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This sermon is inspired by three powerhouse women I got to interview for the show this week: Kelly Diels, Sonya Renee Taylor, and L’Erin Alta. They are all doing their own form of activism in the world and they are all rocking it out with fierceness AND compassion, which is why their work is effective. A big lesson I learned in this last year, is the difference between compassion and tolerance. I’ll riff on that more during my 33 lessons in my 33rd year episode, but the crux is this, we can be compassionate, while demonstrating intolerance for things that do not align with our values.

The core of today’s sermon is a reading from Alana Fairchild’s Mother Mary Oracle deck. It’s my very favorite deck. The question I asked before I pulled the card was, “What is something we all need to know about compassion right now?” And the card I got is called, “Our Lady of Peaceful Change” #youcantmakethisshitup Enjoy and share wild loves, thank you so much!

xo, E

Kelly Diels
Sonya Renee Taylor
L’Erin Alta
Mother Mary Oracle
Our Lady of Peaceful Change Card:

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