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In Feb 2015, I did a 5-day symposium consisting of 25 interviews with powerful and inspiring women sharing their stories and advice for transcending life’s struggles, fears and doing it their own way. We got so much incredible feedback on the interviews, we decided to turn it into a podcast. At times during the interviews when you hear us refer to the series or interviews that have already been done, keep in mind these interviews have been repurposed and may not follow the original order.

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About Tricia Huffman:

Tricia Huffman, aka Your Joyologist, is a student of life and a teacher of living. While living out her first dream as a live sound engineer touring the world with Grammy Award winning artists, she saw firsthand that even these people who are living out their biggest dreams, with everything at their fingertips can be unhappy, unhealthy and uninspired. That we all need daily inspiration to keep living a life that we love, day in and day out. Thus, Your Joyologist was born to support and inspire everyone from those same artists to stay at home moms to implement a healthier lifestyle, cultivate a greater self love and keep you in integrity with who you want to be in the world.

In this episode, Tricia shares:

1. External vs internal feedback
2. How and why to stop shoulding on yourself
3. On going for big dreams and what happens when you get there

What You’ll Hear:

3:31 Being a woman in a male-dominated career field
7:43 How to respond calmly when your ego wants to combat
9:37 Tricia’s career transition – from sound engineer to Joyologist
16:36 Putting yourself first, even if you’re responsible for someone else
22:25 Navigating judgement and assumptions
29:38 Expressing love through fear
32:19 Having big dreams and listening to your heart
37:58 Eliminating the word “should”

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