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Today’s sermon is inspired by Brene Brown’s most recent book, Braving the Wilderness. There’s a whole chapter called Speak Truth to Bullshit. Be Civil. Last week we got into the speak truth to bullshit part, if you haven’t listened to that episode, I do recommend pausing this one and listening to that first. It’s episode #212 and you can find it at or whatever player you listen to podcasts on.

If you’re all caught up and ready to dive into being civil, like last week, I’ll read a good bit from the book, and chime in with my own reflections and experiences. And you’ll be able to tell I’m really geeking out on this because courageous communication is one of my favorite topics. I have seen so much healing and transformation happen in my life when people learn how to speak to each other, say what they mean, be brave about it and not cause harm with their words. Enjoy this episode and share with anyone you know who would appreciate it, too! xo

Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown

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