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About Kelly McNelis Senegor:

Kelly McNelis Senegor is the founder of Women For One, a destination for women who are ready and willing to make life happen. She travels the world as a speaker, teacher, and facilitator of workshops, helping others tap into lives powered by truth. It seems simple, doesn’t it – telling the truth? Well, in a world ready to judge at the click of a mouse, it’s a lot easier to create stories that keep us safe. But safety keeps us stalled, while the truth makes us nimble, powerful, and creative. Kelly’s dedication to truthtelling helps people in search of more to realize their own personal truths and to share their stories with the world. Through sharing, we find inspiration, community, and can create action that aligns our future with what we know it can be. With over 20 years of experience as a non-profit and small business consultant and trainer, Kelly has worked with governmental agencies; county, state, and national lawmakers and policymakers. She has helped some of the most powerful people in the country develop and implement strategies to streamline their businesses and work more effectively and successfully. She is excited to be one of the many voices behind Women For One, empowering generations of women around the world to build relationships, community, and the support structure they need to recognize and achieve their dreams. She finds her own daily inspiration in spending time with her husband and children in their home outside of Seattle, and is currently writing her first book.

In this episode, Kelly shares:

1. The value of sisterhood
2. The difference between codepency and intimacy
3. Honoring yourself without controlling others

What You’ll Hear:
3:52 Self-judgement and projecting onto others
7:58 Opening yourself up to receiving support + finding present moments
16:08 Letting go of codependency
22:20 Eroticism and the S Factor experience

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Sheila Kelly S Factor

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