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Observing, celebrating and performing rituals for Full and New moons is something I’ve been doing since 2013. I rarely miss a moon and these practices have allowed me to connect more deeply to myself, to nature, to the natural rhythms of my body and the cosmos. Women ask me all the time what specifically I do for these, in this podcast episode I share what I’ve learned, what I love to practice, and my favorite resources to help develop your own practices.

In this episode, I answer the following question:

What are rituals for the Full and New Moon?

What You’ll Hear:

3:55 Looking inward, intentions and the New (or dark) Moon
6:11 Releasing,  burning, and the Full Moon

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Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Super Powers And Create A Bloody Amazing Life With Lisa Lister
Mystic Mamma
Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild
Sacred Rebel Oracle by Alana Fairchild
Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Practice
Qoya New Moon Ritual

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