Welcome to the final part of my “40 Lessons in 40 Years” series. Today, we wrap up with lessons  31 to 40, exploring topics like patience, healing, and body love and reverence. 

I believe in being with life wherever it is at this moment, but also chipping away at things to get to the other side. Many of these lessons reflect how we can honor each of our individual paths while also using discernment and compassion to help us make choices toward continual (and collective) growth.

I believe there are infinite amounts of resources existing within us, waiting to be remembered and reactivated. If any of the lessons in the series helped you at all, I’d love to hear from you! 

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In episode 440 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(1:18) Lesson #31: One of the best uses of prayer – to pray for people ro receive exactly what they need, not what we think they need. 

(4:39) Lesson #32: We have to face evil and negative energy and transmute them, or they will persist. 

(9:09) Lesson #33: Energy vampires have a way of draining your lifeforce, getting their fix, and not changing. 

(14:49) Lesson #34: There are some things we may never fully heal or get over, but aim to get to a place where it just doesn’t affect you the way it used to anymore.

(17:24) Lesson #35: Invite in reverence, which is many steps beyond respect, as a beautiful way of experiencing more grace in your life. 

(17:58) Lesson #36: Stored in our souls is more wisdom, knowledge and experience the most of us will ever tap into and fully remember, in any one single lifetime, 

(18:58) Lesson #37: We all need people in our lives that we can be our most unevolved selves wuth. Get you some of those people, and if you already have them, cherish them dearly! 

(20:16) Lesson #38: On being on the aromantic spectrum. Until I was 38 years old, I thought I wanted a partner. It turns out, I really don’t. 

(23:57) Lesson #39: Slowing down is magical, and learning the difference between impulse and intuition in the body is good for the soul. 

(27:06) Lesson #40: Everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you.

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Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast: 

  • So slowing down, feeling things all the way through saves me time, because I’ll just spend the time upfront now. I take my time, and I make a better informed choice. 
  • Even though we may not always be capable of acting like it, we have access to an infinite wealth of resources, through our Creator,  God (or whatever you call that.)
  • God is not a superhero, waiting in the wings to save you from yourself, or to save us from each other.
  • Life is full of opportunities for us to grow and access the higher aspects of ourselves and consciousness.
  • Life isn’t just going to be rainbows, butterflies, lpeaches and Care Bear stares, because what happens is the depths and the heights that are possible to reach, for all of us, requires a lot of learning, growing death and rebirth. 

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Since 2013 I’ve been developing a body of work that helps women embody self-love, healing, and wholeness. We do this by focusing on the four levels of consciousness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

In practical terms, this looks like exploring tools and practices to help you tune into the deep wisdom of the body and the knowing of the heart, which I believe are gateways to our souls. Then we cultivate a new relationship with our minds that allows the mind to serve this wisdom and knowledge and soul connection, rather than override it, which is what many of us were taught.

If you’ve been doing self-help or spiritual development work for a while, these are the types of foundational things that often people overlook in pursuit of fancier concepts that often aren’t practical or sustainable. Here, we will focus on building these strong foundations so you can honestly and thoroughly embody self-love. If you’re feeling it, subscribe to the show, and leave us a review wherever you listen from. You can also keep up with show updates and community discussions on Instagram here.

Transcript for Episode 440 “40 Lessons in 40 Years Part 4“:

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:00

Slowing down is magical. The way I came by this lesson was by learning about my emotional wave and human design. Put another way, this lesson is about learning the difference between impulse and intuition in the body. Everybody’s intuition works differently meaning, yes, of course, there may be some similarities. But our bodies, senses and extra senses develop differently. Some might be stronger than others. Some might be more subtle for various reasons. Things might be clearer, or take less time landing, depending on what area of life they’re happening in, or which people or situations they’re about, because our relationship to things and attachment to them are different.

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:45

Hello, everybody, welcome to episode number 440. Of the embodied podcast I am your host, Elizabeth DiAlto. And we are wrapping up be 40 lessons in 40 years episode in episode number 440. I love that. Oh, you angel number of people, I hope you get a big kick out of that. Today we have lessons 31 to 40. And if you happen to be stumbling upon this episode randomly, these are not sequential, you do not have to have listened to the other three. You can listen to these out of order. It’s totally cool. So let’s dive in with lesson number 31. It’s about prayer. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  01:22

One of the best uses of prayer is to pray for people who can’t, won’t or don’t pray for themselves. And praying for people doesn’t mean praying for them to have the experiences you think they should be having, or for them to make the choices that you think they should make. We pray for people’s souls to receive exactly what they need in this life. We pray for grace on their behalf, that they may be filled and flooded with the grace that they need in any given moment to take the next best or next right step for them. Acknowledging that we can’t possibly know for sure what that is. If we’re attached to how people are living or being we pray to be released from that, we pray that our energy ideas and agendas not interfere with their divine path. Let me not impede anyone’s progress but be a loving force for grace, compassion, forgiveness and support and their life. And we can always do metta meditation. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  02:17

This is a form of Buddhist meditation, but it feels like a prayer to me something like may you be well May you be safe may live in joy and peace. And if you want to know more about that you could look it up it’s meta is Ma TT a not to be confused with like meta formerly known as Facebook and all that crap. But essentially, you can also come up with your own phrases you can send it to others to yourself to situations. This is a practical and specific way to send loving kindness loving thoughts. loving energy is a great way to interrupt negative thoughts and feelings as well. Not to bypass them but to acknowledge them. Realize that the thought energy we send people when we’re angry, or judging isn’t helping anyone and send something loving instead to help process and alchemize the energy of the situation. To me, it feels like surrender. Like rather than building a case for why people are trash. I do meta. A year or two ago, a dear girlfriend of mine called me to vent about a woman we had both known many years ago, who runs and putting this in air quotes, a highly successful business for women entrepreneurs, and also happens to be a raging narcissist. She’s extremely manipulative and condescending, but she’s also become masterful at positioning herself and creating an image of being a spiritual guide a mentor, specifically like in the realm of business, you know,

Elizabeth DiAlto  03:45

and my friend was feeling particularly charged around her. And as you know, I speak openly about not liking a lot of people. So she asked me what I do with those feelings when they come up, how do I not let them distract or derail me? And this was my answer. It’s that meditation or that meta prayer. May you be well, May you be safe, may you live in joy and peace. Or again, you know, whatever words you want to use, when you look up metta, I believe they have their like base recommendations for what the word should be. But then of course, you’re invited to make your own. So I don’t need to create hooks with people. I process event I alchemize my anger if I need to, I do forgiveness work, when I need to, and I pray for them. And I pray for me, for my heart to be released to take my power back to remove my energy and attention from someone who is just not resonant in my life. So that’s a great use of prayer. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  04:39

Lesson number 32 is about evil and negativity. Carolyn mazes book the courage to confront evil is something I read a couple years ago I was revisiting it recently. Evil is a debatable topic and word. And in this context, it’s about being possessed by negativity, which is not the same as having negative thoughts. Sometimes we all all have that the law of attraction makes a lot of people think they should never have negative thoughts. Because then they’re attracting more of that into their lives. But that’s not always how it works where people, if we don’t face negative things and transmute them, they will persist. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  05:17

So suppressing something is not a way of dealing with it, everybody having a negative thought and just pushing it away, it’s not going away just because you pretending you don’t feel or think something that you actually feel or think, doesn’t make it any less real. And fact all it does is like shove it into a corner, just like I don’t know, if any of of a junk drawer or a junk closet, or maybe you know, you have a junk room, or like a storage room in your house or something. Or maybe it’s the garage, where anything you don’t feel like dealing with you just toss it into the drawer, the closet, the room, the garage, whatever. But what happens, eventually, you’re gonna have to deal with that shit. And it’s the same with your negative thoughts and feelings. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  06:01

So rather than being afraid of them, just remember that it’s more about how we face them, what dialogue we create around them, and how we orient ourselves in relationship to negativity. And it’s important because this is seductive, complaining feels righteous sometimes, doesn’t it. And there’s only a thin line between complaining and analysis. I recently read a book called unbound by a woman named Kasha Obernai. And she talks about how there are requests and desires built into every complaint. And I loved that. So when I thought about, hmm, what are the things I complain about or analyze or over analyze, because again, that fine line between complaining and just like analyzing and dissecting things, matters. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  06:48

So a few major things that I had to face in my 30s were being in my power, resistant to my life, especially because people talk such shit about love and light, right. And both are real, it’s a matter of how we regard them. That could be problematic, I also had to become willing to acknowledge that there really are evil forces out there. And very fortunately, through so much practice, courage and faith, I’m just not a good host for evil shit anymore. And that’s why I invite you to, it’s one of the reasons why we started by talking about prayer, because prayer is one of the best, like counter practices, I don’t want to call it a defense, where it’s actually more more than a defensive strategy. It’s an offensive strategy to have a prayer practice, right? I’m just not a good host for evil shit anymore. But let me tell you something. In my 20s, I really was, I could get hooked into some really shitty thoughts and behaviors, I could be just as manipulative as anybody else. And I could lie when it served me. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  07:44

And my 30 has released me from all of that. There’s a level on which we’re all afraid of being wicked or bad. We fear our metaphorical demons, especially if we come from Wicked people who do bad things or behave badly. There’s a level on which so many people are more tuned into negativity, and what’s wrong with them than positivity, hope, and what is so incredible about them, or their inherent worthiness and value and ultimately, their light. And this is the orientation of the consciousness, are we oriented towards the light or the dark? This is why I think it’s so important to courageously face the dark, and let ourselves go there. So we can know that we are not that. But of course, it’s within us, right? Just like our light is within us. It’s not who we are, though, we can only find that out by facing it. But it’s really hard to face it when there’s no faith or when there’s no courage or when there’s no confidence, self esteem and self worth, which points back to the Harriet Lerner thing. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  08:42

And this is why the number one lesson that I shared in 40 lessons, the series was about how these things that we need to let go of shame. Resentment needs to be right need to control needs to be loved and like wreak absolute havoc in our lives. Because until we begin to eradicate and chip away at those things, we’re just not going to be able to access what’s on the other end what’s on the other side of them. I think I had also added grief and anger to that list. And that’s really important. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  09:09

So lesson number 33. This is related to this. I’m continuing on with another thing that I learned from Carolyn mace. So if you listen this podcast No, she’s my favorite mistake. And I’ve never met her. I’ve never been to one of her seminars I’ve read and listened to a really big chunk of everything she’s ever created. Someone a lot of ways. It’s like I’ve studied at the School of Carolyn mace. And another thing that she talks about is she was talking about energy vampires. And she said the vampires have a way of draining your lifeforce and not changing because they don’t need you. Right. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  09:47

So if they’re getting their supply if they’re getting energetic life supply from you, and not changing because they’re getting their supply from you, like why would they do anything diff For him, if they could get their supply from you, rather than having to do the work of sourcing it from within themselves or from God. So when we hear about our talk about enabling behavior, this is a big part of it. When we give away our life force, or when we let people, you know, hook into us and drain us, when we don’t have boundaries, what we’re doing is propping them up, we’re letting them get their fix, so they have no reason to change. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  10:29

And if you want to think about this in terms of addiction, what I’m about to say is not meant to minimize addiction to substances or anything like that. Because some people really are addicted to other things. Some people are addicted to escapism, some people are addicted to drama or chaos. Some people are addicted to other people, right? And so the same way, you wouldn’t hand an addict a supply of their substance. Why are we handing people these energy vampires who are addicted to seeking outside of themselves for what actually, they need to be sourcing from within? Why would we continue to give them that supply? They’re not going to change. So sometimes we have to let the ship sink, because we can’t bail people out from having to face their stuff. That’s a disservice. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  11:21

And this reminds me of a story that related but not entirely, I’m sure I’ve told it on the podcast before. Many years ago, when I lived in San Diego, I went to one of those big box nondenominational churches, was curious about it, I had never been to one before. I don’t even remember what the name of it was. But the pastor told the story, which has really stayed with me. So I’m so glad I went talks about saving someone from drowning. And I don’t remember any more of he was actually the one where he was telling somebody else’s story. But this little nugget of wisdom that he added, which is not something I had ever thought about before. When someone’s drowning, they’re panicking, right? There’s adrenaline pumping. And we know that when people are filled with adrenaline, they can get the surge of strength that they wouldn’t normally have. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  12:11

And so he was saying how important it was to let the person like kind of let the adrenaline run its course a little bit, and let the person get tired before jumping in to save them. Because if they were to jump in, if someone was to jump in and save the person with the adrenaline high and their strength, like ultimately, that can end up drowning both people, which was a fascinating thing to think about. And you know, my life guard or anything like that. And maybe the story was just metaphorical in nature. Again, I don’t remember if it was like something that had really happened if it was somebody else’s story. But you know, that’s a really interesting thing when people are really strongly activated or attached to something, and we jump in and try to save them. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  12:52

More often than not, they’re just going to drag us down with them. We have to wait. You know, there’s a quote, I think it’s Elizabeth Gilbert, who says, No one goes off and starts a path of transformation without first being tired of their own bullshit. Alright, so you can see how all these things are related. Hello, everybody quick break in the show. And if you’re hearing this commercial, it is leading up to September 2023, where we are celebrating two things longtime listeners and followers know that every year around my birthday, which is September 14, I always like to do some kind of birthday sale or some kind of birthday offering. This year, we also happen to be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the School of sacred embodiment. So it is a double exciting celebration this year coming in September, two things that I’m releasing that I’m super excited about. Can I say the word exciting.

Elizabeth DiAlto  13:46

Any more times in this little announcement are the cherish retreat, which is happening in the fall of 2024. This is going to be a retreat about self love and body love and reverence. It will be happening in southern Spain, October 31 November 6 2024 If you want the details about that retreat, and if you want to receive like the first offer which is going to include a discount of 10% for the 10 year anniversary of the School of sacred embodiment, get yourself on the retreat interest list by going to untamed yourself.com forward slash retreat dash interest. And as well I will be launching my body love and reverence course in September. You do not need to get on an interest list for that I will be announcing that far and wide and giving everyone and anyone an opportunity to join that. And that’s it y’all. The birthday anniversary celebrations are coming. Stay tuned. They begin on September 18.

Elizabeth DiAlto  14:49

Lesson number 34 I have a whole workshop that lives in the wild soul sacred body membership about how healing works. One of the biggest pieces is that there are really some things We may never fully heal or get over. And of course, there are plenty of things that we will. But with the really tough stuff, aim to get to a place where it just doesn’t affect you the way it used to anymore. It’s just like a breakup where it hurts for a while, you miss the person for a while you grieve what you had or what you thought you had, you grieve what you had dreamed was possible. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  15:20

And eventually you move on, eventually, it just doesn’t have the hold on you that it used to have. And that’s something that we all need to have faith in as we heal as we move through relationship stuff. But someday, it just won’t hurt the way it used to anymore. And there’s no timeline on that. I remember back in my 20s, hearing, like a timeline on, I don’t remember if it was half the time or twice the time that you were in the relationship to heal from it. And I remember hearing that at a time that I’d come out of like a four year relationship be like, I’ll be damned if there’s gonna take me two years, or maybe it was eight years, whatever. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  15:52

So that stuff’s not predictable. But there’s a consciousness to that as well. Though, we have to believe in the possibility of moving on, we have to know that while something might be a before and after point in our lives, meaning life is never the same after something happens. And we could never go back to the before times. There are beautiful after times, waiting for us always. That also don’t negate the hardship that we went through. Moving on from something is not disrespectful to the thing. You know, you’ll hear this sometimes like if someone loses a spouse, and then they start dating again, or they marry someone. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  16:26

And it’s people especially love to judge the timing on that. It’s too soon. It’s disrespectful to the memory of the person, all that kind of stuff, which you know, who knows, who knows what the timelines are supposed to be, what the plan is, what’s appropriate, what’s not appropriate, that’s really none of our business, right. In fact, the most honoring thing we could do, because having moved on means we’ve alkalized it. We’ve transmuted it, we’ve actually gotten what we were supposed to get out of it. We let it serve us, we worked the thing life presented us with so many people hold on to shit and they live their life in a way that they view is honoring the thing, but it’s just them keeping stuck and living in the past. It’s dishonouring to themselves. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  17:10

And listen, no challenge walks itself into our life to have us dishonor ourselves. Right. And so there are ways to move on from things while also honoring it acknowledge that they happen, doesn’t mean you have to forget about it, although sometimes you might want to. That’s also fun to lesson number 35 is about reverence. There’s respect. And then there’s reverence. When we talk about being fully human and fully divine. I see this being the difference between reverence and respect. Respect is human reverence is divine. It’s all admiration and wonder it’s veneration. It’s worship, even in the healthiest and holiest of ways. So inviting in reverence, which is many steps beyond just respect is a beautiful way of inviting in more grace into your life. Lesson number 36. I love the term autodidact. I didn’t even know this term until maybe like 2017. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  18:02

Essentially, it means self taught. But it isn’t a whole truth. Many of us are self taught in the sense of things we learned from books and the school of life experiences, and experiments driven by our deep curiosity, or not anything we were formally educated in, right? But many of us are also not learning things for the first time. We’re not teaching ourselves or each other. For that matter, anything. We’re just remembering. And reminding, because stored in our souls is more wisdom, knowledge and experience the most of us will ever tap into and fully remember, in any one single lifetime, of course, we can be autodidact in nature, right? We could be self taught in nature. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  18:43

But a lot of the times the things that we think we’re discovering or learning or that are new to us in a lifetime, are things that we’re just stumbling back across that our soul has been known for who knows how long lesson number 37 We all need people in our lives, that we can be our most unevolved selves with who we can laugh and say offensive shit to who we don’t have to be politically correct with we’re not offend double, and who won’t judge us for thinking or feeling differently than they do? Or being a reverend at times, especially in a canceled cultural world, especially in a world where people live for picking things apart just to have a hot take, and where so many people can’t live in the yes end. Right? They need to be right they need to make others wrong. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  19:30

They need to have the correct opinion. No one’s opinion is correct. By the way. I have a mug it’s a joke that says sorry for having great tips and correct opinions on everything. It’s a very Virgo. Right there’s no such thing as a correct opinion. There are just opinions and we all know that quote, right? Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. There’s also another ending to that opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one and they all stink. I don’t agree that all opinions stink but everybody has a pay Millions, and that’s fine. But we all need people in our lives who just let us be. Get you some of those people, even just one. And if you already have them, cherish those people, unless they’re assholes who mistreat you, in which case find new ones. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  20:15

Lesson number 38. I mean, this is some of you must listen to this podcast sometimes and be like, really this bitch didn’t know that until just now. But you know, we’re all like that we’re all we’re all out having our lived experiences being exposed to certain things and not others. I learned what a romantic is. So shout out to my longtime client turn friends, Sara Kasam. I heard heard the term asexual, right when someone doesn’t have like sexual attraction for people and is like not interested in sex. But I didn’t know until Sarah started using this term. That a romantic is a thing, someone who just doesn’t have romantic feelings for people, like who’s not interested in romantic relationships. And I was like, Holy shit, this might be me. So everything you know exists on a spectrum, there’s a term on the A romantic spectrum called grey romantic. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  21:10

And that means that for the most part, you’re not interested in relationships. But if you know if something came along, that seems really compelling, for whatever reason, you’d be willing to give it a shot. And so ultimately, I’m pretty sure great romantic is me. But what really blew my mind about this more than anything, is just realizing how deeply conditioning can really go. I literally spent my whole life until I was 38 years old, thinking that I wanted a partner, being willing to not right, because I’m also loved being on my own. But thinking I truly deeply did at the bottom of my heart. And it turns out, I really don’t. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  21:48

And so it’s like that bit of work around the conditioning around putting so much time energy, attention and lifeforce towards something. Because I thought I was supposed to want it, that I convinced myself I wanted it. And then when I just gave myself so much space, and I’ve done this a couple different times in my life, right? First in 2016. When I got into my last like very long term relationship, I took a year off from men, which turned into a year and a half because I was enjoying it so much. Then I got back into dating. And then last year when I did my sacred slit experiment, I was like maybe I’m just polyamorous right? Maybe I’m just a solo polyamorous person who enjoys having lovers here and there, but doesn’t really want to be partnered with anybody, which honestly, that’s true. But more than anything, it’s this

Elizabeth DiAlto  22:38

lack of any kind of like desire or pull to merge my life with someone else’s. That is the thing that I am deeply uninterested in. And some of you’ve heard me talk about this, if you listen to the sacred slot episodes, in November of 2021, I had met this really great man. He was essentially everything I had been saying I wanted, he was acting all the ways doing all the things. And we were compatible in many ways. And I just was so bored. And really what I say bored, I mean, I was completely uninterested, completely not compelled. And that’s when I started to realize like, maybe I just don’t want this and started seriously trying that on for size. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  23:22

Then also earlier this year, when I concluded my sacred slit experiment, and I was like, I’m good. Like, I don’t even really feel like I need to engage with men for a very long time. And I dipped back into dating a little bit this summer, I reconnected with a former lover, but you know, it’s just not a priority for me. And it’s not a deep desire. It’s certainly not a need. It’s certainly not an aim or a life goal or anything like that. So I like the term Gray, romantic as in the gray area of being a romantic, but ultimately, you know, I don’t really need I don’t need the terms. It just is what it is. All right. We are coming in on the homestretch everybody. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  23:57

Lesson number 39 Is that slowing down is magical. The way I came by this lesson was by learning about my emotional wave and human design. Put another way, this lesson is about learning the difference between impulse and intuition in the body. Everybody’s intuition works differently. Meaning, yes, of course, there may be some similarities. But our body’s senses and extra senses developed differently. Some might be stronger than others. Some might be more subtle for various reasons. Things might be clearer, or take less time landing, depending on what area of life they’re happening in, or which people or situations they’re about, because our relationship to things and attachment to them are different. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  24:40

What I realized over my 30s is while I’m a very decisive person, it’s important to feel things all the way through before deciding. This actually saves me time. What tended to happen for me is I would make a choice based on initial hit or experience of something, then realize over time, I didn’t actually feel the way I thought I did it. about it. And more often than not, it was a positive assumption. I was like the queen of giving unearned benefits of the doubt, I would think something was better than it was, I would see the potential, the possibility the soul in something, the best in something. But not everything or not everyone is currently living up to that good stuff that I was typically seeing upon first assessment. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  25:30

And then I would I would get burned. And again, not just by people, but just by things like having all these positive assumptions. So I know one of the other lessons in one of the other episodes was about no longer being an optimist, but becoming a realist, and how my 30s have cured me of unwarranted and it’s very important to emphasize the word unwarranted in the sentence, unwarranted hope. And optimism. So slowing down, filling things all the way through saves me time, because instead of making a choice, that is really not the best choice, and then having to go back back my way out of it or clean up a mess or something, I just spend the time upfront now I take my time, and I make a better informed choice. And here’s a really good example. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  26:17

When I moved to Miami, in 2021, I was starving for community coming from being California during the whole pandemic, up until that point, and being super isolated. And I made a group of friends, and I thought these people were a great fit for me, only to realize over the course of the next like six to nine months, that in fact, they were not what had me diving into quickly, again, was being starved for community during the pandemic. So this is kind of like a sub lesson to this lesson, we might have access to very sharp intuition. But the connection may vary depending on how we’re doing physically, mentally, and emotionally, for whatever reason during a certain season or cycle of our lives. So learning to take my time has been invaluable. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  26:58

And it’s something I have to consciously practice, maybe always will, since it doesn’t really come naturally to me, though it is becoming more of a go to. So finally, here we are, lesson number 40. And I did not save the best for last on purpose. But you know, I had all these written out since last week, and I left lesson number 40 blank. And as I was taking my walks this week, and as I was out on my paddleboard and listening to some audios, some Carolyn mace and Jean keys, I realized what I wanted the final lesson in the series to be. And essentially it is the original tagline for wild soul movement, which was the first thing I created in the School of sacred embodiment back in 2013. Before I even knew I was creating a school of sacred embodiment. And that is that everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  27:52

This is the original blessing. This is the premise, and the foundation upon which I’ve built the school. This is a pathway to grace, knowing of course, since we’re all connected, that even though we may not always be capable of acting like it, we’ve got access to an infinite wealth of resources through our Creator. And when I say an infinite wealth of resources, I am talking about personal resources. I’m not talking about like food, water, shelter, money, things like that, okay? Because sometimes people they want to do the walkabout thing, when I say everything you’ve ever needed, they’re like, Well, some people don’t have a home and some people can’t eat. And I’m like, this is not, we’re not talking about that, because that’s human stuff, right? I’m talking about that. Even though we may not always be capable of acting like it. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  28:33

Again, we have access to an infinite wealth of resources, through our Creator, through the Creator through God or whatever you call that. It’s humans that block the blessings, not God, not bestowing the blessings. God is not a superhero, waiting in the wings to save you from yourself, or to save us from each other. Life is full of opportunities for us to grow and access the higher aspects of ourselves and consciousness. And as you do your work, like things don’t get easier, meaning less challenging doesn’t mean the more you evolve, life is just going to be rainbows, butterflies, like peaches and Carebear stairs, because what happens is the depths and the heights that are possible to reach for all of us require a lot of learning growing death and rebirth. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  29:25

And how do those things come through challenges? Some might call it through trials and tests. And it’s not because we’re unloved, or the plaything of some omnipotent God who loves to manipulate us and watch us squirm. It’s because this is the nature of Earth. There’s conflict here. It’s a dense place. But those who are willing to reach for and know that love and light are actually real, and valid and holy can and will transcend much of the density in a lifetime or over many lifetimes. hymns, and when you do you become a beacon for others. So really, when I say everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you. I’m really just reminding you that God is in all of us. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  30:12

So thank you so much for listening to the series. This episode is live on Monday, September 11. And next Monday, September 18, begins my annual birthday sale, which this year is also a 10 year school of sacred environment celebration, I’m going to be opening up enrollment for my brand new course the body love and reverence course, I’m going to be opening up applications for the cherish retreat, which is a retreat about self love and by the love and reverence that will be going on in Spain and 2024. So make sure you check those things out all the links will be at untamed yourself.com forward slash links. 

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