyone does. It’s just about if you wanna use them or tap into them or not.

      – [Elizabeth] And this is something we always talk about in my community as well, is like you don’t, you also don’t have to, ’cause some people are afraid of it or wouldn’t accept or they’re weird out their friends or family or whatever. But I’m curious, what’s your take on if people just don’t, if people don’t acknowledge in my experience denying it has consequences.

      – [Aycee] Oh absolutely. A ton of consequences. I mean, for a while I tried to suppress it. So, and then it just didn’t work because it was just undeniable. Like I’m like, oh no, I’m gonna do something else. And that’s just not what happened for me. I mean, denying it is conditioning, unfortunately, we had the conversation about Catholicism. Religion can be very harmful. And many of us, especially you know, black and brown and people of color, have religious ties and religion says that this is bad. And so that’s why for me, it gives me a lot more security in my being and who I am that I want. I always say that I wanna be who I needed when I was 15 scouring Barnes & Nobles and not seeing anyone who looked like me within these books and making it be okay. So, religion plays a part and I’m not against religion, I have roots and foundations in religion, but I consider myself more spiritual of course, but I do have a relationship with God. And I think that many of us who have religious ties are afraid of the not getting into heaven and being wrong and all of these things that it was so like beat in us about that. And oh, it’s witchcraft and it’s this and it’s that. And it’s just like, I always make a joke, what’s the difference between me and a psychic and a prophet? ‘Cause my personal belief especially for me being a channeler, we get our information from the same place. One of us can quote Bible verses quicker than the other.

      – [Elizabeth] Totally.

      – That’s literally it.

      – [Elizabeth] I mean that was my thing. When I started to speak more about this stuff, my mom was super concerned that it was sacrilegious and that I was gonna go to hell. And I’m like, but where do you think it’s all coming from? This is all coming from God. It’s all God. Access it however you wanna access it. Call it whatever you wanna call it, but if you need it, go get it.

      – Exactly. And so that’s where that becomes a problem for people who want to explore or who want to start venturing off into different practices for their own personal kind of spirituality.

      – [Elizabeth] This is actually how I found you, by the way, when you mentioned looking for representation, because I was like, I really do love human design and we talk about it a lot. And I was like, I need to find nonwhite human design people. I’m like everyone’s frigging… I had actually even signed up for a course. I think it was two summers ago and no offense to our older white women listening, but you know, when people say no offense, so listen, I know you might be offended when I say this, but basically the whole course was a bunch of like older white women. And I’m like, I can’t, I didn’t even make it through the first class. I joke I made up this phrase. It just came out of my mouth one day. And all my friends who are not white laugh when I say, I’m not a full white I’m Italian, I’m Puerto Rican mostly. And then my grandma on my mom’s side was German and Irish. So like, there’s just, and I’m also from New York. And New York is a whole different–

      – It’s just different.

      – [Elizabeth] It’s different. And you grow up in a borough or the city you grew up around all the people.

      – [Aycee] I always tell people who are, well, my New Yorkers understand, but New York is, is there a racism? Yes. But New York is more of a classism place. It’s not because if I’m black or you’re Asian or Spanish or something like that, if we all live in the same building, we’re the same. If we all live on the same block, we’re the same. You can afford to live here, I can afford to live here, we’re the same. My dad always grew up saying money talks, BS, walks, kind of thing. New York is more of a classism place if anything, versus racism. Granted yes, there’s racist places and tons of all of that stuff, but it’s more classism if anything. So when we talk about that and that’s what kind of, when I started venturing into human design about 10 years ago, I was just like, well, this doesn’t work for me. ‘Cause a lot of the teachers and the mentors that I had were older, white people and I’m just like, well of course, I’m a projector, of course you can sit at home and wait for an invitation like duh. You know what I mean? I can’t do that. I have to get out there and I have to like make it work for me. And I think that’s why when people hear my podcast or people come to me, it’s more relatable because I had to tweak the system for myself.

      – [Elizabeth] I’m curious. So can you say more about how you did that as a projector?

      – [Aycee] Yeah. So for me, I mean, when I first found out about it, it was 10 years as of July, I started researching and then I had a reading and then I had a mentor and I was like, oh, I wanna do this. And bring this to people and all of that stuff. And then I started looking at things. I was just like, this doesn’t make sense. And only because you had white women and white men who were older and just been like, yeah, nope, you’re supposed to wait. You shouldn’t really be applying for jobs, one will just be presented to you. And I’m just like, that’s not gonna work for me though. I’m gonna have to apply. Yes, the invitation will be in the offer, but I’m still gonna have to apply. And I also have two generator parents. So I’m a little conditioned in that way as well. My parents were like, nope, you go out and get it, do your thing, blah, blah, blah, whatever. But also too, being a projector and being a black woman, it was just like, what does waiting look like for me, because waiting is not what looks like for a white woman or white man, it has to be different for me. So I had to figure out what that meant for me, what invitation looked like for me, all of that. Granted the premise is the same, but I have to make myself a little bit more visible than most or unfortunately and I’m sure that you see this in the community of spirituality, unfortunately, women of color and black women, especially, we probably have the most knowledge, but we have to show the most credentials. Other women who are non people of color, they can just open up shop. And then a few months later, they are where they need to be.

      – [Elizabeth] This is really true. I lived in Southern California for a while. And when I was in North County, San Diego, and when I was in Los Angeles, I would bump into women like that who were new, new on their path but were trying to like sell programs and courses and things and I’d be like, but wait, what about your experience? What about your mastery? What about you?

      – What about your lineage? What about your linear lineage? Let’s talk about that.

      – You teach it for sure. And this is something I would like to geek out on you with, geek out on with you. We know that we are multidimensional beings, that we have lived many lives and things like this. So this is a complex, and I think sometimes hard thing to talk about in this life and especially in this climate, because it’s so important to acknowledge the very real systems and structures in our current life. And yet, I know people get really up in arms as they should about things like cultural appropriation. And then also there’s just stuff that we remember because we’ve been here before.

      – Correct.

      – [Elizabeth] How do you navigate? Tell me how you feel about all that.

      – [Aycee] I mean, so like I said, being in this iteration of my lifetimes as a black woman, knowing that I, my lineage is mostly black or a person of color, it is unfortunate it that, and I talk about this with, other people who look like me, that we come here in this lifetime where it’s backwards, where we have the ancestral like knowledge and then even let’s look at, and I talk about this with some of my South Asian friends, let’s look at yoga. A South Asian Yogi has a hard time building a business in this country. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. So when you look at that and you look at coaching and healing and psychic all of these things or anything in the spiritual realm, my people who I call on, my ancestors, who my grandmother taught me about, we used these practices for a very, very long time to help us survive. So now that in this day and age that it takes me longer to build a business, having an actual tie and experience generationally with this stuff. And someone else can just read a book and start, that’s a problem. But that’s what capitalism is. That’s what privilege is. Moving the goalpost. That’s how it is. There’s nothing you can do about it. So I don’t complain. It’s just a fact.

      – [Elizabeth] How do you relate though to identities you’ve held in other lives? Or is that not something that you connect to?

      – [Aycee] I connect to it a lot. It actually is why I… I know it, I’ve done several past life regressions and I’ve done, Akashic readings. And I know that that’s where I struggled at here and with my business for a long time, because there were certain things that I had to get past and blocks and all of that stuff and I’m still trying to get past, to step into more of my power. So my space is to be seen and to be a star. I mean, I have a Leo North Node, so there’s no way around the direction. It’s more about letting go of some of the blocks and the things that hold me back.

      – [Elizabeth] My North Node, you know, it’s funny, my North Node is Gemini, but so is my Chiron and so is my rising.

      – Oh, really?

      – [Elizabeth] It’s just so much frigging Gemini.

      – That interesting.

      – [Elizabeth] It is really interesting. And then my son is Virgo and my mercury is Virgo. So there’s just like so much mercury runs stuff in my chart. And I’m like, this is why I’m insatiably curious. And I love having a podcast. I just wanna talk about everything with everyone.

      – [Aycee] My North Node is in the ninth house. So that’s Sagittarius. So that ninth house, that’s what it’s ruled by. So it’s the knowledge and the philosophy and all of that stuff. So I totally understand that.

      – [Elizabeth] It’s just a reminder and I talk about this all the time, we’re all just so complex. And one of the things that I’m always trying to remind people of and invite people to just be more present to on the show, I took a long break from the show and I haven’t been interviewing for over a year now.

      – Oh, wow.

      – [Elizabeth] I just needed it. I needed a little reset. I needed a little… The pandemic has been super challenging for everyone in their own ways and I just needed some space, but we need to be able to recognize as much effort as we put into honoring our own multidimensionality, being able to honor and recognize everyone else is multidimensional too. And it’s kind of like what we were saying earlier, like some people really need to be put in time out. Because how they’re using all their things, their cocktail of identities and who they are, and all this stuff is really harming a lot of other people. And then with some people just along the way we’re just like kind of stumbling, figuring it out, trying to own it like you said. I like on your site too, you call it spiritual empowerment. What does that mean to you? Why is that kind of like the umbrella?

      – [Aycee] Because your spiritual life is your life. I can give you tools, tips, tricks, all of that stuff points you in the right direction but I want you to walk away empowered to have it for yourself. To hold onto the concepts and the things that you want to for yourself and be okay with that.

      – [Elizabeth] And I mean, I feel like that’s the whole journey. That takes our whole freaking life.

      – [Aycee] It’s takes a long time to do that because when you start venturing off into the spirituality space, there’s a lot of fear there. What are people gonna say? I’ve had friends who were like whispering to me, who come from very religious backgrounds, like I have crystals. Okay girl. But what do I do with them? And I’m just like all this other stuff. I brought some sage and it’s just like, okay, cleanse your place. It’s just like a whole like kind of secret. And it’s just like, okay, you have crystals, you have sage, cleanse something, carry ’em in your purse, do whatever you’re gonna do with it. So it’s more about empowering people to know, ’cause I truly don’t feel that religion is completely bad. No, I believe that the dogma is bad. The bad stuff is bad, but like I said, I have roots in religion. And so religion is not all the way bad it’s just about you have to take the good from what you want from it. And that’s with anything. That’s with anything.

      – It’s what people do with it. Actually you mentioned Caroline Myss earlier, I mix up her name. I think I say it differently every time I say it.

      – I know me too,

      – [Elizabeth] But her book Anatomy of the Spirit is what really bridged me into being able to start to develop my own relationship to spirituality because she tied together. I had just actually done my second Reiki attunement. This was like 2012. And then I came across that book and she draws analogies between the seven sacraments and Catholicism, to the seven chakras, to the tree of life and the Kabbalah. And I was like, oh!

      – Like, oh, okay, this makes sense.

      – [Elizabeth] Oh, it’s all the same shit.

      – [Aycee] It’s all the same. And I think that’s where diehard Christians get on my nerves because they will fight so much about that, it’s not there. And it’s just like, no, it’s there. Even when it comes to astrology and religion, like, nope, that’s stuff is in the Bible. Like you didn’t read right. You didn’t read right. And so, I think that’s what makes me upset sometimes about religion that is so matter of fact, and it’s not room for other opinions and things like that. And it’s just like, no, there can be a different way.

      – [Elizabeth] So this is one of the things over the years, nothing enrages me like someone telling you that what is so precious and sacred to you, that really helps you get through the hardest times and the most miraculous times and be kind and loving with people is wrong. Like wrong.

      – [Aycee] That’s probably the hardest thing. So when you tell someone that, like you said, like it’s gotten me through this, it helped me out. Even when I used to give readings, ’cause I don’t give regular psychic readings or mediumship readings anymore, I do more channeled kind of readings. And even that is more of, sometimes it’s really just confirmation for the things that you already knew.

      – [Elizabeth] Totally.

      – [Aycee] My guides they’re very interestingly. They like to be a lot, lot raw and uncut and give all the tea.

      – [Elizabeth] Are they’re also from Queens.

      – [Aycee] Yes, some of them are from Queens for sure. Think for me on my journey, what would happen is, and I had to get very, and in that same recording, Caroline Myss, she talks about how, and I’ve always adapted this kind of that, being psychic is more about self-confidence. And that was a lot of the journey for me because I would get so pissed off where I would give people information or I would hear stuff or see stuff. And then they were like, oh, that’s wrong? And I’d be like, no, it’s not. And then lo and behold, it would be, I’m telling you years later or months later and be like oh my God, Aycee, you were so right. That happened. And I just roll my eyes. Like I know I was. And I had to stop doing that and be comfortable with okay, this person, I don’t need to prove to them that I’m right. I am just a vessel. Here’s the information, what you wanna do with it and call it a day. Had to get confident in that. And that took a long time.

      – [Elizabeth] I love that point that she made too. She said, when you have self-esteem, you are more inclined to trust yourself. ‘Cause you’re not just having this overall experience of self doubt. Well, how could that possibly be true. That you’re willing to believe yourself, you’re willing to trust yourself, you’re willing to bet on yourself. I loved that. And I noticed that when I did the training, I got to read the Akashic records, I noticed that, first of all, I realized that I had always been working in the Akashic records. I just didn’t know that that’s what I had been working with. Like when people say getting downloads, like there’s so many in my body of work, I have a movement method called wild soul movement. And there’s elements of wild soul movement that exists in other modalities, like Kundalini yoga and somatic experiencing and things that I had never done. And people would be like, oh, do you have training in this? Do you have training in this? And I’d be like, no. I had this idea and it’s not like… I always wanna give attribution, I wanna give credit where it’s due but in this life I have not done that. It just kind of like landed for me.

      – Or like you said, you remembered it.

      – [Elizabeth] You remembered it. Or you just were like, oh, let me try this. How does that feel? Like, that’s why my stuff is embodiment. And I think some of this has to do with having emotional authority. I have to feel everything. I have to feel it out, see if it works and then draw my conclusions. But I noticed in the training, people were like, well, how do I know if it’s my thoughts or if it’s my whatever? And they were doubting. And I realized like, oh, I have no doubt. They were how are you so calm? I was like, I don’t know. It’s just calming. But that point, I just hadn’t realized until I heard her make that connection like, oh!

      – [Aycee] It’s the doubt is probably the biggest hurdle to get by because you wanna know what you’re hearing, what you’re seeing. And I’m like, well, I remember when I was doing a lot of mediumship training and the way mediumship works for me is very different. I don’t see people and things like that all the time. Sometimes my ancestors come through for me or somebody comes through at night, but for me, different things happen. I just had to be confident like, oh, okay that’s just how it works for me. Okay, cool. So, you know, and being more… I had a teacher say to me, and I’ve never forget this. And this was a while ago, spirit can’t waste time here. So when we think that it’s a coincidence or something like that, that’s spirit, that’s an ancestor, that somebody’s trying to come through because it’s not like they like come down in an elevator and then they press floor two and then they walk up to your door and knock on it like hey, I have a message. They can’t waste time when they’re here. So when I do read people and things like that, I have to be more aware of the things that do come in and write them down. Like if there’s a siren that goes off, like, what does that mean? And all of that stuff for me, when I was doing a lot of readings, to how spirit will connect me with people, is that they would give me the last ailment that they had in their body.

      – [Elizabeth] Oh, interesting.

      – [Aycee] Which was so annoying. So I would be meditating on the person and stuff, and then my back would start hurting or my wrist would start hurting.

      – [Elizabeth] Give it to you. I thought you meant like they would just like tell you, no, you would feel it.

      – I would feel it. So like I would be connecting with someone and then I’ll all of a sudden have a headache on my right hand side. And hey, did you just experience a headache on your right-hand side? And they’re like, oh yeah I suffer from migraines. I just had one yesterday. Or I had one lady where my right arm started hurting so bad and she just had like carpal tunnel surgery. So stuff like that.

      – [Elizabeth] Did you negotiate that? Were you like, we need another way.

      – I didn’t mind it because I knew that what information was gonna come after that I could be more secure and confident in.

      – [Elizabeth] Yeah that’s a great point.

      – [Aycee] So the problem would be where, I’ll never forget this one lady. And, this is probably why, one of the reasons why I stopped doing readings. So it’s somebody messed it up for everyone. Is that I was writing down all this information, all these things were happening. And then I had said to her, I said, did you recently have any back issues? And she’s like, no. And I said, okay, okay. But my back kept hurting. And I kept on giving her information, things she’s like, that doesn’t sound right. All of this stuff. And so I was like, okay, you’re gonna get the recording. And then I was like, are you sure you haven’t had any back issues? She was like, no I went to the chiropractor about a week and a half ago though. And I had a back issue a week and a half ago. And then I’m just like, I just asked you that like four times during this 30 minutes and you literally told me no. I didn’t know what I was talking about. Maybe it was wrong. And I’m sitting there on the phone and I’m just like are you serious? Well, she was like that wasn’t recently. I said a week and a half is recent. And so that’s where it starts getting… Where your self-confidence and your self esteem kind of gets like, kinda messed up. But it’s just like, what’s so funny?

      – [Elizabeth] That is so funny. Did she feel like one of those people who like, sometimes people like want you to be wrong.

      – Hands down and it’s just like, why did you come here? That’s probably the most, so anybody listening to this, when you go seek out spiritual counsel or guidance, it doesn’t help that you don’t want them to know anything or be right. That you’re literally doing yourself a disservice. And it’s not only painful for you, but it’s painful for the person who’s reading you because now it’s almost like you’re weaponizing your visit with them. I’m gonna prove myself wrong to you. And so that puts like little droplets of things in their mind mentally where it might get in the way from helping someone who comes open.

      – [Elizabeth] It’s all so complex, but so fascinating. I love this thank you. Thank you for letting me… This is always my conversations though. I just bounce around ’cause I get so excited about what, what wants to bubble up, but wants to bubble through. I often like to ask people, especially folks like you who are so dynamic and do so many different things, but that all connect and relate in one central way. Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you were like, Ooh, I wanna say this or, oh, this feels really important based on the conversation?

      – [Aycee] Well, we kind of skated by it, but I know you wanted to ask me something about the voice of truth.

      – [Elizabeth] Oh was there more about that?

      – [Aycee] That’s just me channeling with my guides. That’s what I’ll be doing more of, channeling with my guides. Hopefully it’ll be some events and things like that. More channeled, you know, just events, products, probably a book, that kind of thing. So, I mean, for me, me being the voice of truth is really what I want to be known for ’cause that’s where the talent is, that’s where the gift is that I’m embracing more and more.

      – [Elizabeth] I love that. That feels like such a amazing thing to own. And the thing is, it’s not like you’re out here saying like, this is universal truth. It’s like, here’s this truth take it, if it helps, if it resonates, take it– If not–

      – If not–

      – [Elizabeth] That’s not your truth, that’s fine. You’re calling it the voice of truth. Not the voice of the truth.

      – [Aycee] Voice of truth right exactly. Not the a truth or end all be all truth. Exactly.

      – [Elizabeth] That’s amazing. Congratulations.

      – Thank you.

      – [Elizabeth] So everyone go check out. It’s A-Y-C-E-E-B-R-O-W-N .com. We will put links to all of this in the show notes. This is gonna be episode number 357. Talked about, anything we mentioned will all go on the show notes page. You can find Aycee on Instagram as well. Same @ayceebrown. And by the way, I didn’t double check, but I’m saying it right, right?

      – You’re saying it right.

      – [Elizabeth] I figured she would’ve corrected me if I wasn’t I know. I usually check at the beginning, I forgot. ‘Cause I think I’ve heard you say it actually, it’s probably what I did, before, because I’ve listened I know… I love actually let me just tell the people one more thing. Are you still doing the little aura things weekly, the notes for the auras or are you getting away from that?

      – [Aycee] I’m getting away from that. It’s best to follow me on YouTube, but I’ll be doing like voice of truth stuff. I might do the aura affirmations and things like that, every once in a while.

      – [Elizabeth] It’s all right. Gotta move on. When we’re complete with something, we gotta move on. For the time that they existed, I really loved those. So thank you very much.

      – You’re welcome.

      – [Elizabeth] Thank you so much Aycee. Everyone, go check her out. Again, your website is just so clear. It’s so easy to find everything that you do. It’s so easy to just explore and pick a thing, if people are excited about something so, I hope they will all go do that.

      – [Aycee] Thank you so much.

      – [Elizabeth] All right, we’ll see you later.