In this episode, I am joined by the School of Sacred Embodiment’s community manager, and 1/2 of our two person Dream Team, the loving and incredibly tender-hearted Marjolaine Millette. We discuss Marjolaine’s transformation following the Wild Soul Liberation framework, and how calling off a wedding, plus navigating emotions around grief and death, allowed her to honor all parts of herself and connect with the divine in a deeper, more intentional way. 

We also discuss the practice of wild dreaming as a way to expand your imagination, recognize, and dismiss the limitations “adulting” puts on us so that you can be more loving and have more access to your deepest, most honest truths.

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In episode 433 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(0:35) Introduction to Marjolaine, the School of Sacred Embodiment’s community manager

(1:24) How the School of Sacred Embodiment’s framework transformed Marjolaine’s life

(3:29) The Soulful Prosperity Workshop happening on July 22 

(4:51) How Marjoliane found the Embodied podcast and the Wild Soul Liberation Community

(11:07) An experience with expressing emotions and grief on a plane

(14:36) How the choice to live your life can feel like a paradox between life and death

(30:00) How finding community helped Marjolaine commune deeper with the divine 

(39:44) Marjolaine’s relationship to truth and compromising 

(45:02) How being a community manager is a reflection of Marjolaine’s thoughtfulness and care(50:00) If you should follow the call and submit an application to Power 2023

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Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast: 

  • Trust is the way of being right there. Pros and cons list, talking to 35 people about it, going into the psychic and the reader and the and the pulling cards. My body knows, my soul knows.
  • Wild dreaming is that practice of dismissing that limitation that so many of us have taken on. It lets you see things beyond the limitations that the world that systems like domination, oppression, supremacy put on all of us. 
  • This is a big part of healing codependency — being able to allow other people to have their own experiences without trying to save them from their own discomfort, without taking on other people’s burdens or responsibilities. 
  • One of my issues in my business the last decade is that I burned people out (and not on purpose). This one here, she can freakin’ run with me, which is the best.
  • Surrender is the opposite of control. It’s trust — but in terms of trying to control things in your life and being able to actually surrender them, and what and how you surrender.

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Transcript for Episode 433 “Wild Soul Liberation + Dream Team Chat“:

Community Manager Marjolaine  00:00

It was the receptivity. I mean, I think about like you mentioned, like my husband, I fell in love with him and he came into my life. Three months after calling off my wedding. I was with him the day that my wedding was supposed to be. And it was this decision. I felt like this decision to let myself love and be loved.

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:35

Hello, everybody, welcome to episode number 433. Of the Embodied podcast. It’s a special day. We don’t publish the show on YouTube anymore. But there is a video for this one because I have a guest, Miss Marjolaine who is our incredible community manager at the School of Sacred Embodiment, who is also we always forget was it 2015 or 2016.

Community Manager Marjolaine  01:16

2016 is the first program I think I found your podcast in 2013.

Elizabeth DiAlto  01:24

And I invited Marjolaine to come on today. Because on the day that this interview wasn’t really an interview, we’re just chatting, but goes live. It’s July 17 2023. And we just opened up applications for power 2023. And Power is the iterated name of my very original wildstyle movement program that I started running in 2013. Started beta testing in 2013. And Module One has been through the framework several times. And it’s just been so amazing. So there’s like a couple different threads we want to pull today. I want you to share some of your origin story. And I really want to hear over the years how specifically the wild soul liberation framework, surrender, release, trust receptivity, while dreaming and desire, love truth, what it has done for you in your life, because you’re like, not the person I met. Like, it’s actually one thing I love about it so much. And it was so long ago and obviously, you know, I say this with love, but like, you’re a disaster. blinked like that. So was there right? You’re that big ass heart that we all know and love. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  03:29

Some of you how much I cry, Marjolaine cries more than me. Like, we had a joke. When we have our team meetings. We’re like, who’s gonna cry parts? Whether it’s tears of joy, tears of grief. We’ve both gone through. We’ve walked some big grief journeys together this year. And then there’s also just the aspect of getting to like, do business and work together in a way. That is, it’s not even that it’s unconventional, but it’s just soulful, right? Like we also this weekend, if you’re listening to this in real time, have our soulful prosperity workshop happening on July 22. And the soulful prosperity framework is sufficiency, sustainability, soulfulness, and satisfaction. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  04:12

And we embody the shit out of that in our working relationship. And it’s really beautiful. And we’ll talk about that too. Specifically Marjolaine served for the most part as her dad’s death doula this year. And, for me, it was one of the greatest honors of my life to just get to be just in your corner. Through that experience. It was the most dignified, loving, beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, in terms of how people relate to death and dying. So there’s so many things here, but let us start with your origin story. So remember, you found us on the podcast, right?

Community Manager Marjolaine  04:51

I found you on the podcast. I’m just gonna take a breath here because this also like being here. Hey, hello. You’re listening to me on the podcast. Watch. Like, just think about where my life has taken me where I’ve taken me where my soul has led me to be here right now, how I didn’t think about tissues near me. Oh, my goodness. So we need to hit pause, monkey No, it’s all good. You know, I let those fall, moisturize my face, our hair shirts.

Community Manager Marjolaine  05:31

The Marjolaine and 2015 who came across your podcast actually had to pull over on the side of the road, at one point listening, because you and your guests at that time were speaking truth in a way that I’d never heard someone do before. It was a permission slip. I didn’t know I needed at the time. At that time, I had called off a wedding. After seven years of being together, it was like I woke up one day and there’s, I think we all know there’s so many things that lead to that moment. But that particular moment was like, Who Who do I want to be versus who have I been told I’m supposed to be. And in being honest with myself at that time, I really feel like I blew up my life. And I blew it up in the hardest way. But also, it felt powerful at the same time. But I didn’t have anyone around me in my I don’t want to say physical world at the time. That let me know it was okay. That I’ve been saying the call up a wedding to a high school best friend. And then shortly after that, actually, my stepmom had been diagnosed with cancer, it was a diagnosis that meant at the end, she would die. And when I moved through that, well, my whole life was exploding. I let that be a focal point for me as a reminder that we all die. And how do I want to live? How do I want to move through my days and do it with no regrets. And my stepmom died in a very short period of time, it was six months to the day of her diagnosis. And I remember even at her celebration of life, I thanked her for showing me that on the other side of death is life. And on the other side of life is death. It was like this paradoxal moment in my life where it just gave me this permission to move forward into trusting myself. But I didn’t know what that looked like. And so when that podcast came, and I heard you speaking and I was like, Who is this person? And how do I learn more?

Community Manager Marjolaine  07:47

That’s when I joined actually the free community at the time was on Facebook. And I got to immerse myself in a world of other humans courageously exploring the truth for themselves. And it was there that I started to like, really listen to the threads of my own truth and decipher between what really society at large had been teaching me. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  08:14

Yeah, I love this. So let’s go part by part for the framework. It may be almost like a before and after, right? Like, you don’t love before and after photos. But before and after, who I was before this way was after surrender. What was your relationship, because when we talk about when we teach surrender, one of the things we often talk about is surrender is the opposite of control. Right? So it’s trust, but in terms of trying to control things in your life and being able to actually surrender them and what and how you surrender things to what’s the before and after look like on that for you. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  08:50

I think it’s quite fascinating. And of course, that I can directly correlate this to my mother dying, and then my father now dying, who I was before and who I was after. And I remember when that diagnosis came through with my mom that it was like I felt myself reaching, clinging, holding on to so tight what I didn’t want to be true. Like it was like hold on wait, stop. It was a panic, and that my father’s diagnosis came a little bit later before my personal knowing was actually interesting. On the flight home for my sacred embodiment, specialist graduation, we had gotten the CT scan results and I read them and I knew and I sat there and I breathed and I rooted myself in even though I was flying high in the sky. It was like I could feel myself in the stars and of the earth. I could feel this like blossoming spring of life and what I was leading and who I was, and like this winter of knowing what was coming in my life and my father’s was, I want to say exquisite. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  10:09

It was it was exquisite to watch you go through it and how you really did doula him through the process. So we could have the most dignified honoring and personal experience ever, without anybody getting in the way that he wanted, which I think this relates to the next part of the framework, which is release how, as a person letting go and holding on before and after.

Community Manager Marjolaine  10:35

When it came to before, it was like I wasn’t, I didn’t allow myself to have my own emotions. It was like there was so much happening outside of me that it was like, like a visual that comes to me, it’s almost like I closed this trapdoor kind of like, well, I’m not dying. So this isn’t my experience. And this is her experience. And I kind of put myself almost to the side. And also wouldn’t really let anyone in at that time. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  11:07

When that diagnosis came through, I befriended the guy sitting next to me on the airplane. And I took a deep breath grounded, and I literally just turned him knowing the exchange that we’d had that I could just be like, Hey, I just learned that my dad has a diagnosis. And I’m going to cry here. And I’m just having a moment. And I’d love to be witnessed in that. You never told me that point. There’s so many things, how do you tell all the intricacies? Yeah. But you know, like, it was that moment of like I wanted to be witnessed, and I let myself cry, and I let myself be in it. But also, even in this process. Now, there’s differences. My mum and dad were wildly different in their own lives and their deaths as well. She had just retired and there was a lot of life that she had wanted to live and a grand baby that had just been born. But she hadn’t wanted to talk about it, there was never a real conversation about it. And when it came to my dad, he was very open about what he was experiencing and what he was moving through. But I really let myself be in the emotion be in the feeling be in the letting go of all that wasn’t mine to hold. And recognizing that there were things for me to hold, and that it was okay to let that go. Like I would let myself cry all the way to my dad’s house. Collect myself and ground myself and still go in and then get to hug him. But I was having my own emotions. And then even towards the end, I did have a moment where I burst out crying with him. And I just said I did I said Is this okay? Because it was about managing his emotions and honoring that but managing my own. And he said, have baby asked me, let’s don’t ask for permission to cry.

Community Manager Marjolaine  12:58

You know, and he hugged me. And he just said, think about all the people that don’t get the opportunity to have this. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  13:05

You have talked about grounding yourself a couple of times, because I know you were a BodyTalk practitioner before you got into our world, right? So even like having some awareness around like energy work and embodiment practices before you came. What’s the before and after like on that?

Community Manager Marjolaine  13:23

Well, it’s actually interesting to say because I did find Body Talk around the time that Rita had passed away. And at the same time, I also went in to the power of positive thinking and Abraham Hicks and all of the things that were very — I want to say outside of my body — it was very up and out. It wasn’t until I experienced wild soul movement for the first time that I could connect the to my body that can connect that soul, that spirit that oneness and like oh, right, this right here, this beating heart. This is the home of that. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  14:06

Which is again, perfect segue the next part of the framework is trust. It’s a series of podcasts about this but what some before and after on trust for you because I know also in the meantime, you then met your future husband. You had other family things happen. Some car accidents, some actual body pain and challenges and chronic things. Yeah. What was the trust experience like trust? 

Community Manager Marjolaine  14:36

At the time when I was first going into it? It always got to the point where like, I had no choice but to trust. Like it was like, alright, it’s here. So let’s go with it. That makes any sense. Like even the calling off the wedding, for example. It was just like, it felt like life or death. For me actually at the time. Like it was like I choose this path. I wasn’t choosing to really live my life. And so it felt like there was a greater distinction between the two. And now as I’ve moved through the framework and being supported by community, and try it on for size, it’s like they’re, they’re side by side, this life and death, this paradox, the trust of myself, I’ve continued to show myself even like that first initial, really, I didn’t realize how badass it was to call for wedding. I had no idea. It just felt like that was what I was supposed to do. Later. Yeah. Like, like I’ve even had people be like, Oh, I wish I’d done that.

Elizabeth DiAlto  15:45

I will tell you, back in my personal trainer days, I’ll actually never forget this. The first time anyone ever said this to me, I was still a personal trainer, I had a client who I would see like three times a week, I lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, she was several years older than me. And I remember her talking about standing at the aisle, ready to walk down on the day of her wedding and knowing that she should not be doing it. And then over the years in so many different contexts, whether it’s private clients, Akashic records, readings, people or weekend workshops, or untamed yourself weekends, I have heard that from so many people that they knew they shouldn’t. And it’s wild, how many people the moment is standing there, it’s like they already knew. But in the moment of like, standing there, the music starts playing, and they’re about to walk down the aisle, and they’re like, I guess I gotta go. So wait, and not let yourself get to that, which again, we could talk about divine orchestration all day, and all the things that needed to happen. And some of these people go on to have kids and those kids need it. Wow, that like, you know, so if you’re someone listening to this, like, fuck, that was me, like, no shave. I just happened to make the decision the week before we sent out the invitation. So that was slightly.

Community Manager Marjolaine  17:06

But again, it was like that, it was such a bigger scale decision. And now this trust that feels more subtle, like, it’s just here I am. And no matter where I go, or what I do, there I am, like, I got myself, I’m always going to be okay. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  17:28

I love this point that you’re alluding to here, because I also find this and even in the last few years where I’ve had to make some major life decisions. It just is not a super big deal anymore. Because trust is the way of being right there. Isn’t this like hemming and hawing back and forth? Pros and cons list talking to 35 people about it, like, go into the psychic and the reader and the this and the that and the pulling cards, it’s just like, my body knows, like, my soul knows. And it’s frigging telling me totally. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  18:00

So after trust in the wilds deliberation framework, which is what the power program, the whole thing is built around this framework. There is receptivity and your ability to receive even like what you said about looking to the stranger next to you on the plane being like, Hi, I just found out my dad’s gonna die. I’m gonna cry now. I would like to be witnessed. That is bad. Like, I can’t say that I would do that. Sometimes some of the things you’ve shared, especially as you went through the experience with your dad, and the support you were asking for and stuff. I was like, she’s blowing me out of the water. Not that it’s like a competition or anything like that. But I’ve just been like, Oh, that is a stretch, like, right on. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  18:44

Yeah. That has been interesting to see it was. So receptivity. I mean, I think about like you mentioned, like my husband, I fell in love with him. And he came into my life. Three months after calling off my wedding. I was with him the day that my wedding was supposed to be. And it was this decision. I felt like this decision to let myself love and be loved and be open to what was available to me. It was like I was going down again, this one path and all the doors were closing. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  19:26

And when I chose myself when I chose my truth when I chose my soul, it was like, I chose another path and all of these doors opened. And even more visually right now I’m seeing of course, like a bunch of roses just blossoming like it just opened up in this clear way that I knew what I didn’t want. And so then I knew what I did want. And that discernment has just gotten stronger and stronger over time because it’s something that I’ve continued to practice. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  19:56

So recently as I’ve been getting ready to release Power I’ve been kind of organizing, you know, this framework has been around for a decade now almost. And just realizing how these first four parts that we just discussed, surrender, release trust and receptivity. This is the allowing part of the framework. This is ultimately how we all learn how to release control, right, trying to like control or muscle or strong arm or need to be right and get things to look and be and go the way we want them to, which is fairly often going against the Divine Right? When we have all these needs to be right, we are often out here like I know what’s best, and we don’t. And then what happens is we miss out. And we delay what actually would have been better, right? Like, you know, one of our forever like adages or mantras in the School of sacred embodiment, which I didn’t make this up. And I don’t remember where I even got it from originally, but it’s what is for you cannot pass by you. So it’s like, Listen, you might have missed it this round, right. But if that’s what’s really meant for you, like it’s gonna come back, might come back in a different way, or whatever. So this first part of the framework is the allowing, right, and one of our favorite mantras that everybody loves, it’s less control more magic. Because I’m telling you, even when you reach the point where you think you don’t try to control things, they’re still very subtle, sophisticated ways. Because humans, this is where the root of all fear, like when we feel afraid, what are we going to do, we’re going to try to control something, right? Unless we’re like, super relaxed nervous system not activated, like nothing pinging the system, we’re probably trying to control something on some level, right? Even if we’re just watching it happen and not doing it, the urge, the impulse is still there. So this has been through the allowing part. So overall, if we’re gonna, like, zoom out and look on, like the big picture of allowing, before and after on allowing, how would you comment on that? I really am allowing my soul to guide me if I do nothing else. But allow her to speak me to speak through me and let that lead the way. Like the the allowing the magic that opens up from that place. Like full body goosebumps. It is everything. Everything is is more beautiful. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  22:18

Even you and I were having a conversation on Friday, and I was saying, again, getting to have the experience with you as you walked through your experience with your dad, because when was that you were coming home from your weekend? Was that the last weekend of January? Yep. And then when was his day, June what? He died on his 77th birthday, June 14, June 14. So that was not it was just under six months. Yeah. And you’re not, like destroyed, like a lot of people are when they lose a parent or they lose a loved one. And again, like anyone listening, I’m not offering this as like a superior path or any kind of like hierarchy, or this is how it should be. It’s just another option. And it’s just so rare, not an option we don’t see. Because I watched you allow yourself, like you were saying earlier to have your experience right alongside his experience. Yeah, right. And you manage it in ways that weren’t burdening him who was having the ultimate experience approaching death. But it’s been really amazing. Like, of course, you’re sad, of course, you miss your dad. And I know you’re also now you’re just communing with him differently. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  23:31

But when I say I’ve never seen anything like it, that’s the biggest thing. I’ve never seen anything like, I’ve never seen someone so at peace with loss, because they allowed themselves to grieve, like you didn’t hold it together. You didn’t force yourself, or deny your own experience at any moment, which is just that was also one of the most incredible, potent, beautiful things to witness. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  23:56

So then when we move into the second part of the framework, it’s evolve. That’s evolving, right? So we learn how to we allow, and then it’s like, right, and how are we perpetually evolving, not like it’s a project. But like, it’s just this is inevitable, we can either let it happen to us, or we could participate in the process, right? So this part of the framework is wild, dreaming, desire, love and truth. And you’ve also been with me in the community before you are a community manager as a participant, which there was also kind of a correlation in the timing of when I pulled while dreaming more forward as a practice, not just part of the framework, because this is the piece where we really have to like, really blow our imaginations out of proportion. If we really want liberation, not just for ourselves, but for the collective. Because we have to imagine things that haven’t happened yet that we might not even believe are possible, but in allowing ourselves to go there. We then become available for things we couldn’t previously See, Fathom conceive of, or allow, right? So we’ve already worked on allowing, now we come into while dreaming. Tell me about like the before and after, while dreaming what you allowed yourself to believe was possible before versus after. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  25:14

What I allowed myself to believe it was possible before. It was still this, I want to say like, picket fence, house corporate job because that’s the one that gave you the pension and the benefit. And marriage was children like it was a very, I want to say cookie cutter. Now, that can be a beautiful life for so many people. And interesting, my soul, that’s not my life. And it looks wildly different from that now and to get to a place of any of the community members who are listening to this right now are gonna know how many times have I said me right here as the community manager at the School of sacred embodiment? Is my wild dream come true like this? It is. It absolutely is. And at the time when when you know when you say so lovingly, I was a mess. When I came across Elizabeth, y’all I was a mess. But really, it was because my life had exploded. I didn’t know how to pick up the pieces, or what needed to stay off me like it was like it was all shattered on the ground. And like what was actually mine, I was trying to learn to figure out what that was. And part of that was it was working in a corporate job that was really not what set my soul on fire. But it was I actually said, it’s the thing I’m doing until I figure out what I want to be when I grow up. And like, spoiler alert, I’m not growing up, and I found the way.

Elizabeth DiAlto  26:44

Well, not growing up in the traditional sense, you’re different. Again, evolving, this is what I love. This is why when I named that I was like it’s evolved because this is like a perpetual. This is something that’s always happening, you know?

Elizabeth DiAlto  27:01

What’s up everybody quick break in the show here because I want to promote something I really, really love, really believe in and have been using for about four years now. And that is mighty networks. I moved my power program back in 2019, onto mighty networks because I was tired of Facebook groups. And I was tired of like linking up the content on Kajabi, the group in Facebook and having people have to bounce around and log into so many different things. With mighty networks, I was able to put everything under one roof. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  27:32

And then in 2020, when I started the wild school sacred body membership, I was able to just add the membership in there. And now everything I do the entire school of sacred embodiment lives in mighty networks. Anytime I want to create a new course, add a new membership, do a free experience, or the recent free wild soul community that I added. It’s all under the same roof. It’s so amazing. What it kind of feels like me is having my own like university campus, except it’s on the internet, right? Like when you come into my mighty networks, you can choose what building to go into and go into the membership or go into the course or go into a training. And you could just toggle back and forth between the things that you were a part of. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  28:11

And mighty networks is always improving, expanding, giving people more options. I’ve seen the platform grow and change in shifts so much over just the last four years. And what I love more than anything is they are a community oriented and base platform. It is not a social media platform. So there are no ads. There are no algorithms you can set yourself like what you want to see prioritized in your feed. There’s so many great things about it. I cannot say enough good things about mighty networks. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  28:39

So if you want to check it out, go to untamed forward slash mighty for your own community and course creating needs and send me a message email us let us know if you join because I freakin love mighty network so much. I want to take a little quick diversion here. Because as you were saying that I’m really curious, what was your relationship to like spirituality and the divine before and after coming into our world. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  29:06

I had had the experiences with the divine in the sense that actually, my mom had gotten to like a medium a few times in like my childhood. And so I like knew it was possible or that it was a thing. But when Rita was sick at the end of her life, she really loved watching Long Island Medium. So I would watch it with her. Yes. And it was great. I enjoyed it immensely. And I said to her that I would go and see one when she died so that I could have you know, like just see what came through what would happen. It was kind of like this ongoing joke and so for her birthday the following year, I actually went to a medium Melissa white and had this I want to say profound experiences like I knew I knew my relationship with him. My mom had continued. And to get that affirmation to hear it from someone else’s words, was the confirmation that I needed. I’d continued to know that, but I wasn’t around a lot of people in my life that I could speak freely about that in a way that it felt safe in a way that wouldn’t question my own doubts around it. Like it was. I knew it, but I didn’t. I think I was still had societal layers on whether it was acceptable or normal.

Community Manager Marjolaine  30:33

Coming into the community, where I wasn’t the only one speaking freely about what was coming through what my connection was, and seeing others share and all I felt was immense love and celebration for them. Also having that feeling and that knowing that’s really what’s like deepened it and made it even more sacred. The prayers that you create, you’ve certainly opened a layer or a portal really, for me, to commune with them in an even deeper, more intentional way. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  31:10

And when you say them, you mean like, angels? Like.

Community Manager Marjolaine  31:14

The big? The whole crew? 

Elizabeth DiAlto  31:17

Yeah. So then there’s desire. And when we get into desire in the wild celebration framework, the biggest part that I spend time on is really learning how to distinguish between your ego desires and your soul desires. And we’re recently in something I’m excited to go deeper on in this round of power. For everyone who joins is not dismissing ego desires, like you’ll never hear me, I’m not someone who’s going to be like, shitting on and dismissing the ego. I’m always going to be a person who’s gonna be like, cool. How do we integrate this? What do we need to know? What’s the ego, like, for many years, had a metaphor of the ego with like an overprotective parent? Right? It’s like, God, I know you love me, this is a little much, but like, what do I need to know here? I’m like holding on to pieces of identity that might be ready to go or whatever. How has that exploration discerning between and working with ego and soul desires? Specifically? What’s the before and after on that for you? 

Community Manager Marjolaine  32:15

I don’t know that before I even knew what soul desires were. Put it frankly.

Elizabeth DiAlto  32:26

While I never thought about it. I’m sure there were people listening who were like yo, me neither.

Community Manager Marjolaine  32:36

Like, it was just this list of things I was supposed to want, right? But now, oh, it’s connected to a feeling. It’s connected to that. Like, it’s a yearning and earning but it’s also like a reverence. There’s like this deep reverence. And when I feel that, like it’s words, Elizabeth words.

Elizabeth DiAlto  33:02

Well right and listen, if you don’t have words for it, that’s great. Because this is also part of liberating your soul. There’s a worthlessness sometimes where you can put language to it, because your language comes from your brain, and we’re not operating in the realm of the brain. So if you’re like, pass, it’s fine.

Community Manager Marjolaine  33:21

Pass and it’s like it’s a leaning into. Yeah, but it does feel very Embodied. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  33:27

So from wild dreaming and desire, and by the way, the relationship to the two, because a lot of people are like, Well, my art my wild dreams, my desires, like yes and right, because your wild dream for us. Specifically, the practice of wild dreaming, like I mentioned earlier, is about expanding your imagination, like recalibrating you to like infinite possibility and imagination, like little kids, right and even have is sitting right here. This is so funny. My niece is one of the things we do because she’s far away. I doodle for her, right, so she’ll tell me what she wants. And then I’ll draw it. And she gave me a whole list the other day. So I drew this out. I’m gonna mail this to her right. This is literally the imagination of a five year old. She wanted me to draw a toilet surrounded by tomatoes and cucumbers. She wanted a poop sign.

Elizabeth DiAlto  34:16

Like a stop sign but with the poop emoji on it. A hula hoop headphones and a bush adult minds don’t necessarily do that with as much ease I was like what else what else and she’s like, Wow, just like spitting out the most random shit with like, zero hesitation, zero judgment of ourselves, you know, like, that’s what wild Genie is. Wild, dreamy, again, gives us reactivates our access because as you become an adult and you grow, you start to think oh, that’s silly. Oh, I shouldn’t say that. Whatever takes the filters off of that so we can doesn’t mean you believe that. The thing that’s going to save the world is a toilet surrounded by tomatoes and cucumbers. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  34:57

But it lets you see things beyond the limitations that the world that systems have like domination, oppression, supremacy put on all of us. So like that is one of the ways in which we do our liberation work while dreaming is that practice of like dismissing that limitation that so many of us have taken on. And then again, we’re getting into the soul’s desires, recognizing ego desires, how we might sabotage ourselves, when we let the ego desires distract us rather than inform sometimes, or just like axon and extra illuminate the souls desires. And then to wrap up, we go into love and truth. And what’s amazing over the years, because I didn’t originally have it, but in 2017, I created a self love framework, then you’re someone because you’ve been through sacred embodiment, specialist training.

Elizabeth DiAlto  35:53

You’ve done whilst the liberation framework many times, and the self love framework a couple now times two. And so when you’ve done the self love framework, and that comes into the love, that like illuminates it in a whole big way, but just in general, the love is about love for yourself, love for others, and we can’t talk about love without talking about reverence and respect. And this is actually something I love about you so much is you are literally just one of the most loving beings I’ve ever met in my life. Just so generous, you have so much love to give. I’m very curious, is there any before and after on how like comfortable or confident or safe you felt being as soft, loving, tender generous of a person as you are before and after? 

Community Manager Marjolaine  36:39

A few things. One of the words that came up though is it used to be still part of who I was, but it was from a self sacrificing way. That was like how do I offer all of these people all of these things? And if I do that, then I’ll feel this way. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  36:56

Well, right it was the big C word right codependency. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  36:59

Yeah, just just a wee bit as in Yeah, a whole shit done.

Elizabeth DiAlto  37:08

The love I mean, again, allowing, we have to do surrender, release trust and receptivity. Before we could get to releasing codependency Well, and that’s part of right, we get to chip away at it, especially with surrender, release and trust, but then honestly, also in receptivity, because part of receptivity is reciprocity. And if you’ve, if you’re someone who’s ever worked on codependency, you know, there could be like a shadowy yuck, yuck relationship with reciprocity, where you’re doing things for people expecting something in return, or this beautiful relationship where things just feel like this flow of reciprocity in your life where the energetic exchanges are in alignment, regardless of how it looks, right? You don’t need to keep tabs, you don’t need to be like tallying in our brain, or I did this or they did that. So I love that you said that anything else there. I love that. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  38:00

And I’m also more aware of who and how I spend my time with so big. That feels gigantic. It’s being aware of where I am seen and held and witnessed and celebrated for being exactly who I am. And not turning it down or changing the station, any which way in any area of my life and is working to catch people they do not. Yeah.

Elizabeth DiAlto  38:32

And that’s actually one of the things just people who keep out on human design. One of the reasons why, you know, Washington says this is her like wild dream job. She is my wild dream person. And one reason one of a billion is she’s also a six to manifesting generator. So one of my issues my whole life in my business the last decade, and getting support is that I burned people out and not on purpose. Because just the pace that I move at, and the intensity and the creativity and like the exuberant like, there’s so much energy and so much stuff coming through me, that’s just hard for some people to be with, which again, there’s nothing wrong with those people. We’re all just like, Bill, how we’re built. But this one here, she can freaking run with me, which is the best. And she is my neurotypical queen, because I could be all over the fucking place and she catches my details.

Community Manager Marjolaine  39:31

Another aspect of it, I can run with you because I want to run with you. Everything that’s coming through is also my life’s journey here too. You know, like it’s all.

Elizabeth DiAlto  39:44

Well, and that was an amazing thing about you’re already this amazing. But then when you went through the sacred embodiment specialist training last year, it was like now you’ve actually been initiated into the stream of the medicine. And so I was like, Oh, this is amazing. So truth. You’ve mentioned truth already. Several times it’s almost like truth is the combination. But truth is always has to be everywhere throughout the rest of the framework. So what was your relationship to your truth telling the truth, knowing what it was compromising, not compromising, like all of that before?

Community Manager Marjolaine  40:16

I’m laughing because he said, like telling the truth, I was really good at telling teeny tiny lies all the time. Before I moved for it was like, oh, but like, I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings if we had plans, and I really didn’t want to do it. So then I would like come up with some sort of story, or it was little things, but they were still big things because they were preventing me from actually fully being who I am. And I still remember, actually, I think it was just after I’d gone through our Women’s Council leadership, because,

Elizabeth DiAlto  40:48

Those of you have been around for a while know, I’ve run so many different like programs and mentorships. And the names of which, like, I can’t help myself. The original program that you did with me was called the untamed yourself Women’s Leadership Council. Yes. What did they all right?

Community Manager Marjolaine  41:04

Say that 10 times faster, right. And I still remember actually, the first time sending a message to a friend being like, Hey, I love you. I don’t want to see you today. I’m tired. Like, I actually remember that moment, just, like straight up honest about how I was feeling. And of course, now I practice with someone who I knew would be like, Girl, it’s all good, I got you. And it was still a big deal. What’s the kind of a story you’re at, right? 

Community Manager Marjolaine  41:36

Instead of making up a story, and now, again, it’s who I surround myself with how I operate, who I am at the core of it, like there’s just this immense truth that I operate from, I can’t have it any other way. Sometimes that creates a lot of discomfort, but not with me, right? 

Elizabeth DiAlto  41:57

It is one of the things about this framework that is so liberating, that both on the allow end, and the event is becoming a person who can really like allow other people to have their own experiences. And this is a big, this is a big part of healing codependency, being able to allow other people to have their own experiences without trying to save them from their own discomfort without taking on other people’s burdens, taking on other people’s responsibilities, because you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  42:25

Like we have to let people be uncomfortable sometimes, especially the most dysfunctional people in our lives, we cannot save them. So one last thing, we’ve gone through the framework, and we’ve woven, I wanted to talk about relationship to your body, which we did relationships is divine, which we did. The last thing is relationship to community. Because even as much as I love community, I can’t do community management like you do. Because there’s just this like, this tenderness, this Divine Mother Ness, this, like the way that you want to actually go through every single comment every like long post that anyone writes and like, you want all of it, right? And I do, I do, and I don’t write. And so that’s what I needed someone I’m like, when I run out of energy for this, I need someone who wants to hold the people. Yeah. And you hold the people like, I also have never seen anything like that. So you mentioned something earlier, like when you joined the first the free Facebook group that I used to have back in the day, like 2015. But then even being you know, you’ve done different programs and trainings and stuff with me now, you’ve just been in so many different containers. And now you also are the community manager of all of them. So just curious, like perhaps the evolution of your relationship to community. And I’m also really curious because, you know, this is online community. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  43:48

I know you came to one of my weekends in 2017, and I got to meet you and hug you in real life. But I didn’t see you again in person until February of this year. But the connection and the depth has been so real and so consistent. And that’s the case for a lot of people in our community not just with like me and them are you in them but them and each other. And I know you have like little zoom lunch dates with people in the community like boxer chats and WhatsApp so like, and there’s not these hierarchies like one of the things I’ve always hated so much about online business and online communities is, is needing to have these like gatekeepers, like you’re not my gatekeeper. You’re the community manager. That’s your role right? The point is not for you to protect me from shit it’s actually just because we hold people deeply through so much I can’t do it all by myself. So I’m curious all the different ways your relationship to even like having and receiving from the community and then coming into the community manager role and getting to like, curate and hold it as well. Then I’m also very curious if we’re how that has shifted how you relate to your own like in person physical community where you Live in people in your life.

Community Manager Marjolaine  45:02

I’ve always been a people person. That’s like, thank goodness, that’s something I love. And being in that free community back in the day, when it was like, I again, I was seeing people speak for the first time about courageous thing. It’s like pondering things that I kind of deemed on ponderable like people didn’t talk about, I’m going to like how frickin hard marriage can be, or what it’s like to choose whether to have children or not have children or the experience of what it is to let life move through you in a way that isn’t what you thought you wanted, or what you thought you needed, and is really how it’s playing out. It’s to be in that space to see the courage and to be a part of the community manager when it originally started, because I had applied for the sacred embodiment specialist training. And I literally said, I can’t tell you why I need to be there other than I know, this is absolutely what I need to be doing. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  46:11

And I had a chuckle this morning, I listened to this week’s podcast while you’re like the people that come, don’t really know, why are the ones that usually experienced the most like I had applied for a work exchange and was able to list like, these are all the things like part of the reason why I can do what I do as a community manager is because of every single freaking thing I’ve done leading up to this in my corporate world. And all the other random things that I’ve done, it’s like I’ve been through it done that. 

Community Manager Marjolaine  46:42

And now I can take those skills and bring it here. But the pieces that I get to bring all of me here to like this work, I mean, the school is sacred embodiment, this is I would be not doing my job if I didn’t show up fully and completely as I am. And that means if I’m running a call, and I get to say, I’m feeling a little tired today, and I get to be tired today, or Hey, y’all, I’m wearing my pajamas today, you know, like, it’s this full permission slip to be who I am. And I do believe that by operating from that place and sharing from that place, it is a permission slip for others to open and explore that for themselves, too. So I will think of someone in the community who hasn’t made a post for a while or hasn’t made a comment and I’ll send them a message because I am thinking of them. And because that matters to me. And it’s not really something that’s trainable. And that I not, not had I not gone through. But because I’ve gone through this framework, because I’ve gone through this place of like I am love embodied. And when I’m from that place, and I operate from that place, it’s impossible for me not to care, Bear Stare everyone, and find a way to deepen into the thing. Like, you’ll teach something, and I’ll kind of go hey, like, how do we explore this as a community? And so they come up with questions, and,

Elizabeth DiAlto  48:12

Which is amazing. Like, she posed these questions. Sometimes I’m like, damn, I never would even I need this explanation. And then I actually get to participate in my own shit. Because you’re like generosity and how you engage with it. And so when you were saying it’s not trainable, it’s also not like strategize double, right? Because you could probably make a spreadsheet and be like, Oh, check in on these people on these days to go on these. But when it’s, it’s just a different experience to be in a community where you’re like, Oh, damn, like, she actually thought about me.

Elizabeth DiAlto  48:47

Like, they were actually like, these people really give a shit about me, or I’m barely even in here. How do they even remember, like, because I do that sometimes to again, when it like when it comes. This is because we trust ourselves as like, mystics and spiritual beings. We’re like, oh, well, if I’m, I’ve actually thought of this person three times, I now must reach out, I can’t even not not die.

Elizabeth DiAlto  49:11

So if you’re listening to this, if you’re looking, again, for the spiritual community, the growth, the transformation, to have that soul liberation experience, to work through a framework that again, you know, you can go back to over and over again throughout your life, for the mentorship and for the practice space. Because was something I know Marjolaine said more than once, but it’s like, everything is a practice, right? It’s not like oh, do this program, and then you have lifetime access, but you’ll never go back. Like, you will go back to these things. And Marjolaine who does our customer service inbox can tell you? We will get emails from people 567 years later, who were like, I can’t find those video from like 2015 Because people are still using stuff. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  50:00

Or maybe they’ll like take a break, they leave you even to that you left you came back, but it’s stuff that you could just always return to reliably because it literally is designed like surrender release, trust receptivity, while dreamy desire, love truth like these are universal throughout your life, things that you could visit where there will be gold for you there. So if you go to, forward slash power, you can apply it is an application applications are open until July 23. They’re just open for a week, I want the people who were like, actually, like, ready? And really do you feel called right who do feel the resonance, you don’t need to like kick the tires and do the back and forth like, that’s fine. But that is not the level of person of mystic or spiritual seeker that we want in Power 2023 Because this is for season two mystics and spiritual seekers, people who already have tools and practices and awareness and enough connection to themselves that they don’t need like two weeks, three weeks a month more to decide whether or not they even want to submit an application. Like you can hear it you can tune in, tap in and be like, Is this for me? Yeah, I think so. Are you know what? Let me go through this application process and then see how I feel. So if that’s you, we want to hear from you. So go to untameyourself.comforward slash power, submit the application, it’s a year long mentorship. We start on Eighth, eighth. And yes, I chose the friggin Lionsgate portal on purpose. It’s a very magical day. And you’re all welcome for the blessing of getting to sit here and experience what I get to experience on the regular just Marjolaine’s beautiful, loving, incredible, tender heart Carebear energy. So thank you so much. Thank you for sharing with us. You did great. Thank you. Thanks so much.