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Awaken your soul and fire up your senses. Turn up the volume on your inner wisdom. Increase your capacity for trust, love, openness, passion, fire, and freedom.

EP250: Sex, Consent And Relationship Dynamics with Marcia Baczynski

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher I’m pretty sure this was my favorite conversation on the show in the last three years. Not just because it primarily focuses on sex, but because our guest Marcia Baczynski is really…

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EP249: Shakti Rising with Kavitha Chinnaiyan

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher I was really excited when today’s guest, Kavitha Chinnaiyan reached out about sharing her new book with me, Shakti Rising. As many of you know I love studying archetypes and have a…

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EP248: Confessions of an Arab Woman with Nagham Wehbe

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher Today’s guest Nagham Wehbe is a research analyst, an artist and a human rights advocate. The truth that’s having the biggest impact on her life right now? Being present. In the interview…

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EP247: Being Boss with Kathleen Shannon

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher Kathleen Shannon’s big truth in today’s episode is, “We’re all connected,” and we explored it through a number of delicious threads: -Meditation -Motherhood -Branding and being who you are -Creative processes She…

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EP246: Taking A Break: Sunday Sermon #31

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher Life has been dishing up lots of clear signs to me lately that there are places where I need to take a step back and highly reevaluate things before moving forward. It’s…

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