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Y’all know what this is…it’s a celebration, bitches!!

I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes a song lyric just fits. I obviously don’t think any of you are bitches, I love and appreciate you so much – AND as we celebrate truth, power, full expression, evolution, embodiment, healing, growth, leadership, creativity and more, let’s never lose our senses of humor!

This episode is a celebration, a reflection, an invocation for how we are moving forward. It’s an exploration, there is curiosity, there are inquiries for the future unfolding.

There is hope, wonder, joy, play and gratitude.

And of course, a whole lot of truth telling.

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What You’ll Hear:

5:21 Continuing a focus on the core themes of truth, values, priorities, healing, growth, leadership, creativity, and evolution
5:50 The concept, process, and importance of evolution
6:40 Discussion on healing and integration
7:30 How our work is a reflection of our experiences
8:24 Developing healthier ways to share online
9:44 The importance of questioning authority
10:44 Growing as we learn
12:20 Adding nuance to our interactions
14:00 Integrating values, priorities, and truths across different areas of life
17:50 The importance of being open to other perspectives
20:21 The difference between critical thinking and playing devil’s advocate
21:40 Using conversations in our relationships toward mutual respect and the higher good
23:09 Acknowledging something vs. focusing or overemphasizing
24:51 Letting go of judgement
25:54 The reality that some people don’t understand intimacy
27:50 The desire to personally engage with followers while keeping boundaries
30:17 How we respond to others often ties into other things that we have going on
30:55 We are not above reproach
33:17 The importance of effective conversations
37:01 Focusing on service
37:31 How “Freeing the Women” must mean pursuit of inclusiveness
38:22 Keeping the faith and hope as we move forward
39:53 The concept of sufficiency
41:17 The aim for the podcast to be useful for every phase: surviving, living, and thriving


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Wild Soul Movement: Power

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“We’re all constantly evolving.  We need spaces in which to do that without being reminded of who we used to be or being criticized for being different as we change.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“We better be changing our minds about stuff as we learn, as we evolve, as we wake up.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“This is how we integrate healing.  We talk about layers over time and as we peel back and we go beyond what’s on the surface we’re gonna’ hit the stuff that’s going to make us all uncomfortable sometimes.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“I’m constantly discovering how much I don’t know and I’m so grateful.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“When we talk about the integration and peeling back the layers over time there’s this honoring of your own divine timing.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“The truth always moves us forward eventually.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

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