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In Feb 2015, I did a 5-day symposium consisting of 25 interviews with powerful and inspiring women sharing their stories and advice for transcending life’s struggles, fears and doing it their own way. We got so much incredible feedback on the interviews, we decided to turn it into a podcast. At times during the interviews when you hear us refer to the series or interviews that have already been done, keep in mind these interviews have been repurposed and may not follow the original order.

Fun story about today’s podcast. When I was doing this first series of interviews, I had Tosha scheduled on a weekday morning at 9am. We were trying to connect on Skype but something was up with her computer and she couldn’t get the camera to work.

Knowing she lives in the Bay Area and that I was heading up there that coming weekend, I threw it out there to see if she was available to do the interview in person – and that’s what we ended up doing! Was so cool to meet her and get to spend some time together in addition to doing the interview.

Her book Outrageous Openness is one of those that I flip back through every now and again when I want to reconnect with myself and remember how easy it is to access the divinity within me.

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About Tosha Silver:

Tosha grew up in Pennsylvania thinking one day she would be a rabbi, a lawyer, or a weathergirl. But fate seemed to have other ideas. She graduated from Yale with a degree in English literature but along the way developed an unexpected passion for metaphysics and yogic philosophy. One way or another, whether teaching, writing, or doing private sessions, she’s spent the last thirty years helping people access the Divine Beloved within. That’s her biggest passion. She adores helping people access the Divine in deep, alive and authentic ways, without the usual dogma or jargon so common in this realm. Tosha especially loves the Universe’s unexpected and wild sense of humor. Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead, her first self-published book, gained a passionate audience around the world amongst people looking for fresh and vivid ways to open to the Divine. She’s thrilled that it was recently purchased by Atria Books who are bringing it to a wider audience. Most days she also writes on her author page on Facebook so come follow her there for content-rich material. She truly enjoys helping folks from all over know the love affair that is always going on inside and outside with the Beloved. The connection and guidance from the Inner Divine begins to take the lead when it is sincerely invited….by anyone. The Universe is a Divine party.

In this episode, Tosha shares:

1. How to create a personal relationship with the Divine.
2. Debunking popular “manifestation” theories.
3. Relating to religion and spirituality

What You’ll Hear:

2:29 The many forms of the goddess
7:33 How to find the authentic you
10:33 How to navigate the transition to openness with the Divine
16:23 Finding the Divine in the mundane
25:18 Manifestation + the Divine plan

Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver
Change Me Prayers by Tosha Silver

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