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We’ve got Dr. Tee Williams on the show today. Dr. Tee holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in Social Justice Education and I really appreciate his way of taking complex and challenging topics and presenting them in ways that are easy to understand and work with. I really enjoyed being able to learn and correct some of my own thinking, framing and verbiage in real time during this chat.

We covered a lot of ground including cognitive dissonance and how we fight against each others’ oppression, the us vs. it mentality (instead of us vs. them), why he prefers liberation work over anti-anything, how we survive in environments that are constantly hurting us, the role of shame, blame and guilt in oppression, intersectionality and more.

This is good learning episode to share with friends and use for discussion.

About Dr. Tee Williams:

Dr. Tee Williams is a consultant, speaker and educator with over 20 years of experience helping people learn about the complexities of Diversity & Inclusion, Organizational Leadership and Personal Development. His mission is to help people and organizations transform themselves so that together we can transform the world. He believes in you. He believes in himself. He believes in us. Let’s make the world a better, more loving and more welcoming place – for everyone.

What You’ll Hear:

9:54 Cognitive dissonance and how Dr. Tee got into social justice
20:11 On wounding, accountability, and healing
32:25 Liberation work and how this conversation is happening in the social media space
37:27 Right and wrong ways to be a facilitator
50:45 Liberatory consciousness, radical inclusivity, and active listening

Dr. Tee’s Online Course: Foundations of Social Justice
Dr. Tee’s Social Justice Book Club
Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice
Readings for Diversity and Social Justice

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