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EP120: The Truth About Manifestation


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Today I get into why “instant manifestation” isn’t really a thing. I borrow may insights from the brilliant Kathleen McGowan, most notably a truth that many people might not want to hear – that it would behoove you to get your desires aligned with the big human family you’re part of. It’s not just you roaming around this planet, namsayin? Enjoy!

What You’ll Hear:

4:17 Manifesting in the best interest of the world around you

The Source of Miracles by Kathleen McGowan
Magdalene Line Trilogy  by Kathleen McGowan
Intimacy by Osho
Choosing Curiosity Over Fear with Elizabeth Gilbert

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EP120: The Truth About Manifestation
  • Ixchel Stella

    I say the following not to be contrary but to offer some points for deeper reflection.

    My experience has been that our power is in choice. The ideal of living, and making choices, with the collective in mind is a noble one. I choose it for myself. That said, I think the idea that there is some external cosmic force that decides for us what is right or wrong, good or bad, what we should or shouldn’t do, and what we can manifest/create in accordance to what is deemed good for all is a disempowering paradigm- at the very least because what is considered to be for the greater good is very subjective. Who decides what that is? That squarely places power outside of us as individuals.

    Besides that, manifesting is just another word for creating. And we all know some individuals that are choosing to create some horrific ish (in our own eyes at least). How does that align with the greater good?

    Instead. the way I choose to look at any “failure” to create what I want is that it is feedback on my own energetic state. I don’t choose self blame or judgement. I do choose self responsibility. I ask myself if this is information that I want something else? What can I do to be more aligned with my desire? What energy can I be to create what I choose to experience?

    My own experience is that manifestation can indeed be instant- it depends on what I’m creating. I say this coming from a background of magickal practice. I know we all can be energy alchemists if we so choose. I think the major issue here is that most of the popular teachings on LOA are extremely incomplete and don’t teach the real mechanics of conscious co-creation.

    Side note: I’m glad to see you doing so well + cultivating living in the mystery 🙂


    The Artist Formerly Known As Monica Juliana Lara (ha!)