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EP233: Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse and Codependency with Lisa Romano

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Today’s guest, Lisa Romano, is an expert in helping people overcome faulty childhood programming that narcissistic abuse and codependency creates. We got all up in emotions, mindset, how you think about yourself if you’ve had either of these experiences, gaslighting, and other struggles this kind of dysfunction contributes to. Even if you haven’t experienced either of these things, you may find this conversations useful as we also covered things that impact almost everyone at some point – attachment theory, developing a healthy sense of self, releasing unhealthy fears, how to communicate with narcissistic and codependent people in your life, and how other parenting dynamics impact children (especially before the age of seven!). This is one to listen to more than once and definitely share with loved ones who you know are working through these things as well. Thank you!

About Lisa Romano:

Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in mentoring and coaching abused adult children from dysfunctional homes, who feel stuck in their lives and who are seeking to move beyond their painful pasts. Romano also coaches adults who find themselves feeling dissatisfied with their lives and who are finding it difficult to understand what beliefs or thought processes are preventing them from living a fulfilling life. She is also a bestselling author, popular Youtube Vlogger, radio show host, and speaker.

In this episode, Lisa shares:

1. Mapping the brain
2. How we “ice skate” over our pain and what happens when we do
3. Smart parenting to not pass these things onto your kids

What You’ll Hear:

5:55 How Lisa discovered codependency + facing fears within letting go of unhealthy relationships
18:42 Dynamics of narcissistic relationships + attachment theory
25:15 The deprogramming process and how to heal
32:30 On gas lighting and the spectrum of narcissism
39:40 Navigating narcissism with a person you cannot remove from your life
51:29 Being raised by a narcissistic parent

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EP233: Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse and Codependency with Lisa Romano