Fat is not the enemy.

Neither is skinny.

At one moment or another as a woman you have probably looked at both and thought so though. When we feel fat we resent the skinny women of the world. When we lose weight, fat becomes a dreaded enemy.

Don’t make me go back there. Anything but fat!

The true enemy isn’t fat or skinny, it’s disapproval of the self.

Instead of asking, what should I eat? How should I exercise? How often? With what intensity? Consider this question, How I can truly and deeply trust, love and accept myself.

When you trust yourself you realize you know all the other answers. They live inside of you. Always have.

The steps on this path I propose are unexpected.

They lead you to places you never thought you would go because you probably didn’t realize they existed.

A woman in Wild Soul Movement posted this morning that she feels at home when she does the practice, but she only has so much time and she’s afraid to stop working out.

Here is my reply:
“As a woman who let go of ‘how I was supposed to move’, how I moved from ages 12-28, and has come out on the other side I can share that yes, my body is softer, yes I weigh more, and yes, I am more at home, at ease, at peace and in Love with myself and my body than I ever thought possible. I am just now easing back into movement, going to a barre fusion class that’s like ballet + pilates, I rarely touch a weight except for some kettlebell swings occasionally, once in a while I’ll do some sprints or run some stairs. I have cellulite on my thighs and triceps…and it’s just there. I am not my cellulite, I am not the abs I had in 2011. Everything in my entire Life is better than it was before, my business, my relationship, where I Live, my relationship to money and creativity. Is it all directly related? I don’t know. It is correlated, yes. So feel that fear and do whatever feels good to you in the moment, one step at a time. You will land wherever you need to be and we’re here to hold and support you.”

Ironically, one of my fears right now is to start working out again. If I get “back in shape” will I still be able to connect with my women? Or will I be intimidating?

The answer is, I’ll be whatever I want to be.

Somewhere deep inside of you, you are Love, you are Light, you are Wild and you are Free.

Here’s the part no one told us though, none of it looks how we tell ourselves it’s “supposed to” and there is no final stop on this ride.

We will always be ebbing and flowing, riding the highs and navigating the lows. Life is a brilliant, beautiful, curious and inexplicable journey.