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We’ve had several shows like this now, where I get to connect and go deeper with someone I’ve only met briefly in real life. This is a very action and results oriented conversation that also includes routines, rituals, self-care and discernment – so many of my favorite things! I admire and appreciate Natalie’s focus, drive, and unwavering commitment to creating herself, her dreams and helping others do the same. Enjoy!

About Natalie MacNeil:

Natalie MacNeil is an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, author of She Takes on the World and The Conquer Kit, and the Creator of

She Takes On The World is one of the top sites on the planet for entrepreneurial women. It was recognized by Forbes on “Top 10 Websites for Entrepreneurial Women” and was featured by ForbesWoman on “Top 100 Websites for Women.” She Takes on the World is also the 2013 recipient of “Website of the Year” at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Today, Natalie and her team at She Takes on the World are focused on transforming businesses around the world through The Conquer Club, a 12-month implementation incubator for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Natalie is frequently quoted and interviewed in the media. She has appeared in top media outlets like Glamour, People StyleWatch, Inc., Forbes, ForbesWoman, Wall Street Journal, CNN,, Globe and Mail, Mashable, and more.

In this episode, Natalie shares:

1. A visualization to call on the energy of an archetype
2. Mapping out a goal vs. tasking it out
3. How creating rituals and routines can actually save you more time

What You’ll Hear:

3:58 Finding the connection to your sacred essence
8:08 Embodying the feminine in the forms of deities and archetypes
13:39 The sacred art of mudras
22:42 How making the time for rituals and routines can actually help you save more time
29:44 Planning ahead, spontaneity, and how freedom comes from structure
40:50 Natalie’s must-reads + listening to audiobooks
43:59 Living into the hundreds + the wisdom of elders

Click here to watch/listen or scroll upward to listen only:

She Takes on the World TV
Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton
Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Qoya by Rochelle Shieck
A Course In Miracles by Marianne Williamson
Waking Up by Sounds True

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