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This month’s solo episode is about the Power of Love. I wanted to do this since it’s the month in which Valentine’s Day occurs which gets a lot of folks “in their feelings” about love. I didn’t focus on romantic love in this episode though – mainly because next week we have the author of Deeper Dating, Ken Page, with one of my favorite interviews ever on the subject.

This episode focused on reciprocity, giving and receiving and so many different expressions of love. From self-care and gentleness to vulnerability, doing sacred work in the world, generosity, boundaries and communication and more.

I shared a few stories in this one about a particularly rough day I had that ended in meeting two earth angels whose story was more than moving; it was healing, revealing and permission giving. I drew out the story so you could perhaps, relate. Especially to times when you need your own love and that of others because if there’s one thing I’m certain we all need constant reminding of, it’s that we are worthy of love and sometimes forget that.

Enjoy, share and let me know what lands and resonates with you about this one!


What You’ll Hear:

7:06 My upcoming trip to Puerto Rico to reclaim my roots and connect with my culture
11:01 The story of my rough day + my meeting with two earth angels
20:25 What caused my perspective to shift to appreciativeness
23:11 Our different callings to love and service in the world
25:31 The power of giving and receiving love
29:48 The concept of family + how family is everywhere
32:06 How our greatest gifts reside in the same place as our deepest wounds
33:53 Loving who you want + choosing how you want to interact with those you want to love
35:28 How we share love in this digital world
37:53 Finding different fields of love
38:46 Love always being the appropriate response
40:17 Avoiding unnecessary + unwarranted feedback that invades others’ experiences


Deeper Dating by Ken Page
Wild Soul Movement Weekend Workshops
The Orphaned Starfish Foundation
EP25: Latham Thomas On Dreams And The Wisdom Of Birth

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“We have a lot of conversations on the podcast now about culture, cultural appropriation, we talk about race and we talk about identities and navigating marginalization and dominant culture and dominant groups and things like this. In a lot of ways, I have allowed myself to be whitewashed and I’ve contributed to my own white-washing and I haven’t really identified as a woman of color for most of my life but I am a woman of color.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“There’s this interesting aspect of love that is acceptance and beyond acceptance, there’s cherishing.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“I just let it be. This is something in terms of self-love and self-care that I really deeply practice which is just being with what I feel, honoring it, not trying to escape it, get out of it, or bypass it. I’ll breathe it in. I will take really deep breaths in an effort to open my body and create space in my body so that the emotions and the feelings and the sensations can pass, they can flow through, like a wave in the ocean.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Office supplies always make me feel better.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“To me, this is an expression of love, to not abandon myself in my own moments of need, but to also not abandon my responsibilities and the things that I need to get done.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Music is a form of art that really blows me away, cracks my heart open, especially live.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“There’s no hierarchy of pain or trauma, everything is relative.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“The reason why these people, Dilia and Andy, they weren’t burned out is because they are constantly giving and receiving love.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Love is the power.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“We all have our own work to do and we can’t all do all of the things.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“There’s our family, our blood family, that we are born into and then there’s our chosen family, our soul family.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“There’s family everywhere.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“You get to love whoever you want to love, and you also get to choose how you want to interact with those who you love.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Where is it that you can pour love in that love pours back into you?” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“How do we be in rooms with people? How do we share love in person and in real life? Because we need to feel each other. We need to be heartbeat to heartbeat, nervous system to nervous system, eye to eye. We need to be able to hug people. We need to just be able to be in proximity to just breathe the same air.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Love is literally everywhere. It’s in the fabric of this world that we live in. It’s in the air that we breathe.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“We need to speak up in the face of harm, hurt, damage, and abuse, and that never needs to be solicited because that’s always warranted.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“It is very unloving to impose your own thoughts, beliefs, opinions, feedback, advice on those who haven’t asked.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

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