How do you accept yourself?

Why is self acceptance important?

What does it feel like to have self acceptance?

These are some of the questions we’re answering in today’s EMBODIED Self Love series episode.

We’ve already covered the first two principles of the EMBODIED Self Love Framework – Self Awareness and Self Knowledge – and now it’s time for Self Awareness.

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In today’s episode I cover:

  • Why we need self acceptance to have self love
  • The energetic difference between approaching things in your life from an accepting place vs an non accepting place
  • The difference between fighting against and fighting for things
  • How it’s easy to accept things when they go well or feel good – but the real work is accepting things when times are taught or not going the way you want
  • The role of kindness, gentleness and forgiveness in self acceptance
  • How to accept things about yourself that you feel shame about
  • Specifically how to accept your body, as a woman, in a culture with so much programming around “what’s ideal”

…and more

In the fourth episode of the EMBODIED Self Love series we discuss:

  • [3:12] Why I rearranged the framework as I was creating it
  • [5:47] How you can’t have deep embodied love without acceptance
  • [9:40] How 2020 has been an incredible training ground for self acceptance
  • [12:54] Questions that are always asked during akashic record readings
  • [15:23] Why you need to unlearn and discern to get self acceptance and fulfill your purpose
  • [18:43] How self love allows you to respond with forgiveness and compassion
  • [19:27] Why the topic of forgiveness can be triggering for many
  • [22:44] How to accept things that you feel shame about
  • [28:38] The topic of white fragility and how we feel fragile when shame is present
  • [33:47] How I use mantras in my work and life
  • [39:01] Breaking the harmful cycle around shame in your body
  • [44:20] How I built practices and movement around loving, connecting and healing
  • [46:18] Learning to appreciate your body for more than just how it looks

Resources I mentioned in the episode:

Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast

  • “We need self acceptance the most when it’s the absolute hardest to do.”
  • “Real self love is going  to respond with kindness, gentleness, forgiveness and compassion.”
  • “Forgiveness is energy work.”
  • “A lot of people’s shittiest behaviors happen because they don’t want to feel their shame, they don’t want to be accountable and they don’t want to feel how awful it feels to fully acknowledge the consequences of their behavior.”
  • “Self acceptance is like lube for healing, because it replaces friction and resistance with pleasure and ease. It’s easier to move through things when we can accept aspects of them.”
  • “Part of self acceptance is to help release shame and forgiveness is one of the best ways to do that.”
  • ‘We are not responsible for other people’s shame, though as decent humans, it’s ok to be accountable and understand why and be accountable for it, if and when we trigger other people’s shame through our actions, behaviors and choices.”
  • ‘It’s not on us when people feel ashamed about something they should be ashamed of.”
  • “Where we are fragile is in the places where we’re ashamed. If you can replace the fragile response, with an accepting response that includes accountability, you will be much safer for the world. “
  • “This work isn’t just about being safer in the world, it’s also about being safer for the world.”
  • “When you know yourself, know who you are , know your integrity, know what you stand for – you don’t need to prove anything to anyone, you don’t need to explain, you are willing to let people judge you, misunderstand you, project on you – and you don’t have to take that on, you can just get busy doing whatever work you need to do to heal and do better.”

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About the Embodied Podcast with Elizabeth DiAlto

Since 2013 I’ve been developing a body of work that helps women embody self-love, healing, and wholeness. We do this by focusing on the four levels of consciousness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

In practical terms, this looks like exploring tools and practices to help you tune into the deep wisdom of the body and the knowing of the heart, which I believe are gateways to our souls. Then we cultivate a new relationship with our minds that allows the mind to serve this wisdom and knowledge and soul connection, rather than override it, which is what many of us were taught.

The show runs in seasons now and this season we’re focusing on my EMBODIED Self Love Framework.

We’ll be looking at Self Awareness, Self Knowledge, Self Acceptance, Self Trust, and Self Respect – with a bonus episode on Boundaries as well.

If you’ve been doing self-help or spiritual development work for a while, these are the types of foundational things that often people overlook in pursuit of fancier concepts that often aren’t practical or sustainable. Here, we will focus on building these strong foundations so you can honestly and thoroughly embody self-love. If you’re feeling it, subscribe to the show, and leave us a review wherever you listen from. You can also keep up with show updates and community discussions on Instagram here.