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After a heavy and intense week all over the world, the medicine of Inner Strength, Protection, and Fierceness that the Goddess Durga brings felt like the perfect medicine for this week’s Sunday Sermon.

In this episode I read you some writings about Durga from Sally Kempton and Aurobino Ghose, share my own experience of embodying this archetype and calling on her powerful energy, and guide you through the Fierce Feminine ritual from the Wild Soul Oracle deck. I also share the story of why I saved that card for last when I was writing the guidebook and my own fear around revealing a deeper part of my true nature through writing the ritual itself. Enjoy and please share with friends who could use the energy during these times! xo

Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton
In Praise of the Goddess: The Devimahatmya and Its Meaning
Shakti Meditations by Sally Kempton
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Durga Image from Awakening Shakti:

Card #34 from the Wild Soul Oracle Deck:

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