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In Feb 2015, I did a 5-day symposium consisting of 25 interviews with powerful and inspiring women sharing their stories and advice for transcending life’s struggles, fears and doing it their own way. We got so much incredible feedback on the interviews, we decided to turn it into a podcast. At times during the interviews when you hear us refer to the series or interviews that have already been done, keep in mind these interviews have been repurposed and may not follow the original order.

Foxy is a trusted soul sister, personal mentor of mine and this was one of the most popular interviews in the original series when we surveyed viewers.

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About Foxy:
Mrs. Fox is a contemporary shaman, bringing animal medicine to those craving a more soul-aligned, wild life. Due to its playful nature and quick, tangible results, her work has been called “more effective than years of traditional therapies”. Through totem readings, integration sessions, and interactive learning in her online shamanic university, people around the world have found and unleashed their true natures. Foxy’s an ENFP Aries (Taurus rising, Aquarian Moon) with a 5 life path and is a 7/4 on the Enneagram. You can often find her eating bacon, hiking, or playing with her Tiger husband, 4-year old Monkey son and Giraffe star daughter (just born this January) in their permaculture garden.

In this episode Foxy shares:

1. What are shamanism and animal medicine?
2. Why are they valuable pathways home to ourselves?
3. How to recognize and relate to your shadow side

What You’ll Hear:

3:24 How to Access Your Pleasure
6:44 What Does “Tuned Out” Look Like?
12:27 What the Shadow Side is and How to go There
19:31 How to Stay With the Darkness When its Terrifying
21:47 Triggers to the Dark Side
23:48 Being True to Yourself as a Parent
27:49 How to Start Exploring the Dark Side
30:08 What a Shaman is + Shamanic Journeying
32:18 Animal Medicine and How Foxy Found the Fox
39:40 How Medicine and Healing Can be Complementary to Religion
42:59 How to Re-emerge as the New You After Doing Inner Work
47:47 Shapeshifting and Flexibility in Being Situational
51:23 How This Work Unfolds if you Live a “Traditional” Life


The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature
The Way of the Shaman

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