I believe that spirituality should be one of the greatest wellsprings of pleasure and joy in our lives. In this episode, I’m sharing four things most people don’t understand about TRUE Purpose and Power and how our bodies know when there’s truth to something worth paying attention to.

I’m also sharing why I think it’s harmful for anyone to allow themselves to hate their body and how cultivating trust, respect, honor, and appreciation for our bodies creates natural energetic boundaries we could all benefit from. Where there’s systems and programming, it’s important to remember that we and our bodies are still sacred. I hope this episode will give you a few reasons to be kinder, gentler, and more loving toward your body as just one expression of your TRUE power and spark your curiosity for discovering more expressions, too.

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In episode 432 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(1:27) The Wise and Wild Self meditation, a free resource for tuning into TRUE Purpose and Power

(4:16) How paddleboarding and being in nature taps into the body, purpose, and aliveness

(10:53) The importance of specificity and how words have their own power and magnetism

(14:13) The first teaching – Logical sense is not superior to intuitive sense

(14:45) The second teaching – We are all multifaceted beings with unique and built in gifts and genius

(15:26) The third teaching – Heal what you need to heal, so you can treat and experience every aspect of yourself as sacred

(17:05) The fourth teaching  – Your body is a pathway, a portal and a temple, no matter the shape, size, “health” or ability

(22:55) Our body’s energetic boundaries of trust, respect, honor, and appreciation

(25:23) A chance to be mentored using the Wild Soul Liberation framework

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Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast: 

  • TRUE power and purpose are about what you came here to do in this life – what you agreed to long before you were a fertilized embryo in somebody’s womb.
  • If the concept of TRUE power and purpose, which reside in the soul and are known on many levels and in many dimensions beyond what the logical or rational mind can grasp resonates for you or piques your curiosity in a way that says, “Hey, I don’t fully understand this, but something in my bones knows there’s truth to it,” that’s something to pay attention to.
  • Your soul knows that your true power doesn’t come from what you own, how much money you make, your status and influence based on socioeconomic things, zip code address, or anything like that. True power and purpose are about what you came here to do.
  • Your body can be disappointing, it can have issues and you could feel let down by it sometimes, but it is still sacred. It can be your greatest source of pain and discomfort and it is still sacred. You are still sacred as well.

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Since 2013 I’ve been developing a body of work that helps women embody self-love, healing, and wholeness. We do this by focusing on the four levels of consciousness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

In practical terms, this looks like exploring tools and practices to help you tune into the deep wisdom of the body and the knowing of the heart, which I believe are gateways to our souls. Then we cultivate a new relationship with our minds that allows the mind to serve this wisdom and knowledge and soul connection, rather than override it, which is what many of us were taught.

If you’ve been doing self-help or spiritual development work for a while, these are the types of foundational things that often people overlook in pursuit of fancier concepts that often aren’t practical or sustainable. Here, we will focus on building these strong foundations so you can honestly and thoroughly embody self-love. If you’re feeling it, subscribe to the show, and leave us a review wherever you listen from. You can also keep up with show updates and community discussions on Instagram here.

Transcript for Episode 432 “Exploring TRUE Purpose and Power“:

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:00

TRUE Power and Purpose are about what you came here to do in this life, what you agreed to long before you were a fertilized embryo in somebody’s womb. And if you don’t believe in that, it’s fine as I will continue to repeat forever. And always, we don’t need to share beliefs. However, if the concept of TRUE Power and Purpose which reside in the soul, and are known on many levels, and in many dimensions beyond what the logical or rational mind can grasp resonates for you, or just piques your curiosity in a way that says, hey, I don’t fully understand this, but something in my bones knows there’s truth to it. That is something to pay attention to.

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:44

What’s up everybody? Welcome to episode number 432 of the Embodied podcast. I’m your host, Elizabeth DiAlto. And today we are getting into TRUE Purpose and Power. And if you’re a visual person, I want you to imagine in your brain that I have capitalized the letters TRUE T ru, e in front of Purpose and Power, because I really want to emphasize that true piece. And I’ll talk more about what I mean around that. And I’ll give you some deeper nuance and context for why I like really want to like punch in that true and put some extra emphasis on that. Especially because I know when people talk about purpose and power, those can be kind of nebulous terms, the race objective. And before I start getting all up into that stuff, I want to share a free resource with you for tuning into your TRUE Purpose and Power. It’s our wise and wild self meditation, and you could get it at untamed yourself.com forward slash free dash meditation, I like to describe this meditation as a resource for getting advice from your most qualified self. Because it’s great for tuning out external noise and distractions, and practicing deep inner listening. And one of the biggest parts of accessing your TRUE Power and Purpose is learning how to listen to and trust yourself, which isn’t something that comes naturally to most women. This is why practicing with things like the wise and wild self meditation can be so beneficial. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  02:06

And listen, if you’re somebody who’s been working on trusting yourself for many years, you’re still gonna get something out of this meditation because any practice you do around that is always going to reflect back to you, you know where you’re at with things. And when we talk about trusting ourselves, you know, there’s many different areas of life that require our trust. And some of us are way more trusting of ourselves in some areas than others. So you can set an intention or put a focus on using the meditation in the areas where you want to strengthen your trust. Or you could just do it in general, like whatever works for you. And in case you’re wondering why I call it your wise and wild self meditation. And not like a higher self meditation like a lot of other people do. It’s because a higher self implies that there’s also a lower self. And I’m just really not into anyone viewing themselves that way. It also feeds into one of my biggest pet peeves about modern spirituality, which is spiritual superiority. In the school of sacred embodiment, we’re about integrating our humanity with our divinity. We don’t separate body and soul or human and soul in our world, we honor and regard both with equal reverence. And I feel like I’ve mentioned that perhaps in like the last three or four podcasts, even when you’re being your shittiest self, you are still lovable, you’re still worthy, you’re still significant, you still matter. You still have gifts, you still have talents, you still have so much to share, and you’re worthy of all the things everybody else is and I just have just always found it more kind, loving, respectful and fun to tap into wisdom and wildness rather than some supposedly superior self. I also plays emphasize on fun, like imagine fun capitalized the same way I capitalized true at the beginning of the episode, because this is another one of my pet peeves about modern spirituality. Too many people take it and themselves way too seriously, our spirituality should be one of the greatest wellsprings of pleasure and joy in our lives. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  04:02

So this brings us to what I want to talk about today. The things that most people don’t understand about TRUE Purpose and Power. I have four, there’s four things. And also if I know some of you are energetically sensitive people, I started out my day. So amazingly, I’ve been getting back into paddleboarding. And there’s this really cool app, I should see if they want to sponsor the podcast because I’m about to give them a huge shout out. It’s called PADL. And it’s all over the state of Florida. I know they have it in New York too. I’m not sure where else they have it. But it’s kind of like city bike for paddle boards. You could just roll up, open the app, rent the board, take it hop in the water paddle, paddle paddle, bring it back when you bring it back. You can pay by the hour or you could do a membership and the membership is ridiculously inexpensive, which is so great. I rented a paddleboard several weeks ago with my friend down by me and South Beach. And even with a group on it was still like 60 bucks or 70 bucks for the hour. And with this app, I paid $30 a month and I could use a paddleboard for two hours a day, every single day. And I’m going like three or four times a week. So I’m really more than getting my money’s worth on that. But this morning in particular, like the water was clear and calm the sun, I like to go early before it gets too hot. And I was seeing like the sea life I saw a big manta ray. It’s been so amazing. Oh, and the other reason why it was so much more fun this morning. I got myself a little speaker. So I like pulled up like a Latin playlist. I’m like, blasting my music out on the water by myself. It reminded me a lot of when I was a personal trainer in New York City like over a decade ago, one of my favorite things would be being up before the city. I love 6am walking around Manhattan when barely anyone else was on the street yet. And I feel the same way about being out on the water here in Miami because once it gets to be like 1011 o’clock, like people are out on their boats, people are out on their jet skis, stuff starts to pick up and it gets busier. So when I get out there like seven or 8am and it’s just quiet and calm. There’s there’s all these cool birds even there’s little islands Miami has these like little islands like little picnic islands and stuff. So I like Park the paddleboard on one of the islands and you know, there’s birds and there’s a guano as I saw little hermit crab this morning. It’s just so I am like elated and overjoyed about that. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  06:24

And so I’m feeling very bubbly today and I felt like I needed to tell you because I don’t know I’m like borderline giddy right now just from like being outside and living my life. So it’s irrelevant though. I wasn’t just going on a fucking tangent because this is part of what taps me into my purpose and my power is being in my body feeling alive, feeling vibrant, feeling strong, being in nature. And one of the reasons this is bringing me so much joy is because there is a lot of lushness in Miami but Miami is also very, very developed. So to be out in nature in Miami, even being in the ocean, the whole entire freakin beach in Miami is backed up on either residential areas or tourist areas, right hotels, Airbnb is neighborhoods like there’s no there’s not a lot of just like raw, open, expansive nature here that isn’t backed right up on you know where people live or where people come to visit. This is something I do miss about the California coast. There’s just like a lot of raw nature, much more of that in California. So something that really taps me into my power is being able to feel like it might sound super corny generally if you want to but really like at one with nature that one with life in the world being out in the water. Whenever I go out if I go in the ocean or even if I’m paddleboarding here. You know, I say a prayer, I say thank you, like I talked to the angels and the spirits of the water. I asked for protection. And I give thanks for being allowed to like be in their territory, you know, because I feel like as humans, we tramps around all over everything all the time. Like we own the place. And we own none of this. I don’t even care if you have like a deed and your name is on a property somewhere like you still don’t really own that like legally by like manmade laws, sure you own your property, but like the shape doesn’t belong to us, that she belongs to the earth, and just being able to be out and about and in that so enlivening for me, right, like my life force, like, she feels so great. And so that is true power. Something I’ve always known intuitively about messaging and the like, is that there is a higher intelligence within everyone that knows and feels when something is for them, regardless of the language that anybody uses to describe it. And it’s funny because even that PDL app that I was just talking about their like website and their languaging and stuff, like it’s not that great.

Elizabeth DiAlto  08:54

But when I saw it, I was like, Oh, my God, this is for me, first of all, because I love paddleboarding. But that relates to anything. And I cannot tell you in my own world and the School of sacred embodiment, how many women have joined one of my offerings over the years, saying something like, I don’t even know what this is, I just know that I need it. And what’s wild is that those people often get the very most out of the things they join. Because they came into it trusting in something bigger. They did not come in with any like intense expectations or needs. They just felt the call felt the pull said yes, and came in this and similar experiences are pretty common when you operate in more mystical and spiritual realms, because there aren’t words for the transformation, the ripple effect, or how every tiny little thing in someone’s life might change right there. There aren’t words for all of it. It’s possible to speak about some of it. Some of the transformation and healing people might experience but it’s impossible to speak to all of them because even as we grow and heal, there, were always going to be aspects. We’re never even going to understand undercurrent we can’t see energetic resolution. actions that take place that we will never even realize took place, a phrase I often use to describe what I do, like I said earlier, is that I help people tap into their true capital T ru E TRUE Purpose and Power. Now, of course, marketing people who demand specificity will say things like no one knows what that means. What they don’t realize is that your soul absolutely knows what it means for you, those people might not know what it means, in their rational logical minds. And in fact, when someone is describing something, and you don’t get it, and you don’t feel interested, intrigued or curious, to learn more, or ask questions, or gain an understanding of what they mean, that’s usually a pretty good sign that it’s not for you. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  10:50

So specificity is an important thing. And at the same time, words, on their own have their own resonance and vibration and power and magnetism for the right people at the right time. So again, your soul knows that your true power doesn’t come from what you own how much money you make, your status and influence based on socioeconomic things, zip code address, or anything like that TRUE Power and Purpose are about what you came here to do. In this life, what you agreed to long before you were a fertilized embryo in somebody’s womb. And if you don’t believe in that, it’s fine, as I will continue to repeat forever. And always, we don’t need to share beliefs. We’re not dogmatic around here. However, if the concept of true power and purpose which reside in the soul, and are known on many levels, and in many dimensions beyond what the logical or rational mind can grasp, resonates for you, or just piques your curiosity in a way that says, hey, I don’t fully understand this. But something in my bones knows it’s true or knows there’s truth to it. That is something to pay attention to. Mystics and spiritual seekers engage with truth differently than folks who aren’t tuned in to the great mystery and aren’t curious about that. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  12:14

What’s up everybody quick break in the show here because I want to promote something I really, really love, really believe in and have been using for about four years now. And that is mighty networks. I moved my power program back in 2019, onto mighty networks, because I was tired of Facebook groups. And I was tired of like linking up the content on Kajabi, the group in Facebook and having people have to bounce around and log into so many different things. With mighty networks, I was able to put everything under one roof. And then in 2020, when I started the wild school sacred body membership, I was able to just add the membership in there. And now everything I do the entire school of sacred embodiment lives in mighty networks. Anytime I want to create a new course, add a new membership, do a free experience, or the recent free wild soul community that I added. It’s all under the same roof. It’s so amazing. What it kind of feels like doing is having my own like university campus, except it’s on the internet, right? Like when you come into my mighty networks, you can choose what building to go into and go into the membership or go into the course or go into a training. And you could just toggle back and forth between the things that you were a part of. And mighty networks is always improving, expanding, giving people more options. I’ve seen the platform grow and change and shift so much over just the last four years. And what I love more than anything is they are a community oriented and based platform. It is not a social media platform. So there are no ads, there are no algorithms. You just you can set yourself like what you want to see prioritized in your feed. There’s just there’s so many great things about it. I cannot say enough good things about mighty networks. So if you want to check it out, go to untamed yourself.com forward slash mighty for your own community and course creating needs and send me a message email us let us know if you join because I friggin love mighty networks so much.

Elizabeth DiAlto  14:13

So here’s the first thing that most people don’t realize about TRUE Purpose and Power. If you are a person working with the mysteries engaging with spirituality, something bigger like the unnameable God infinite intelligence, the universe, whatever the hell you want to call it. It’s very important that you don’t let people who don’t believe in or understand what you know to be true talk you out of it. logical sense is not superior to intuitive sense. They both have their uses and their value. The second thing is we are all multifaceted beings with unique and built in gifts and genius. We also accumulate wounds throughout our lives that will need to be addressed. None of us get to skip that part. Unfortunately, we might really try. We might Do things to protect ourselves, play it safe, we might be really hyper vigilant and controlling in all these efforts and attempts to not get hurt, but we’re all gonna fucking get hurt, we all do get hurt, we probably all are hurting about something on some level right now. What’s also true though, is that none of our parts are superior to any others, your gifts and your talents, your wounds and your weaknesses. Your body, your mind and your soul are all equally and incredibly sacred. The third thing most people don’t understand about TRUE Purpose and Power is that healing whatever you need to heal, so you can treat and experience every aspect of yourself as sacred is both part of everyone’s purpose. And one of the most powerful things you could possibly do. Most people, especially in the Western world, are programmed to believe that purpose is connected to productivity and making money, and that our power comes from achievement, status and accumulation. But that is not it. And when you place too much emphasis and attention on those things in your life, you actually miss out on so much more. I am not dismissing that those things matter, right. We need to pay our bills, we need to pay our rent, we need to have shelter, we’re not going to feel safe if we don’t have those things. But this is why I’m running a soulful prosperity workshop at the end of the month. This is why I even created a soulful prosperity framework because tuning into the four S’s which are sufficiency, what’s enough sustainability? What can I actually do in the long term, soulfulness, what is true to my soul. And then satisfaction was actually satisfying for me. If you address productivity, status accumulation, making money achievement, through the lens of those four S’s, that changes the whole entire game, our power resides in allowing ourselves to be fully human and fully divine. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  16:48

Our purpose is to let our souls take up more space in our lives, which means to us and express as many of the built in gifts and as much of the built in genius as possible. And more importantly, to do it in ways that benefit the collective not just ourselves. The fourth thing most people don’t understand about TRUE Purpose and Power is that your body is a pathway, a portal and a temple, no matter the shape, size, “health” or ability. And if you were reading this, I wrote health in quotes, I always do that, because it’s a very murky and subjective term, that a lot of people carry shame and judgment around it, which you can probably imagine, I’m out about that. And the shame and judgment largely comes from societal programming and conditioning that says, This is healthy, that’s unhealthy, this is good, that’s bad. And when you’re a woman in this society, it’s especially easy to forget that your body is a pathway, a portal at a temple. When you’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled or exhausted, you’re more likely to blame your body or feel betrayed by it than to honor it. And to that I’m a big like, not on my watch. Like no, I’m big no for that. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  17:56

A friend shared an article with me recently, where the writer was talking about how it’s okay to hate your body. I wildly disagree with this. And I get where the person was coming from the person was coming from wanting to combat this, like toxic body positivity movement. You know, I remember when that shit started, I don’t remember how many years ago it was. But it was like, Oh, this is cool. Like, we’re encouraging women to love their bodies, or feel good about their bodies. But like everything, the pendulum can swing so far in a direction that it becomes toxic, right? Anything in excess is going to be toxic. And so I disagree with encouraging people are saying it’s okay to hate your body, though. Because I fully agree that you don’t have to love your body, especially all the time. I don’t actually think that’s possible. But hate, especially using the word hate negates trust, respect, honor and appreciation. And I do fully believe that in order to thrive in this life, we do need to trust, respect, honor and appreciate our bodies. Again, not 24/7. But our primary orientation and relationship with our bodies needs to include trust, respect, honor and appreciation. If we’re going to thrive on any level in our lives, and this is an unpopular opinion in some circles, but call it a hill I would die on because our bodies do so much for us all the time. Even when it doesn’t do those things with consistency, or in the way that society says it should or the ways that we prefer it would that is not a reason to throw your arms up and say fine, I just gotta hate my body. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  19:34

It’s a reason to say these systems, and this programming fucking sucks. But my body is still sacred. Your body can be disappointing, it can have issues. You could feel let down by it sometimes, but it is still sacred. It can be your greatest source of pain and discomfort and it is still sacred. You are still sacred as well. There’s still trust, respect, honor and approval. creation available to you. Even when you’re feeling shitty about your body and feeling shitty about it doesn’t mean you have to hate it. I also want to address that you don’t even have to like your body to trust on a respected and appreciate it. And I have a feeling that if you do cultivate those things, though that when you do cultivate those things, you will end up liking it or at least appreciating it. And when I say appreciate, I don’t mean gaslight yourself into appreciating any hardships, illnesses, injuries, conditions or traumas. Right? You don’t have to be like, Oh, well, this is a blessing in disguise. You don’t have to do that shit. Unless it feels true to you. What I mean when I say appreciate it is appreciate it for what it does what it gives you access to the pleasurable or insightful things you experience because you have a body, the moments of connection, knowing and healing, the joy, the pain, the full spectrum of emotions, the aliveness, literally the life if you didn’t have a body, that would mean you are not alive. And as you can tell, I’m very passionate about this, especially as a mystic, none of any of who we are or what we experience, our gifts, creativity, talent and wisdom, our connections, relationships, loved ones, every single thing we feel any nourishment we receive from anything, food, water, vitamin supplements, the warmth of the sun, the tranquility of waves, crashing rain, a river running the relief of a cool breeze on a warm day, the smell of fresh cut grass, or jasmine or orange blossom or rosemary or lavender out in the wild, so many things would not be possible. Without a body, we only get to experience all of it because we are bodies. So how can we legitimize hating something that gives us life and lets us live life. Now, if you do hate your body, I’m not shaming you. I might be like wagging my finger at you. It’s very understandable why people especially women would hate their bodies. But I’m taking my wise and loving Auntie see right here and telling you to stop that crowd out the programming that tells you you should. That gives you reason to resist trusting, respecting, honoring and appreciating your body, grieve whatever you need to grieve, like not having the body you wish you had for any reason, whether it’s based on shape, size, look, feel health or something else. Women talk a lot about the things they want to change in the world. They fight against a lot of things. I’ve always been more into fighting for what I’d like to see in the world. And a shift from hating our bodies into trusting, respecting, honoring and appreciating our bodies is at the top of the list of things that I will fight for until the day I die. Not to mention, we are constantly teaching people how to treat us. So maybe you hate your body because you hate the male gaze where people’s nosy questions or comments about your body, think get some boundaries, baby, carry yourself like a person who trust respects honors and appreciates their body and you know what happens? Most people shut the fuck up about it. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  22:55

Like, this is a phenomenon I actually really love at Every Size I’ve ever been. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments, and a lot of blessings. But you know what I get very rarely cat calls and gross comments. Because there’s also a net, a natural energetic boundary that goes with trusting, respecting, honoring and appreciating your body, even on dating apps and in my DMs on social media. While a lot of women have horror stories of the messages that they get from men, I’ve had a few fresh ones over the years, but nothing like what I hear from other women. And this, as I already mentioned, is because trust, respect, honor and appreciation are an energetic boundary in and of themselves. And listen, building these things is not an overnight process. But when you have those things, you just don’t get the agitating comments, interactions, whatever that maybe you got previously, before you had that energetic boundary in place, even when men hit on me or even when men like would be cat calling. They’re usually saying like lovely and respectful things to me, not like really gross, yucky things, which again, we could talk all day about cat calling, or how people feel about being approached or whatever. I’m just noting for you under that guys are the adage of we teach people how to treat us that when you treat yourself and when you treat your body with that trust, respect, honor and appreciation, you will notice more people having trust, respect, honor and appreciation for you and your body, even if that means they just don’t say anything about it, or don’t feel like entitled or welcome or on whatever level to make comments about it. So if you’ve spent years hating or at war with your body, it obviously will take time to cultivate trust, respect, honor and appreciation. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  24:49

There’s good news though. You’re listening to a podcast called Embodied. So I have a ton of resources for you. I mentioned that wise and wild self meditation in the beginning of the episode. We also have a no The free download, which is our morning and evening rituals. And you can get that by going to untamed yourself.com, forward slash rituals. And if you want to go even deeper and really map your way into letting your soul take up more space in your life, and therefore living from your TRUE power and purpose, and this is important, and you identify as a mystic or spiritual seeker, get on the interest list for power 2023. I opened up applications for this on July 17. And you can get this at untamed yourself.com forward slash power Dash 2023 Dash interest. And what that is, is for full year, I’m going to mentor participants in power, using my wild soul liberation framework on how to let your soul take up more space in your life and live from your true power and purpose. And again, I know some people might hear a phrase like that true power and purpose and be like, that’s vague, what does even mean? Here’s the thing in power, you’re going to decide what it means for you, I actually can’t tell you, because I’m not you, I can certainly give you a bullet point list. And I promise there will be a list like that on the registration page on the application page when it opens up. But for the most part, this is why I say you’re going to map your way into letting your soul take up more space in your life and live from your true power and purpose. Because I can’t make the full map for you. I can give you the framework so that you can create your own map, I can hold the space in the container. For you to go on that journey. I could guide you along the way answer your questions give you tools and practices. But essentially you will be the one which by the way is an exercise of your power is the cultivation of your power. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  26:49

And of course, that is part of everyone’s life purpose, like I said earlier, to let your soul take up more space in your life. So we’re also going to define all of that on your terms, and show you how to revisit the framework throughout the rest of your life whenever you need it. Because as seasons and cycles shift, there’s always going to be new transitions, right things are always going to be coming and going. As you experience periods of expansion or loss or grief or growth, or big accomplishments. The wild celebration framework is built to support you through all things in all ways, which if you’ve never engaged with it before, that might sound like a huge promise. And I can understand why you’d be skeptical, especially if you’ve done online programs before or worked with coaches that made like really big promises, and then under delivered. But as I come up on 10 years now of using this framework, with 1000s of women all over the world, I can tell you, I’m not hyping it up. This is just how it works as well. Later this month, we’re kicking off a book club to see what we’re going to read together. Or to join us you can go to untamed yourself.com forward slash free Dash community. And if you want to get the show notes, I know I gave you a ton of links in this episode. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  28:01

So just a reminder, always, always always that if you go to untamed yourself.com forward slash links, any episodes I ever mentioned on the podcast, any links to things we have coming up like power or the soulful prosperity workshop are in September for our 10 year anniversary. I am launching the body love and reverence course along with a couple other things. Links to all the things no matter what time of year it is, or what Episode You’re listening to the podcast or if you’re listening to it in real time or not, will always be untamed yourself that comm forward slash links. So I hope you found some great excuses to be kinder gentler, more loving towards yourself, especially towards your body from this episode, as well as some different perspectives, different ways different angles from thinking about looking at feeling into an experiencing what power and purpose might be in your life. And that’s it for today. If you’re in the free wild soul community. There’s always a post on Monday when these episodes go up where you can come geek out on it. And if you’re listening in another time, you could always pop in there and find that post. Just type the episode name into the search bar in the community and mighty networks in it’ll come up because that’s super fun. It’s one thing to listen to these episodes. It’s another thing to come into the community and talk to us about it. No, have a chat, do some integration with some other people see and get the most out of it. All right, everyone. Thank you so so much for listening. We will be back next week.