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Today’s guest on the podcast is Justine Musk – I’ve known Justine for years and anytime I get to read her blog, hear her speak or have a conversation with her feels like mind-expanding delight. She’s a deep thinker and provocative creator – listen closely to this one!

About Justine Musk:

Justine Musk writes about creativity, culture and self-discovery. I met Justine back in 2011 when we were in a mastermind together with Marie Forleo and just like her written word, her spoken words of feedback, creativity and ideas always blew me away. She is a deep thinker and someone you want to pay close attention to. Prepare to have your mind stimulated and your perspectives expanded. For more Justine, visit her blog.

In this episode, Justine shares:

1. The feminine role in the hero’s journey
2. Masculine and feminine as yin and yang
3. Our culture’s treatment of young girls

What You’ll Hear:

2:41 Expressing yourself through dancing and movement
6:52 Developing the skill of being present
10:35 Chanting and the cultural structures of religions
17:18 The hero’s journey in the feminine way
21:56 The masculine/feminine persona in culture
27:48 When teenage girls aren’t seen and understood
34:55 Our culture’s treatment of sexuality and girls’ bodies
39:52 Seeing masculine/feminine as yin and yang
49:30 Using boundaries to tell your story
53:30 Adornment as a way of enjoying your body’s movements

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