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Practicing Unconditional Love (On Yourself, Too!)

self-loveUnconditional Love.

Towards the end of 2015, the concept of unconditional love started calling to me, asking for my attention, study, and embodiment.

“This is the next part of your evolution” is what the call felt like.

And often when we hear it, we think about it in terms of loving others unconditionally. However, like most things, if you’re hoping to apply to others, guess who you have to apply it to first?

That’s right, yourself.

Today’s post is short, sweet and inspired by a long-term client of mine. She’s kept hiring me over and over again since 2011 so I know her quite well and have enjoyed the privilege of bearing witness to her growth and evolution.

Now you may think that someone who’s been coaching and training with me for that long would be all set, good to go, already “there,” right?

Not the case.

Not the case for her and not the case for any of us. The spiritual growth path is endless. You will hit milestones, you will have breakthroughs and awakenings, you will kick some habits and behaviors. AND there will be a lot of lessons and messages that return for you over and over again. Sometimes stronger and louder than the last time they came through.

You will be challenged, tested, and frustrated…

“This again??!! I thought I was over this!”

It’s not about being over anything. It’s about getting through the next layer. It’s about loving yourself at every turn.

This brings me back to unconditional love.

My client was messaging me about what a mess she is right now and said a few unkind things about herself to which I responded, “You’re perfect.”

And she said, “Stop being nice.”

But I wasn’t being nice, I was being truthful.

Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes WE are messy.
twitter-bird-black-on-white1Messiness is is just as perfect as when things are great. -@elizabethdialto

Here was my last text to her:

“This is the spiritual awakening process, mama! It’s fucking UGGGGLLLYY sometimes. UGLY. To the best of your ability, love yourself anyway. It’s super easy to love ourselves when things are awesome, much more difficult when they’re not. This is the path unconditional love, baby!!”

That message is for you too, today.

To really bring it home, consider this in context to the people you love. You don’t stop loving them because they’re in a funk or going through some challenges. It might be harder to be around them, but you still love them. In fact you might be even more loving and supportive towards others during those times.

So why not extend the same support, care and attention to yourself during your own hard times?

The fact is, the better you are at treating yourself this way, the better you will also become at treating others this way.

This is unconditional love in action.

And I leave you with that to apply to your own life however you see fit.


Practicing Unconditional Love (On Yourself, Too!)