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I say this when I introduce this wild soul woman in the interview, but Crecia is a super special member of the community. If there ever was an OG (Original Gangster) to Wild Soul Movement, it’s her. She’s done ever single session I’ve ever released, including the two beta groups, she’s been on dozens of calls with me over the last three years, AND she attended my Costa Rica retreat last November. It’s been such an honor to be invited into her journey and her evolution. Please enjoy her story!

About Crecia Cipriano:

Crecia Cipriano is an intuition-driven living coach and is utterly committed to helping people discover and uncover their deep desires and inner wisdom so that they can create and follow their own path to fuller joy, peace, and satisfaction. She believes to her core that we all deserve a life that truly thrives and blooms, and she thrills at the thought of helping you inhabit yours!

She listen with all her senses, questions intentionally, and holds the dreams and desires of those with whom she works safe and sacred, giving them the permission they may have needed to do the same. She considers herself equal parts intuitive guide, candid and curious explorer, steadfast vision holder, and tireless cheerleader; she works with people to help them recognize, pursue, and achieve the successes that matter most to them. As both mirror and magnifier, she reflects back to them their own inner wisdom so that it may be seen, felt, honored, and lived.

A few years ago, Crecia was stuck in a major rut; she couldn’t even begin to say what she really wanted for herself anymore. A couple years past a divorce and all the emotional and physical upheaval that goes along with it, she found herself going through motions without really recognizing herself in them; She was uninspired, unmotivated, and unsure of how to change it but desperate to do just that.

So she took small steps toward the things that brought her joy, the things that spoke to her, the things she’d always said she wanted.

She read and wrote and worked and reflected and got coached and simmered and explored and shared.

Crecia followed the breadcrumbs of what lit her up – in both excitement and understanding – and slowly found her way to this place where my soul speaks, and she listens.

In this episode, Crecia shares:

1. How finding your tribe might look different than you think
2. The ways she followed breadcrumbs that lead to a change in her path
3. The beauty of standing in uncertainty

What You’ll Hear:

3:39 How to cultivate a tribe, even if it’s not local
8:23 Crecia’s journey through divorce, following the breadcrumbs, and coming back into herself
14:26 The value of sitting in uncertainty and learning to trust yourself

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Wild Soul Movement Sample Video

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