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Today’s guest Sara Bliss wrote a book where she interviewed more than 65 people about their big life transitions, specifically related to career changes. As someone who geeks out on life transitions, period, I was excited to dive in with her around what she discovered through all these conversations and experiences.

Her own big truth was around the leap she took in releasing this book from being behind the scenes for many years as a ghostwriter, to being on the front end of things with this endeavor.

During the interview, we talked about the many different aspects of change and transition. She shared why she isn’t a fan of the advice to “follow your passion,” but prefers to be really invested in it. Which also led us to the difference between a passion and a calling.

We also got into the impact these big changes and transitions had on people’s relationships. I enjoyed this chat very much and hope you do, too.


About Sara Bliss:

Sara Bliss is a New York Times bestselling author, consultant, speaker, and brand advisor.

She’s written 11 books including Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life which profiles over 60 people who radically changed their careers. She’s also the author of Hotel Chic at Home and co-author of three bestselling books with beauty and wellness guru Bobbi Brown including Beauty From The Inside Out

Connect with Sara:

Website | Instagram | Twitter

What You’ll Hear:

5:24: Sara’s big truth about pushing beyond her fears
7:20: Sara’s transition from ghostwriting to publishing on her own
10:52: The intricacies of ghostwriting
13:52: Sara talks about her creative process
15:40 The ethics of writing for and about others
17:45: How Sara developed a strong interest in other people’s stories
19:34: The concept behind Sara’s book Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life
22:00: Common threads among those interviewed for the book
24:00: Different choices and the wide range of impact they can have on your life
24:14: It’s okay to take your time as you pursue something new
25:33: The reality that there will be hurdles in seeking a new path
31:08: Why not all stories were included in the book
32:35: Diversity among those interviewed for the book
35:04 What Sara learned about resourcefulness through the process of writing Take the Leap
36:32: The difference between passion and calling
41:10: The importance of being open to possibility
44:17: You don’t have to be only one thing
46:00: A past career can inform a new one
50:36: Confidence that change is possible means becoming comfortable with the idea of risk
52:50: Transitions are never all sunshine; struggle is inevitable


Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life by Sara Bliss
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“If someone has trusted me with their story and someone has trusted me with their struggles and the fears they’ve faced, well I want to honor that.” – Sara Bliss

“Learning to read was the first time I had any cognizance toward what freedom felt like.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“I really am fascinated by what makes people tick.” – Sara Bliss

“Who you are in one decade doesn’t have to be who you are in the next.” – Sara Bliss

“So many people realized that if their lives changed and they were happier then their home life would be happier so they kind of took their kids along for the ride.” – Sara Bliss

“For a lot of people they had to take that financial step back to make that leap forward.” – Sara Bliss

“Sometimes I know I’m gonna’ be in a season where I’m going to be choosing convenience over the best options.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“I don’t love the mentality that nothing worth doing is easy because I think there are ways to find ease within difficult things but I also don’t believe that everything is just like rainbows and magic and glitter and fairy tales.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“This is not a book about blowing up your life.” – Sara Bliss

“I wanted to find people who really financially had something to lose.” – Sara Bliss

“I wanted everyone to be able to pick up the book and find people that they related with.” – Sara Bliss

“Whatever you do you have to be super invested in.” – Sara Bliss

“The problem with following your passion is that it implies that you have only one passion.” – Sara Bliss

“If you’re open, I think, and not clinging to your one reality that you’re comfortable with that’s kind of when the magic starts happening.” – Sara Bliss

“Sometimes people trying to monetize their passion kills the passion.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Most people don’t have overnight success.  I think when you take that pressure off then you’re really focused on the joy of it and the growth that comes from it.” – Sara Bliss

“When you embrace the risk factor you’re now accepting the possibility of failure but you’re embracing the possibility of success.” – Sara Bliss

“People actually get to see what they’re built for and what they’re really not built for and that’s totally fine.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

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