Spread over an entire month to support you in having a liberating and replenishing transition from 2023 into 2024 filled with joy and purpose. Join Elizabeth DiAlto and the Wild Soul Community for this practical and powerful experience.



2 workshops
2 live calls +
1 month of community


December 13, 2023
January 13, 2024


Online –
all workshops and calls will be recorded

Workshop #1 (Pre-recorded – Instantly Available)



Most of us have more on our plates than any one person should. Holy Consistency teaches you how to do the best with what you’ve got and create habits, rituals, and personalized systems that make your life easier. It also replaces stress and anxiety with trust and acceptance.

The Life Inventory process helps you prioritize based on your values, identify where you need support, and let go of things that aren’t actually that urgent or important (at least for now). It also helps you tune into what matters most for you each season so you can work in harmony with the energy of the Earth and the cosmos and tune into your own natural rhythms. I’ve had students using this process for six years now who rave about it as a tool for personal discovery, joy, and liberation.


A Life Inventory process that cultivates honest self-assessment so you can make better choices and invest your precious resources (time, energy, attention, and $) more wisely and efficiently
How to replace toxic and oppressive approaches for habit change and consistency with what I call “holy consistency” and why you should (yes, I said should!)
How to identify what’s truly going on with your health, wealth, relationships, and spiritual development so you can take exquisite care of yourself and enjoy beautiful and supportive relationships
How to spot the sneaky and surprising ways you waste your energy and give away your power – AND STOP DOING BOTH!


“Getting to see the story of my own liberation unfold in this surprisingly tangible way is soooo amazing, and I am celebrating my own holy consistency in coming back to this process for true, honest self-assessment.”

Workshop #2 (Live on Saturday December 16 @ 11am Eastern)



After using the Life Inventory Process with students and clients for six years, I noticed that relationships would always take up a lot of people’s time and focus, so I created this workshop to dig in a little deeper around that. Relationships are one of the most paradoxical things of our lives. They can be SO beautiful and miraculous and ALSO equally frustrating and draining sometimes. We need each other to survive, AND we need space. We’re all interconnected, AND some people are really hard to be around. There are also so many types of relationships to navigate: friends and community, family, romantic and/or sexual, and professional. It’s A LOT.

This workshop will help you identify what you are and aren’t available for in relationships currently, where you need boundaries, where you want to show up better, where you’re overgiving, and what your met and unmet needs and desires are. It will also help you set boundaries and have courageous conversations to create more balance, harmony, and joy in this season of your life.


How to actually set #relationshipgoals in a way that honors who you are, how you’re built, where you are in your life, what your needs, wants, and desires are across all relationship types, and balance that with the needs of the people in your life.
What I mean by “constellation of companions” and how you can apply this sacred way of relating to people in your life so you can be supported and supportive, generous and receptive in ways that cultivate HEALTHY interdependence.

Similar to the Life Inventory process, I created a Relationship Inventory process that I’ll walk you through to not only get clarity but also identify any relationship patterns that need your attention for overall better experiences.

“Elizabeth always gets to the heart of matters and goes beyond surface questions, she is so gifted in shedding light in dark corners and naming things you didn’t even think to think about. I always learn something new about liberatory practices as she grounds the mystical in practical, relatable ways.”


It’s great natural medicine for every woman’s body, mind, heart, and soul to honor the changing of the seasons, and connect to the earth, the body, and community during transitions like Equinoxes and Solstices and from one year to the next.
Too often we’re so busy wanting to move on to the next thing, we don’t take the time to honor and integrate the season we were just in. Sacred Shift is about integrating AND evolving.
Speaking of integrating, the integration calls help you implement what you learn, gain insight and clarity from your Wild Soul classmates, and provide some accountability to make whatever changes you want to make.

There will undoubtedly be more personal-to-you reasons that reveal themselves during our month together and that is always really fun!


Holy Consistency and Life Inventory workshop  (pre-recorded and available instantly when you register)
Integration Call #1 – Kick things off on Wednesday, December 13 @7pm Eastern to review the Life Inventory process and walk through it together

Constellation of Companions workshop on Saturday December 16 @ 11am Eastern

Integration Call #2 -Wrap things up on Saturday January 13 @ 11am Eastern. We’ll review everything from our month together, celebrate the wins and load you up with some extra words of wisdom to continue embodying implementing what you learned.
Community Support – weekly check-in posts for you to share, be witnessed, ask questions, and connect in Mighty Networks
BONUS! – ongoing access to the monthly School of Sacred Embodiment Ask Me Anything call with Elizabeth
BONUS! – we’re planning to run a version of Sacred Shift for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2024 as well – access to all Sacred Shift sessions in 2024 is included with this purchase
A couple of surprises – I’d tell you these now, but I don’t know what they are yet, a few things always bubble up during experiences like this that I end up bonusing in!


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When are the integration calls?

Wednesday, December 13 at 7pm Eastern and Saturday January 13 at 11am Eastern.

How will the recordings work?

You’ll receive a direct link to the Holy Consistency and Life Inventory workshop in your confirmation email. There will be a private, password protected recordings page where everything will live beginning on December 13. The Constellation of Companions workshop will be available on that page within 24 hours of the workshop ending, as will the recordings for the integration calls. 

Will I be able to ask questions during live calls and workshops?

Yes. I always leave time for questions during live online events. 

How does the community support work?

The community support is happening in the Free Wild Soul Community on Mighty Networks. There will be a link to join that in your confirmation email as well. I will be making a weekly check-in post from Dec 13-Jan 13 during Sacred Shift for you to comment, share, and ask questions in there. 

Does this purchase give me access to anything else in The School of Sacred Embodiment?

Yes! Once you register you also have access to our monthly Ask Me Anything calls on the third Monday of every month. You are welcome to attend live or presubmit your question on the post in Mighty Networks so you can see my answer in the recording which is always posted within 24 hours.


Known for her nuanced, inclusive, and humor-infused approach to spirituality and the healing arts, Elizabeth DiAlto is an Embodiment Specialist and a Spiritual Futurist.

In 2013 she founded the School of Sacred Embodiment, where she’s developed a range of healing and liberatory frameworks and modalities that blend together movement, energy work, and mystical wisdom. Her specialty is helping people live through what she calls the highest part of all of us – our Wild Soul.

A native New Yorker with Boricua and mixed-European roots, Elizabeth now calls Miami home, is an avid salsa dancer, and has a laugh that has been described as “a sound bath of sunshine and joy.”