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I enjoyed this conversation with today’s guest, Laura Coe so much. We talked about some really practical things and laughed a lot at ourselves and how humans behave in today’s interesting world. We explored how in every moment there’s an infinite number of ways to interpret what happens and reclaiming the word “authenticity” which is both overused and misused in our content-heavy society. And we dove into some “big” topics like existentialism, self-regulation, and how suffering happens when we try to hold onto pleasure and push pain away. It’s a very illuminating discussion, can’t wait to hear what you get out of it! xo, E

About Laura Coe:

Laura co-founded Litholink Corporation, a healthcare company serving over 350,000 patients per month nationally. When Litholink sold to a Fortune 500 company, she left corporate America to pursue lifelong passions.

Even while working in corporate healthcare, Laura always specialized in breaking down complex concepts for to make them easy to digest, understand, and apply. Now she channels that unique skill into “translating” philosophy and ancient wisdom – breaking down monumental, life-changing wisdom in a way that everyone can apply to their own lives.

Laura currently devotes her energy toward writing, coaching, helping others implement spiritual teachings in their everyday lives. Her first book, Emotional Obesity, is available for purchase. And now she is the host of the popular podcast, The Art of Authenticity.

In this episode, Laura shares:

1. Navigating the difference between resistance and dissonance
2. Reclaiming the word “authenticity” and living in your truth
3. Letting go of keeping up with the Joneses

What You’ll Hear:

3:54 Emotional obesity and philosophy
12:07 Resistance vs dissonance + navigating pain and pleasure
28:36 On Existentialism
35:59 healthy expression and self-regulation
47:39 Reclaiming the word “authenticity” + our content-heavy society

Wherever You Go, There You Are
Ryan Holiday: How Your Ego Can Block Authenticity
Dr. Shefali, Conscious Parenting
Wild Soul Toolkit

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