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Trust Is The #1 Problem People Don’t Know They Have

Trust Is The #1 Problem People Don’t Know They Have

by | Mar 5, 2018

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In today’s solo episode you’ll hear me geeking out to the highest degree on one of my favorite topics – TRUST. More specifically, self trust. You’ll also get a little peek into how my brain and creative process works as I walk you through the brand new Trust Assessment I just released.

We’re so conditioned into black or white thinking, we often label ourselves “good” or “bad” at a thing, without looking at the fullness of it.

So for example, if you were to ask in general, how much someone trusts, they’re usually going to associate it with trusting other people.
And if you redirect them to self trust specifically – most people’s mind is going to think of how much they don’t trust themselves.

What I’ve noticed over the years after working with SO MANY people around trust, is that most people trust themselves at least a little bit – but it’s categorical. It’s in one or two areas of life.

In the other areas where they don’t, they beat themselves up about it so much, it practically or completely negates where they do trust themselves. The truth is most of us are an interesting mix of trusting and not trusting, in different areas of our lives, to varying degrees. The Trust Assessment helps to identify and quantify where in your life you’re trusting or not, and of course, what you can do about it.

Have a listen to the show and take the assessment at http://thetrustassessment.com – it’s free!

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  1. Melanie DewBerry

    I’m taking your trust assessment. Whew! You asked to deep and daring questions. I had to really take a few moments to see if how I was answering was true or not. Didn’t like that (haha). Just answering made me get honest with myself and I do like that. Thank you.

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