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Y’all know what this is…it’s a CELEBRATION B—-!!!

I spent weeks thinking about what would be the most fun way to celebrate our 100th episode and honor all the time we’ve spent together virtually over the last almost year. As always, with Divine and perfect timing, I stumbled across the idea with plenty of time to pull it off the other week. My friend Susana Frioni, our guest for episodes nine and 99 did a recent show on her podcast where she revealed some personal, random, and fun information about herself.

So I popped into the Facebook group and asked you all what you want to know about me. Your questions were super fun and I answered most of them in depth on today’s show. There’s also some thank you’s, shout outs and very special announcements including how to order your copy of the Untame Yourself Book.

Thank you, thank you, thank you SO SO MUCH for being on this adventure with me. I love having these conversations and sharing them with you and as the watchers and listeners, you fuel the conversations with your questions, feedback and constant love notes.

Big, BIG love,

What You’ll Hear:

9:21 What I do in my down time
12:44 My hair-care tips
13:25 The things I do that fuse me with the most energy
15:15 What scares me the most
16:20 What I do to get my mojo back
20:03 Intentional unplugging and re-humaning
21:27 What a typical day of food and exercise for me looks like
24:59 How my friends and family respond to my work today
26:06 How I identify with spirituality
26:56 The kind of boss I am in business
28:54 A recent ungracious moment and how I handled it
34:07 My favorite foods, supplements, and essential oils

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Random facts about me – with Susana Frioni
Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck
The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
Natalie MacNeil On Rituals, Routines, And Goals

Card pulled in this episode:

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