Today’s episode goes deep into unhealthy relationship patterns, abuse and victimhood.

What I loved about our guest Avery Neal, is her whip smart, compassionate and gentle demeanor while navigating an intense topic.

Her truth was about the resilience of the human spirit. From there we explored:
-Big hard words – abuse and victim – and why it’s important to use them, unpack them and own them when applicable
-Striking a balance between sussing out your partner’s issues and your own issues
-Behavioral patterns of abusers and how to spot the warning signs
-Behavioral patterns of “victims” or those susceptible to abusive partnerships
-Lots of examples from her practice and more gems from her book.

I know every time I do an episode like this, unfortunately it resonates with A LOT of people. Be gentle with yourself if it hits the mark for you and as always, do not hesitate to contact us or reach out if you need help. Since I spoke out about my own abusive relationship last year, I’ve received so many messages from others sharing their stories. This topic is a really close one to my heart.


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About Avery Neal

Avery Neal, MA, LPC is a practicing psychotherapist, author, speaker and consultant. In 2012 she opened Women’s Therapy Clinic, which has locations in both The Woodlands, Texas and in Denver, Colorado. She specializes in depression and anxiety at all stages in a woman’s life. Avery has worked extensively with women suffering from prenatal anxiety and postpartum depression in addition to helping women recovering from divorce and healing from emotional abuse. She is passionate about empowering women discover their own inner strength, leading to higher self-esteem, confidence and overall life satisfaction.

Avery is the author of If He’s So Great, Why Do I Feel So Bad?: Recognizing and Overcoming Subtle Abuse. Her articles and interviews have been published by, Best Self Magazine, Hitched Magazine, Bustle, POPSUGAR and PKWY Magazine. In 2017, the International Association of HealthCare Professionals nominated her as one of the top psychologists in Houston.

In this interview with Avery Neal on Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

  • [8:52] If He’s So Great, Why Do I Feel So Bad?
  • [17:10] Behavioral patterns to look for in an abusive relationship
  • [33:08] How to start healing from abusive relationships + Addressing relationship issues when you’ve got a lot of other responsibilities
  • [44:46] On starting a new relationship after coming out of an abusive one
  • [50:31] When you can’t get out of an abusive relationship quickly


Resources for help with unhealthy relationship patterns

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