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This is episode #200!! Such an exciting milestone, I want to take a moment to thank all of our listeners. We very literally could not do this without you! At the end of the episode, I share with you how we’re going to celebrate that this week – some of you will be super jazzed about it. And part of it is a surprise to one of our guests which is why I’m not writing it in the description here 😉

Today I’m talking about being “on the way” as a better way to view your journey than, “I’m not there yet.” Not there yet opens the gateway for judgement, self-comparison and criticism, beating yourself up and being disappointed. Reframing that to acknowledging that you’re on the way and reaching your destination (or goal, dream, etc), is inevitable, opens the gateway for possibility, opportunity, collaboration, plot twists, growth, and more. Enjoy the episode, and many many blessings for whatever you’re on the way to!

Lisa Berkovitz On Letting Soul Lead

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