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I forget how long ago someone recommended I check out Ezzie Spencer’s work around astrology and the moon, but I instantly loved her vibe and simple yet powerful way of teaching. Ezzie is someone, like a lot of our show guests who I’ve orbited around online for a while but hadn’t connected with one on one until our interview, which makes it extra fun and special to be able to share that with you.

Since we get questions about the lunar cycle and how to connect with and work with lunar energy all the time, I hope you enjoy today’s deep dive with someone who specializes in the subject.

About Ezzie Spencer:

Dr. Ezzie Spencer trained as a lawyer and did her PhD in women’s wellbeing after sexual violence. She now teaches her personal practice called “Lunar Abundance” – how to cultivate inner peace and prosperity by following the moon’s cycle. You can find download a free lunar calendar at www.ezziespencer.com and follow Ezzie’s lunar updates in real time @ezziespencer on Instagram.

In this episode, Ezzie shares:

1. Using lunar tracking as a guidance system
2. Honoring your own pace
3. Empowerment within your emotional landscape

What You’ll Hear:

4:48 Connecting to your body as a gradual process
8:05 How Ezzie went from a lawyer to exploring lunar abundance
15:05 Emotional landscape and the moon as a mirror
20:19 The ways Ezzie created and layered the lunar practice with abundance
28:50 How the practice empowers emotional ownership within romantic partnership
35:44 Finding courage + moving at your own pace

Click here to watch/listen or scroll upward to listen only:

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Lunar Abundance Chart
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