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Keisha Shields is on the show today. We explored leadership in depth and she provided some incredible distinctions around transparency, storytelling and oversharing. Her big truth was around issues leaders have and the difficulty of “claiming space.”

We talked about different types of leaders, how people come to their true center and the distinction between privacy and secrecy. Keisha shared a bit of her story, along with her practice of being an open chapter, but not an open book, which I loved, and we also explored the value of sharing our stories and storytelling.

We got into discerning when it’s valuable to share the story of an experience, or the story of the impact the experience had on us, the difference between healthy and unhealthy validation and determining if and when we are safe ourselves or we are protecting someone else’s safety.

This is a really smart, fiery, and fun conversation, enjoy!


About Keisha Shields:

Keisha Shields is a leadership consultant and certified leadership coach for women ascending into high-profile or higher-levels of leadership and has been coaching and consulting in different capacities for over 10 years.

Keisha’s most significant work is in working intimately with women to support them in getting out of their own way, trusting their own intuition, and having the courage to put the most sacred (and often vulnerable) pieces of their life story together into legacy-building, money-making assets that they can leverage to accelerate their businesses or profiles for years to come.

There is a serious NEED for women to trust. Trust themselves. Trust their capabilities. Trust that they are the answer that someone needs RIGHT NOW.

Keisha is a speaker and the foremost authority on couture confidence. She has expertise and insight into how stigmas & stereotypes can keep high-achieving women leaders (career girls, entrepreneurs, and those in the C-Suite) from believing bigger and truly becoming who they were created to become in this lifetime.

Recently, Keisha’s been brought into opportunities to consult on workplace equity, microaggression, and helping “white women of privilege” (this is how THEY identify themselves) to support, collaborate and liaise with women of color. This last piece has been really dear to her because these are women who feel more compelled than ever to more deeply connect to supporting their sisters of other backgrounds.

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What You’ll Hear:

8:00 The definition of leadership + what leadership looks like in different contexts
11:06 A sign that you may not have claimed your space as a leader in your lane
17:38 What it looks like to find your true center to be better able to own your successes + increase your visibility
29:01 Understanding that not everyone earns the right to know your story
30:40 An example of transparency and storytelling
36:47 The distinction between secrecy and privacy + using discretion to determine the difference
42:17 Being an open book versus an open chapter
44:16 Discerning between sharing your story or the experience that the story has had on your life
56:28 How to determine if you feel safe enough to share your story + ways to begin sharing

Brene Brown

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