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In Feb 2015, I did a 5-day symposium consisting of 25 interviews with powerful and inspiring women sharing their stories and advice for transcending life’s struggles, fears and doing it their own way. We got so much incredible feedback on the interviews, we decided to turn it into a podcast. At times during the interviews when you hear us refer to the series or interviews that have already been done, keep in mind these interviews have been repurposed and may not follow the original order.

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About Jody England:

Jody England is the visionary behind the creation of Untamed You and Understanding your Soul Medicine Path, Host of the Wild Soul Medicine Radio Show, and recent virtual Woman, Come Undone Experience.

Ever the contradiction, she is a mid-western farm girl turned psychic medicine woman who loves heavy metal bands as much as a Tibetan singing bowl concert. She uses her extraordinary gift of seeing to mid-wife the return of the wild souls of bold women. She isan irreverent Soul Tracker passionately championing the return of Essence as she teaches women to tango with their shadow and excavate their true Self.

As a relentless seeker and evolutionary risk taker, Jody is addicted to inquiry and entertains deep and paradigm-shifting conversations on her weekly radio show with the thought leaders and revolutionaries of our time. Her keen insight and straight talking ways have positioned her as an emerging voice of the New Age.

She’s an old soul with a healer’s heart. A natural introvert walking the threshold of sharing her inner world with the outer world, she is most happy with her bare feet on the earth and fresh air in her lungs.

Her heart’s desire is a planet where truth is the currency of interaction and earth’s people are galactic stewards of the light.

In this episode, Jody shares:

1. How to embrace and flourish as a powerful driven woman
2. Using radical self-responsibilty to navigate realtionships
3. The five soul paths and how they influence our personal journeys

What You’ll Hear:

4:44 Jody’s feminine discovery
10:39 Fear + emasculating men
17:58 Relationship triggers + how to react lovingly
22:38 How to see the blind spots in life
25:09 Soul medicine paths
32:24 Cultural conditioning + there is not finish line

Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood

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