In this episode, I am reflecting on Mary Magdalene Feast Day, my second favorite day of the year and how my curiosity for and connection with Mary Magdalene has provided me with gifts and messages that I take with me wherever I go. As always, when I share personally, it’s in case anyone listening might be able to find themselves in the stories or experiences or grab a useful or well-time insight or nugget.
I also share many books that have touched me in my journey to both understand and embody the wisdom of Mary Magdalene, and lastly, I announce details for my first retreat since 2015, the CHERISH retreat happening in the Fall of 2024 in Spain.

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In episode 434 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

In episode 434 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(1:16) Gratitude for offering participants in honor of Mary Magdalene Feast Day 

(3:36) An announcement for our first Cherish retreat since 2015

(6:04) A prayer read to Mary Magdalene 

(7:30) Where my interest in Mary Magdalene started 

(8:57) The connection and divine timing of specific information received 

(10:35) A 2016 trip and past life regression to explain the closeness to Mary Magdalene

(13:30) The message Mary Magdalene brought to Elizabeth

(18:53) Mary Magdalene’s deep unconditional love and immense compassion 

(20:21) A call to the Free Wild Soul Community: Let’s talk about unconditional love

(22:44) What we can learn from Mary Magdalene 

(29:08) The ways we can call on Mary Magdalene for different areas of lif

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Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast: 

  • And the biggest gift I was given that day, was hearing her for the first time, which would be the first time of many from then on. As I sat and prayed and poured my heart out to her, she told me, “There is nothing to fear ever again.”
  • One of the things I love the most about Mary Magdalene is energy and her message, “For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.” And I also like to say, “Hearts to feel” is true — like is real deal unconditional love, and immense compassion. 
  • And so for each of us, something we can learn from Mary Magdalene is how to be more compassionate, patient, even, and loving, not just with others, but also with ourselves. 
  • If you have healing to do around your relationships with women, whether you’re a woman or not, your relationships with other women or your relationships with the women in your life. You can call on Magdalene to help you with that.

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Transcript for Episode 434 “Post Mary Magdalene Feast Day Reflections 2023“:

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:00

I sat in her grotto at Saint balm, sweating after the long hike to get up there, crying my eyes out. Because I knew partly it was the closest I’d ever physically feel to her in this lifetime. and I both wanted to stay there forever, but also could barely handle it. And the biggest gift I was given that day, was hearing her for the first time, which would be the first time of many from then on. As I sat and prayed and poured my heart out to her. She told me, there is nothing to fear ever again. And it doesn’t mean I never feel fear anymore. But this has been one of the major reasons why ever since when I do feel fear, I just don’t give it too much airtime in my mind or my body. Indulging fear feels to me, like disrespecting the guidance, love and wisdom I received that day in her grotto. So I simply don’t do it.

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:57

Hello, everybody. Welcome to episode number 434 of the Embodied Podcast. I’m your host, Elizabeth DiAlto and today, even though it was all the way almost 10 days ago, at the time this episode is going live the damn recording it is just two days later. And I wanted to offer my post Mary Magdalene Feast Day reflections from this year. As many of you longtime listeners know, Mary Magdalene feast day is my second favorite day of the year, my first favorite day of the year, of course, being my birthday. And I’ve been doing something special in the business every year to honor Mary Magdalene Feast Day since 2016. So what is that 1617 1818 2122 23. So this was my eighth year of offering something in honor of with the energy of Mary Magdalene woven into it. And my two offerings were power 2023, which many of you have been hearing me talk about on the show for the last several episodes, as well as the soulful prosperity workshop. And both of those things went beautifully. And I’m super grateful for the people who applied for power, the people that were accepted that are joining the container, and the people who signed up for and attended the soulful prosperity workshop. So if you were in either or both of those groups of people, this is just a big shout out and a lot of love to you for participating in the joy of Mary Magdalene. Stay with me this year. And I also wrote a substack about it. And before I get into that, I want to tell you something else that’s coming up, that I’m super excited about that I made some decisions on since the last podcast episode. And that is where I’m going to be running my CHERISH retreat in 2024. I have not run like a full out retreat that wasn’t part of a teacher training since 2015. And as I was feeling into future offerings before we updated the website a couple of months ago, I was realizing that I don’t want to run any more online immersions for my self love framework. And even though I have a body love and reverence self study course, that I’m going to be releasing in September, around my 40th birthday and the 10 year anniversary celebration of the School of sacred embodiment. I really wanted to create a live in person experience where we could gather for self love and body love and reverence. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  01:02

And that is going to be the CHERISH retreat in 2024. And I’m gonna hold that retreat at a nature reserve retreat center in the Andalusia mountains in southern Spain, October 31, November 6 2024. It’s going to be five days six nights and include a local Hamam experience and a flamenco show. And as well, there will be some optional excursions in nature option to tour an olive oil factory and a winery. And one of the reasons I chose Spain for the location, especially southern Spain, which is one of my favorite regions in the whole entire world, not that I’ve been to the entire world, but I have been to a lot of places. And this region of Spain is a place I have returned to and love to return to. And it’s just so sensual on its own. And there’s just something old and deep and potent there for me. It also happens to be the region of Spain, where the alchemist part of the alchemist takes place before they get into the desert. For anyone who happens to be a fan of the book, The Alchemist as well. I actually wrote half of the guidebook for my wild soul Oracle deck when I was there the last time in 2017 While I was staying in Grenada, so I can’t wait to go back. I’m super excited about that. There is an interest list for that which you can add your name to at untamed forward slash retreat dash interest. And again, I’ll be releasing the details for that along with some early bird discounts and extended payment plan options in the month of September when I celebrate my 40th birthday, and the 10 year anniversary of the School of sacred embodiment. So let’s dive into my post a Mary Magdalene feast day, reflections this year, I’m going to take you through the sub stack, which some of you might have already read. But as I read it to you, I’m going to elaborate on some of the points that are just in ways that are easier to do, speaking and riffing, rather than in writing. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  05:35

And so first, I began the substack with a prayer that came to me one morning, last year in 2022, while I was sitting in the steam room, having a little chat with Mary Magdalene, and this is the prayer. If you’re in a place where you can like stop and pause, and maybe close your eyes and take a breath, and feel into your body, feel into your heart and ground yourself a little bit. To receive the Prayer. Please do that. And if not, if you’re like driving or doing something, don’t worry, doesn’t matter. Oh, beloved Magdalene, patroness of the Sacred Feminine mysteries, energy and wisdom, that desire to be liberated, felt and expressed within us, around us and between us. We are your kin, and we need you now. Bless us and guide us with your unending love and compassion. Show us what it is to live in surrender, acceptance, faith and allowance of what is and what wants to be, helped us to channel the highest and deepest callings of our souls. So that we may dismantle the inner oppressors that would have us hide and shrink away in shame or cowardice and the shadows of our own power. Help us to humbly embody all that we are in fullness and with reverence, so that we may serve all beings. And all that is from the infinite well of grace and light, that your memory constantly guides us to. As we hold you in our hearts, maybe remember you and be just as courageous with our choices always in prayer, devotion, and receptivity, amen. And so just some context, for those of you who haven’t heard me speak about Mary Magdalene before, my relationship with Mary Magdalene in this lifetime, began when I was very little, maybe four or five, it was Easter and the movie King of Kings was on at my grandparents house. And I remember even as a small child, noticing the difference between how the two Mary’s mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene were treated by the other characters. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  07:26

And I had an immediate curiosity about that. I wouldn’t give it too much thought again until 2012, though, actually, when I was reading a book by Megan Watterson called reveal, there’s only a brief mention of Mary Magdalene in that book, but I had a full body response to the mention of her name. And from then on, I became voracious for anything I can get my hands on about who she really was. Some of my favorite Magdalene books over the years have been the gospel of Mary Magdalene. And there’s several different versions of that. Another book called The meaning of Mary Magdalene, the Magdalene manuscripts, the Magdalene line trilogy, which is three books by Kathleen McGowan. I remember union and Mary Magdalene revealed. Now some of those books are more academic in nature, some are channeled, and some are fiction. The way I’ve always engaged with any text about Mary Magdalene is to notice what lights up in my heart as significant information or truth from my own personal relationship and connection with her. So I try my best not to cling to facts that are more distracting to the mind than useful in the heart, and especially around Mary Magdalene. A lot of facts again, I put that in air quotes are like, are they really facts, according to whom, oh, and I should also add to the list, the book that I read, I always try to read a Magdalene book, like the week of Mary Magdalene feast every year. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  08:50

And this is another fiction book. It’s called the moon under her feet. And I really enjoyed that. So in 2014, an acquaintance who writes books about Jesus times, reached out to Tommy, she saw me there. And she didn’t tell me who I was a name, but she described the role I played in the community. Now this, as you can imagine, for several reasons, was a lot for me to take in at the moment, mostly because of how it related to a project I was working on that she had no idea about. And if I were in fact, who she said I was in that lifetime, it would make a lot of sense why I was so passionate about what I was working on. So I didn’t claim to that piece of information too tightly. Were really over identify with it or anything like that. But it did feel very, like you can’t make this shit up. That That could be true, and the divine timing of the information being shared with me, and as well, because I had read the book, many lives, many masters by Brian Weiss, the year before, I was quite open and receptive to her share, again with a healthy dose of skepticism because I’m still in New Yorker, okay. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  09:57

Now, the most unendurable ask I have her share was that what she told me, connected on Something I had been experiencing without any significant way of explaining it for quite some time. So I chose to trust the way I felt about this particular thing, because it just felt so right. And so true to me. And during the creation process of the project I was working on, there were a lot of things that were emerging that I just knew, things that no one had ever taught me that I hadn’t trained in, and that I hadn’t studied. Then in 2016, with a trip on the books to the south of France to visit some historic Magdalene sites and towns. In her timeline after the crucifixion, including her Basilica and St. Maximilian and her Grotto and St. Boehm,

Elizabeth DiAlto  10:47

I began to feel this immense yearning and burning to understand why she had become so important to me, over the four years leading up to it, I just really wanted to know if possible, why I felt so close to her. And why I sometimes felt overcome by missing her as if she were a relative or a dear friend. So I did a past life regression. Now, I never share the full details of that experience with anyone because it was so tender and precious to me. And also, because it’s one of those things where aside from what I saw in the session, and the truth, I could feel in my heart, about who we were to each other. There is no way to provide like concrete proof. And I personally am just not interested in people skeptical responses, were weird projections. If I did share, which I’m sure some of you listening, who have just so distinctly and definitively connected with past lives. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  11:46

You can relate to this, it’s just something you don’t really share with everybody. Because you know, not everyone can handle the information is open to the information, or would just receive it and be like, cool, even if I don’t agree with you, I can accept that it feels extremely significant to you and honor that, like too many people honestly would just be like, cynical, skeptical assholes about it. And none of us need that energy on anything that feels super sacred to us. I will say this though, for the nosy folks. I was by no means like a main character in the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, as most people know it. So don’t worry, I’m not one of these people out here. Claiming to be like, Cleopatra or something. I think it’s funny. I’ve heard people talk about this before, how how many people are walking this earth claiming to be like these deeply important historical figures. And it’s like, well, we couldn’t all have been that person, everybody. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  12:46

So I do like to say that part like I was not again, I was not a main character. But I’ll also say that I’ll always appreciate that past life regression for resolving the question for me of why I felt this like visceral, inexplicable love knowing and closeness with Mary Magdalene, like, even greater than I have felt for any of my friends and family my entire life. And later that year, I went on my Magdalene pilgrimage. I sat in her grotto at St. Boehm sweating after the long hike to get up there, crying my eyes out. Because I knew partly it was the closest I’d ever physically feel to her in this lifetime. and I both wanted to stay there forever, but also could barely handle it. And the biggest gift I was given that day, was hearing her for the first time, which would be the first time of many from then on. As I sat and prayed and poured my heart out to her, she told me, there is nothing to fear ever again. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  13:43

And that’s been such a massive piece of guidance and wisdom that I’ve returned to over and over again for the last coming up on seven years now. And it doesn’t mean I never feel fear anymore. But this has been one of the major reasons why ever since when I do feel fear, I just don’t give it too much airtime in my mind or my body. Indulging fear feels to me, like disrespecting the guidance, love and wisdom I received that day in her grotto. So I simply don’t do it. What’s up everybody quick break in the show here because I want to promote something I really, really love, really believe in and have been using for about four years now. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  14:23

And that is mighty networks. I moved my power program back in 2019 onto mighty networks because I was tired of Facebook groups. And I was tired of like linking up the content on Kajabi the group in Facebook and having people have to bounce around and log into so many different things. With mighty networks, I was able to put everything under one roof. And then in 2020 When I started the wild soul sacred body membership, I was able to just add the membership in there and now everything I do the entire school of sacred embodiment lives in mighty networks anytime I want to create a new course add a new membership. Do who have free experience or the recent free wild full community that I added, it’s all under the same roof. It’s so amazing what it kind of feels like me is having my own like university campus, except it’s on the internet, right? Like when you come into my mighty networks, you can choose what building to go into and go into the membership or go into the course or go into a training. And you could just toggle back and forth between the things that you were a part of. And mighty networks is always improving, expanding, giving people more options. I’ve seen the platform grow and change and shift so much over just the last four years. And what I love more than anything is they are a community oriented and based platform. It is not a social media platform. So there are no ads. There are no algorithms you can set yourself like what you want to see prioritized in your feed. There’s so many great things about it. I cannot say enough good things about mighty networks. So if you want to check it out, go to untamed forward slash mighty for your own community and course creating needs and send me a message email us let us know if you join because I friggin love mighty network so much.

Elizabeth DiAlto  16:14

And I also don’t remember anymore if it was later that same day, or a few days later, that I got to stand on the shore at Sainte Marie de la Mer, the final destination of my pilgrimage. It is said that Mary Magdalene arrived there on a ship without a sail after fleeing Israel to escape persecution after the crucifixion. And I stood there and also wept as I imagined the grief of losing her beloved, her family, her home, and almost everything she’d ever known or cherished up until that point in one fell swoop and having to flee to a foreign lands, but doing so with immense grace and acceptance, rather than fear, as was her way. And there have been many developments in my story connection and ongoing relationship with Mary Magdalene. In the almost seven years since that trip, I maybe I’ll write about those another time, or make a podcast about them another time. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  17:03

But for now, I want to end my portion of the story here and move on to a conversation about how you can connect with Mary Magdalene if you ever have a desire to do so. But also some of my as I mentioned, and as is the title of this podcast episode, host Mary Magdalene feast day, reflections this year. So one of the things, some of the biggest energies that are core to the teachings the true way of love the true teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and something I really appreciate about Megan Watterson, who was the author of Mary Magdalene revealed and also has a new Mary Magdalene Oracle deck. I love the way Megan who is a divinity scholar and a theologian breaks down the gospel of Mary Magdalene, which includes some of the original, she calls it the Christ movement, or ancient Christianity, which is basically the Christianity that existed before the patriarchal governing body of Christianity came to be right so it’s more like the original the untainted, unedited, unpatriotic alized, deeply loving teachings of Jesus. Its love, compassion, Grace, forgiveness, and courage. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  18:27

And the reason I offer Megan Watterson and some of the books I named earlier, as resources is because I’ve never been one really to preach or teach the details of Mary Magdalene gospel or her life. Because that’s never felt like what I meant to share regarding her legacy. Rather, I’ve always felt that my calling is just to share my love for her, my experiences with her and invite other people to have their own if they feel so compelled. One of the things I love the most about Mary Magdalene is energy and her message, ‘For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.’ And I also like to say, ‘Hearts to feel’ is true — like is real deal unconditional love, and immense compassion. And I think as humans, I mean, one of the big paradoxical questions of our existence, in my estimation and opinion, is whether or not humans are actually capable of unconditional love. I notice it’s much easier with pets, right animals and children. Because we don’t really have anything to hold against animals and children. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  19:38

Right so our hearts are more open. And we can see past their transgressions because they just don’t have a consciousness yet that warrants blame. Or perhaps in the in the case of animals don’t have a consciousness at all that could ever warrant blame. And so I wonder Are we capable of unconditional love, but I also have experienced moments of unconditional love. So I sometimes wonder if perhaps we are, but it’s not like a sustainable extendable thing. And this is something if you’re in the free wild soul community on mighty networks, let’s definitely have a conversation about this. If you have opinions, or thoughts or experiences of unconditional love, I think we are certainly all capable of immense compassion, and immense empathy, right, like being able to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, and try to see things through other people’s experiences, I really believe in that, as well. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  20:37

There’s just so much suffering in the world now more than ever, perhaps, a because there are more people than ever, right. So that just multiplies the suffering. But it also be because so many people are so disconnected from their souls, and so disconnected from their Creator. So a lot of people are really just lost, and they’re in a lot of pain, and it’s overwhelming. And I think when we’re lost in pain, or overwhelmed, accessing unconditional love, or immense compassion becomes harder, if not impossible, and it’s overwhelming to be lost or in pain. It’s overwhelming also to hold space for people who are lost or in pain, certainly overwhelming to be both. And some of you are both right. And then on top of that, we all have our own stuff. So there are a lot of controversial and challenging conversations about what trauma is and what it is not. Some people find it useful to talk about big T and little T trauma. We can also take the word trauma out of it and just call all of its suffering. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  21:32

And again, I’m just speaking to how people are in pain, how people don’t feel love to people feel alone, how people feel abandoned, rejected, like they’re not good enough. So many of these things that people feel are what drive a lot of the harmful behavior in the world. And again, what I think makes it very challenging, if not impossible, at times, to access, unconditional love or immense compassion, which is one of the reasons why I love Grace so much. Because when we call upon grace, we’re really calling upon the Divine Right, we’re not even calling upon our own souls, above our own souls beyond our own souls. And we learn this from the teachings of Mary Magdalene, there’s grace, there’s a force to lean into, to let run through us that can help us come from a more soulful place, and a less ego driven place. These are really big teachings in Mary Magdalene is gospel, to really integrate that being, the word is Anthropo, most fully human and fully divine. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  22:44

And so for each of us, something we can learn from Mary Magdalene is how to be more compassionate, patient, even, and loving, not just with others, but also with ourselves. And this doesn’t mean we need to give anything our time, energy or attention, doesn’t mean we need to give everything are time, energy or attention. But it does mean that we can forgive and let go with grace. I think another common misconception when people say unconditional love or compassion, is people think that means we have to sacrifice ourselves to accommodate people who are unwell or unhealed. Or, and I’m going to be, I want you to be discerning when you hear me say this phrase, because there’s I just can’t find better words for it. But just worse off than we are. People have funny ways at looking at folks who they perceive to be or who, like very measurably are worse off than they are. Often they’ll pity people, rather than again, just holding them in esteem and dignity, but with compassion and empathy for what they’re going through. And there are some like New Age teachings that I really can’t stand that I really want the things I love about the gospel, Mary Magdalene is it really counters this because it really is bringing into the fold people’s entire humanity and their entire divinity and integrating them simultaneously. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  24:12

Rather than blaming people for positions they find themselves in, throughout the course of their life because, like they manifested it, or something like that, right? Life is life. And it happens and it happens to everybody. No matter how much how devout you are, how pious you are a mystical you are, how seasoned of a spiritual seeker you are, how often you pray or meditate or anything like that. how positive you are, how often you complaint, like, that’s just not necessarily what determines what’s happening to you. as well. There’s also this very important thing to acknowledge that if people are being abusive or manipulative, and again, a lot of people do those things without even realizing they’re doing them. That’s just where they’re at. We don’t have to internalize that. We don’t have to take it on and we don’t have to tolerate it. We could be kind, we could be as kind as possible. And we could be as compassionate as possible, without necessarily being nice or polite. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  25:18

You know, one of my favorite references from the Bible is the story about Jesus flipping the tables in the temple. I’m like, Listen, if Jesus could flip a table once in a while, so can I, so can you. And I’m bringing this up, because people forget sometimes that the most compassionate thing we could do, for everyone involved here and there is walk away or remove ourselves from a toxic situation. You know, many of us have heard that teaching to turn the other cheek. And that doesn’t necessarily mean continue to take abuse, it actually just means bringing generosity, right, to challenging situations with people, like giving them the benefit of the doubt, until you have no more benefit of the doubt to give. And we can all practice lovingly handling people’s nonsense.

Elizabeth DiAlto  26:16

And giving it back to them right not taking it on, so that they will either deal with it or not. And in some cases, that’s the most loving and compassionate thing we could do. When we continuously take on other people’s stuff, we interfere with their own learning and healing around how to deal with it. And when we enable people in that way, they keep up with their nonsense and never learn how to do better, which means never get to have the deeper, more loving, supportive and reciprocal connections, we all crave and desire, there’s a part of Mary Magdalene is gospel. There’s a couple actually, where she has interactions with some of the male disciples who you know, to put it very simply in in laymen terms are like really butthurt that Jesus shared teachings with her that he didn’t share with them, because she was a woman. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  27:01

And what I love about this is in a very beautiful loving way. Mary Magdalene called them to their own attention, shared her own heart, but didn’t take their shit. There was no good girl, people pleasing in Mary Magdalene is response to those things. And to me, that’s the embodiment. That’s the example of how she did what I was just talking about. We get to love everything and everyone enough to believe in people’s healing, and tend to our own needs simultaneously. So a few other things that Mary Magdalene is energy is really about unconditional love and compassion, but also heaven on earth, being in your body, getting out of your head, and letting your soul take up more space in your life. And you might notice those are very similar to the core components of the body of work at the school of sacred embodiment. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  27:53

And so this is where I’m going to remind you I told you, me and her have been tight for a while, winky face. And, again, Mary Magdalene also represents immense courage, absolutely immense courage, through her story through how she lived out her days after the crucifixion, and how she was a female disciple. In a very male dominated time, known as the apostle of apostles now, in modern times, which is an appropriate, appropriate title. Because patriarchy as you know, it goes way back. And how Mary loved anyway, which we see in her gospel is so amazing. She was and still is a very powerful and potent being. So if you’re interested in connecting with her or deepening your relationship with her, consider in your own life, where you suffering or how you tend to suffer. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  28:42

If you could use a Patronus, a guide and some really loving, healing support and energy. Consider connecting with Mary Magdalene. If you have people in your life that are suffering, and that’s hard for you to be with and deal with and support. You can invoke Mary Magdalene to help you be with them, in whatever way is going to be best for all parties involved, without sacrificing yourself. If there’s something you’re expanding, stepping into or feeling called towards right now, and you need the courage to continue taking action. Consider invoking Mary Magdalene to bolster your courage. And as a woman, if you are a woman, consider inviting her into help you remember the immense power of sacredness, magic and medicine it is to be a woman anytime in history, and now being a particularly intense and important time. If you’re not a woman, she’s a wonderful guide to help you integrate your feminine energy. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  29:29

We all have feminine and masculine energy. And I know some people don’t like the gender terms, so call the energy and relate to it however you want. But remember, you can invoke Magdalene to help you integrate it. If you have healing to do around your relationships with women, whether you’re a woman or not, your relationships with other women or your relationships with the women in your life, whether that’s friends, romantic partners or family members. You can call on Magdalene to help you with that. If you want to do any rituals to invite Mary Magdalene in any time write her feast day which is july two The second is a particularly potent time of year to invoke Mary Magdalene because a lot of people’s energy is focused on her during that time, but there’s there’s no best time. Right? If you’re listening to this today, and you’re like, oh, I want some more of this Mary Magdalene energy like, Get started now, right? Go online and check out her books. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  30:25

There’s a couple of Mary Magdalene oracle decks by a few different people. See what resonates for you. Just start praying to her, you can use my prayer from the beginning of this episode. You can also get the show notes and untamed forward slash podcast if you want to see it in writing in the transcripts. Or you could visit Elizabeth D If you want to see it. I wrote it out in the sub stack, where you can make your own prayer you could just start talking to her. And they promise you if you open up to her, she will come for you in amazing, amazing ways. And if you do and again, you’re in the free world school community. I would love love love to hear about your Magdalene experiences. I never get tired of talking about her. So thank you so much for listening today. Whenever I talk about Mary Magdalene, I always get messages from people letting me know they were moved, or touched or inspired. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  31:19

And I’m always so glad anytime I can either introduce or remind someone to or about her incredible ever present ever loving, courageous, compassionate, faithful and graceful energy. As always, shownotes can be found at untie forward slash podcasts. And links to anything that we’ve got going on in the school of sacred embodiment can be found at Thank you so much for listening. We will be back next week.