Today’s episode is a deep dive into The Sovereign Queen archetype and how embodying it can bring about so many things, from integrity and humility to emotional maturity and generosity. We also explore the true meaning and potency of the words “sovereign” and “queen.”

Throughout the episode, we dive into the distinction between perfectionism and having high standards and unpack some of the roots of perfectionism. We also urge you to give yourself grace during learning processes and to honor and acknowledge anything in life that you’ve earned mastery in.

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In episode 456 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • (3:12) Understanding the impact of capitalism on your emotional well-being 
  • (11:39) The Sovereign Queen archetype in the context of the Wild Soul Archetypes
  • (15:31) How to differentiate between perfectionism and having high standards
  • (18:25) Why you should always follow your soul’s calling without the pressure of being perfect
  • (23:06) Advice for embracing your weaknesses, seeking support, and continuing to practice and improve despite failure 
  • (26:30) Unpacking the true meaning of sovereignty and how power relates to privilege 
  • (30:16) The Sovereign Queen Prayer

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Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast: 

  • The Sovereign Queen asks you to always stay connected to and continually expand your capacity for spiritual and emotional maturity. When you’re doing that, you become attuned to a more nuanced idea of resourcefulness and resources that go beyond money. 
  • There’s a difference between perfectionism and having high standards, but it’s a slippery slope between the two.
  • There is no mastery without mess-ups.
  • Every single person listening to this, I promise you, has an area in their life where they could use some support, and they’re not letting it in. 
  • Nothing is sovereign if it requires the dominance or suffering of others or turning a blind eye to their experiences. Period.

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Transcript for Episode 456 “Your Sovereign Queen Era“:

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:00

One of the reasons some people struggle with lack is because they have a skewed and limited idea of what abundance actually is. They’re only measuring it or they’re mainly measuring it in dollars and cents. And they’re not seeing all of the riches and wealth that exists in their lives, which cannot be bought or sold or traded, only experienced, cultivated, earned, and nourished and nurtured.

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:29

Hello, everybody, welcome to episode number 456 of The Embodied Podcast. I’m your host, Elizabeth DiAlto. Today we’re talking about The Sovereign Queen era. And really what this is about is exploring The Sovereign Queen wild soul archetype. So you could take your throne during these revolutionary times, what does that look like? How do you do it? This is not a workshop. So I’m not going to be given a play by play on the how tos. But I’m going to share a lot of things for you that will help if that’s something that you would like to move into embody explore, experience. So the word queen is very loaded and charged. There’s just so much of a tendency in the modern world, especially with social media, where everyone has a microphone, everyone has a platform. And a lot of people are constantly talking, sharing running their mouths, propagating their opinions, stuff gets diluted, stuff gets watered down, we we have a tendency to diminish the true like, impact power, meaning potency, of words and language. So one of the things I love always doing on the show is inviting us to bring that power, bring that potency, bring that intentionality and focus back in around how we use our words, how we use our language, the energy, attention, the quality of the energy and the attention that we put on things. And good part of this sermon of today’s episode is about perfectionism. And the difference between perfectionism and standards and the slippery slope between them. That’s really something that can be applied to how we use and how we choose our words and our language. Again, the word queen, it’s loaded and charged, depending on your identity, cultural influences, likes and dislikes. This one word can prompt to trigger or inspire all kinds of thoughts, ideas and feelings. So today as we explore The Sovereign Queen, wild soul archetype, I’m inviting you to contextualize and focus your thoughts, feelings and ideas into something genuinely soulfully, reverently, and uniquely empowering for you. And if something is going to be soulfully, and reverently, empowering, it also means that of course, the lens of integrity of how does this impact others? How does this contribute to the collective with sacred threads and a weaving into this tapestry, we all share a part of it.

Elizabeth DiAlto  03:12

So I spoke about a lot of things in the sermon that you’ll hear in a little while from the Sunday service on February 18, which is from 2024, if you happen to be listening to this years from now, like perfectionism, courage, trust, mastery, and why this particular archetype is not about luxury or money, despite that, being in association with a lot of people’s ideas and desires around embodying any Queen energy. Now, of course, you can use your sovereign clean energy, to look at address work with work through your relationship to money and wealth and the power associated with those things and status and whatever. But The Sovereign Queen at her core, it’s not about that. In a world where a lot of people are getting more honest with themselves and others about the impacts of capitalism. And I’m talking about toxic capitalism, right. And I’m not going to get into a whole exegesis or thesis or analysis on capitalism. But you can always assume whenever you listen to this podcast, when I mentioned something like capitalism, I’m speaking about the toxic aspects of it, because like anything else, there could be toxic, harmful aspects of it. There could be things about it that essentially there’s nothing wrong with but it’s the execution. That’s the problem. In a world where a lot of people are getting more honest with themselves and others about the impacts of toxic capitalism on all of our health, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic, and many people have been clear, by the way, some of us have are like getting more clear on it. Some people have like been clear, been knowing, right and we’re catching up. But you know, whether it’s you’re newer to this several years in decades in, or it’s just always been part of your awareness because you grew up with People are around people are in a culture and environment where this was very present in the dialogues. To be clear on the detrimental impacts, there’s a few things that are helpful to remember. So we’re not demonizing anything that really doesn’t need to be demonized. Money is not evil. It’s a tool and a resource. Money is also not power, it creates access and choice. But it does not inherently make any one more person powerful, more powerful than anybody else. Money is not worth money isn’t an indicator of worth. It could be a correlate a correlate taury thing. But it is not a direct indicator of value or worth of a person. Okay? Even with stuff like we have to assign valid monetary values to things. But that is all arbitrary. That is all something we all always need to be asking one of my favorite questions around, according to whom, right? There’s so many things. I know we all have these conversations sometimes, right? Like, what would you do if you win the lottery? Or what would you do if you had $100 million, or whatever, there’s so many things that even if I had endless wealth, I still would not spend certain amounts of money on certain things, because I don’t see the value in it. And that’s going to all those things are different for everybody, right? Like, as I sit here at my dining room table where I record this podcast, I look out my window over Biscayne Bay in Miami, to star islands. And Star Island is a place where people like Gloria Estefan, Andy Garcia, LeBron James, a super wealthy celebrities, and people of that status, have homes, the homes that I’m looking at, don’t cost any less than $10 million. And probably more than that, and this is something I’m just giving this as an example of it’s right in front of my face. Even if I had the money for it, I would not buy a $10 million home because to me, that’s excessive, and at the same time, am I judging you, if you would, I want to do it myself, but it’s not my business, what people would or wouldn’t spend on whatever. The point again, I’m really making here with these homes is who’s to say that home is worth $10 million? Why is that home worth $10 million? Or 13? Or 23? Or $39 million? Because of what it looks out on? How big is it the square footage? What is stuff made out of? What’s the view, I mean, all kinds of interesting things. But again, all things that are assessed, evaluated, described and decided upon, arbitrarily. I remember the years of my life when I was rolling with folks who would say things like your network is your self worth. I can’t remember if I ever subscribed to that, I would hope that I didn’t. But I can’t say I didn’t because I don’t remember. And there were plenty of things in those like new agey kind of years of my life when that was the beast I was rolling around in the belly of. So I could map my way out later that I did I took on I espoused some of those beliefs. And I don’t even cringe about it now, right because, you know, the water we swim in, influences and impacts us. But we grow older we grow wiser we grow, we change we become aware of where things are consciousness shifts, and then we can think about things approach things differently. So mana, that phrase, your net worth is your self worth is such a big bag of nopes. Right there, of course can be a correlation between how you feel about yourself, and your earning. But that’s more a function of courage and confidence and asking for what you want, and need or raising your standards or being more honest with yourself about what you want to do, how much energy and capacity you have for working, what you can tolerate by way of engaging and interacting with people and environments and industries and stuff. But there are also a lot of factors that go into how much money people are capable of earning, accessing, receiving and accumulating that have nothing to do with how you feel about yourself. And in a lot of cases don’t even have anything to do with your skills.

Elizabeth DiAlto  09:10

I could really go on a tangent about that. But I’m going to not do that. I also want to say there’s nothing wrong with wanting money, especially in a world that’s set up to require money for almost everything we need not only to thrive, but also to just survive, like just to friggin get by. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting money, because you want to do good things with it, you know. So, again, often people will ascribe meaning to stuff that others say or stuff that I say here on the show. That’s just not it. So I wanted to give that little clarification there. And to come back to The Sovereign Queen, sovereign Queen asks you to always stay connected to and continually expand your capacity for spiritual and emotional maturity. And when you’re doing that you become attune to a more nuanced idea of resourcefulness and resources that go beyond money. This is also how we step out of the shackles binds in prisons of radical individualism, and open ourselves to a more collective communal worldview, where we can get better at sharing resources, collaborating, and get into those villages. So many people talk about wanting, but have such a hard time manifesting. And honestly manifesting in the Law of Attraction sense I say it in the very literal sense of the definition of the word. That’s hard to, it’s hard to do. Because most of us were not cultured or indoctrinated into that way of being, and we have to work we have to work on it, work towards it, unpack a lot of our biases and consciousness that go that way. Because it’s just, it’s what we’ve known. It’s one of the reasons some people struggle with lack is because they have a skewed and limited idea of what abundance actually is. They’re only measuring it or they’re mainly measuring it in dollars and cents. And they’re not seeing all of the riches and wealth that exists in their lives, which cannot be bought or sold or traded, only experienced, cultivated, earned, and nourished and nurtured things like our relationships, our creativity, our courage, our appreciation, and reverence for all kinds of things, from nature to our ancestors, the divine beauty. And some of life’s other simplest pleasures, to The Sovereign Queen helps you get right with your wild dreams and desires. She helps you route your life and values that don’t uphold systems of oppression, but allow you to navigate them with grace and love and wisdom and integrity. And what I already mentioned resourcefulness, as we still very much live in a world where they’re alive and well, and likely not going anywhere, anytime to too soon.

Elizabeth DiAlto  11:39

So with all of that said, let’s get into today’s sermon. We’re exploring what taking your throne looks like your metaphorical throne during these revolutionary times. So no small potatoes. Listen, I started to mention this earlier, I couldn’t even finish formulating my thoughts for this sovereign Queen sermon today. Because when I woke up this morning, and that’s typically my process, I know what I’m going to talk about. And I might have a couple of like notes or bullet points written down. But it’s not until I wake up Sunday morning that the flood comes and goes, here’s what you’re going to cover. Here’s how you’re going to say today. That’s just, that’s just how my my process kind of always works with everything. It’s like the day before the day of the download occurs. One of the reasons why is because this is one of two of the wild soul archetypes that are most present in my own life at the moment. So I really had to also sift through what felt pressured to share with you all today. And what was mine to hold on to for myself at the moment, as well what could be added to the podcast. And so I’m now using the sermon part of these Sunday services for the podcast as well. And what I do on the podcast is I just add deeper explanations and elaborations to the episodes on whatever it is that we talk about here. So I don’t have time on the Sunday service to cover everything that I want to cover. So if you want to hear like the add on, make sure you tune into the embody podcast on Monday, February 26, that’s when that episode will go up. It’s going to be episode number like 456 or 457, or something like that. Here’s the first thing I wrote down about this sovereign Queen era. Exploration is it takes you from perfectionism to sufficiency and sufficiency is love. So we’re going to start today by reading the description of The Sovereign Queen before I talk about anything, because there’s a line in the description that I specifically want to hone in on about how The Sovereign Queen is more interested in love than perfection. And by the way, if you’re here with me live type into the chat box, just let me know. You could type in Yes, you don’t have to explain yourself. But if you’ve ever struggled with dealt with or continue to deal with perfectionism in your day to day life. So here’s the description of The Sovereign Queen. The Sovereign queen is a beacon of integrity, humility and mastery. She lets her soul lead lives from wholeness and has a magnificent presence that reminds us to honor intuitive guidance and inner knowing through spiritual and emotional maturity. She expertly navigates pain, suffering, grief, guilt, shame and anger. Her wisdom, perception and mental strength, combined with devotion and determination, help you move through challenges and obstacles with grace. We talked about grace last week. She is more interested in love than perfection, allows herself to be supported and stays focused on expansion, evolution and liberation from a more beautiful world. A compassionate leader she is the one to reach for when you need the capacity to cut through limitations restrictions, self sabotage, apathy, boredom or isolation and embrace community She exemplifies harmonious giving and receiving, and shows you how to effectively collaborate with others. She is divine prosperity personified, guiding you towards a fulfilling, connected and meaningful life from the inside out. And what I love about this is through The Sovereign Queen is where my soulful prosperity framework was really seated. And then born almost two years later, in this description I just read it says she is divided prosperity personified.

Elizabeth DiAlto  15:31

Now I call that soulful prosperity. We have podcast episodes about that. And there’s a whole workshop that you can access in our new relief membership. So let me come back over here. I want to check the chat and see if people said anything about perfectionism. I see. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yup. Thankfully, not too much anymore. Yes, recovering perfectionist. So a lot of you here, you get it, you can relate and I’m sure people listening to the recording or watching the recording can also understand that something that people who struggle with perfectionism often forget is that a it doesn’t pay off. And B, there’s a difference between perfectionism and having high standards, but it’s a slippery slope between the two. Personally, even as a Virgo. I am not a perfectionist, but I do have high standards. And I’ll give you an example. A very relevant and timely example for me is that I just published my first work of fiction. It’s a novella of connected short stories called Dark healing the order of secret priestesses, and I have no training and writing fiction. I just decided I was going to do it last year, read a bunch of books about the craft, watched a few lectures by Joyce Carol Oates on masterclass, went to the Miami Book Fair sat in on some panels. And then I went ahead and I wrote my first book, and what I cared about more than whether or not my writing was excellent, spoiler alert, it’s not. It’s good, it’s readable. It has a lot of potential, but it’s nowhere near excellent yet. But what I cared about more than whether or not my writing was excellent was creating a world people would want to spend some time in, when they read my work. I cared more about weaving themes and threads and dreams and desires into my stories that women specifically would be able to relate to, and would find some expansion, inspiration, liberation and join. I wanted to use this medium to whisper into the Forgotten places and people’s souls, center concepts, ideas, and people that don’t get centered enough. And I wanted to create something people could enjoy as an escape like, like a positive escape, because we all need escapes. And we take them anyway. Right? Like you can try not to escape. But listen, the world is intense, we all need to escape sometimes. So why not give people something to escape into, that might also be soul nourishing and beneficial, rather than some of the unhealthier ways that we do it right? Or even some of the content and things that we consume, like our TV shows, and whatever celebrity stuff is not necessarily going to be soul nourishing, it might be distracting, it might be derailing. So again, I wanted to create something that people could escape into that just might nourish their souls in some way. And because I’m not a perfectionist,

Elizabeth DiAlto  18:25

I did it. Because I did it. I now have proof of concept. And my readers got their soul stirred in one way or another. I’ll read to you. Just a couple of the reviews to show you what I’m talking about. And I’m not even talking about this, like, yes, it’s wonderful to be talking about the book. I hope everyone will get it, read it, write reviews, tell everyone they know about it. But more importantly, we need more examples of people out here in the world doing things just to do them doing things because there’s such a soul calling, they can’t not do it, or the consequences of not doing it are actually riskier than doing it and allowing it to not be perfect. Here’s a review. That called the book a compelling must read that takes you on a mystically juicy heart healing ride. It says if you’ve been hungry for a new genre of compelling, juicy and mystically healing storytelling, but haven’t quite found what your heart has been craving, than dark healing, maybe your perfect must read choice, the captivating stories of each of the secret priestesses and how they each approach their unusual healing work with uniquely qualified men. keep you hooked until the very last page. This debut both took me on a much needed mystically erotic healing ride that touched a part of my heart and soul that no other genre of fiction has been able to in the same way. So we’re touching people y’all. Another one said this book is a collection of stories that follow six pieces is devoted to changing the world through their conviction that there is sacredness in everyone, even the most noxious By the way, that is one of the biggest things I wanted people to take away. One of the most satisfying things about not being a perfectionist, and seeing these reviews is seeing certain things that I very intentionally wove into this book lands exactly the way I intended for it to. And obviously that is not something I control. But that’s just a testament to the power of intention, that again, I hope you will take away and put it into your own context, your own frameworks, your own expressions, or whatever else you might be sitting on, that needs to come through you, perhaps with a little nudge, boost and encouragement from The Sovereign Queen. This person also wrote, there’s magic friendship, intrigue and spice, you’re invited into a world that is both familiar and deeply imaginative to Veena provides fun and escapism while keeping things grounded in the values and methods of mystics and Marisol X. Davina, by the way is my pen name. And obviously, I didn’t do that for anonymity.

Elizabeth DiAlto  18:55

So this is tangible example of how having standards makes a difference. And not being a perfectionist is immense. I hired an editor, I had BETA readers, I was picky about the book cover design and the interior formatting. I certainly had opportunities to settle and actually due to time, I did settle in some ways in some places, but I got it done. And now this thing is alive in the world, and it’s taking on a life of its own. Which brings me to another aspect of The Sovereign Queen mastery. How do you think we get to mastery, it’s a combination of training and practice of learning and doing, there is no mastery without mess ups. If you take anything from this sermon today, that is probably one of the top three things I want you to walk away with. There’s no mastery without mess ups. Some of you who I see you’re on here are masters of your crafts, and I know this about you, we have a midwife on the call, who I know is a seasoned master of that craft. Who else do I see here, we have teachers here, I see a nurse practitioner who works with little babies, who I know that you all bring so much experience. And you all at some point, were also brand new at what you’re now a master in. And you only got to this mastery, because you kept going. And because you showed up, right. And I wish I knew what everybody does, because I’m sure everyone here has some mastery in something. And so really consider someone here’s a chef grade, right? Remember when you were new, and look at who and how you are now, there’s only one way to get to mastery. And that’s by actually doing the things right, we have to study we have to practice we have to learn we have to train. But we can’t only be learning and training, there has to be doing, we have to mess up so we can learn how to correct course, we can find where our strengths and challenges are. And we can really focus on the things we’re absolutely best at. So we can also go and get support. And this is a very sovereign Queen thing.

Elizabeth DiAlto  23:06

We can also go and get support in the areas that we’re likely never going to master. And guess what it’s okay to admit, it’s actually not even just okay, it’s crucial to admit the things that we’re never gonna master, because we’re just not built for it. Right? There’s so many things I’m bad at. For all the things that I’m excellent at, I promise you, there’s like 10 times as many things I’m garbage at. And for me, I celebrate that I rejoice in that. Because knowing that means I do not have to pressure myself to do things that I’m not good at, to the best of my ability, I can either suck it up and do them to whatever extent I can, or if I can afford to or if I’m willing to ask for it, and allow myself to receive the help and the support in whatever way whether I pay for it or just let people help me out. Because they’re generous. I’m able to be supported, you’re able to be supported. Every single person listening to this, I promise you has an area in their life where they could use some support. And they’re not letting it in. And this is something we all regardless of any vocation, roles in life pathways or anything that we all need to master that it would behoove all of us, to master to practice to mess up and continue. To get better at. We have to stumble, we have to test our skills, we have to test our balance, we have to notice where we stumble and wobble and fall, troubleshoot the gaps in our skills and our confidence and our attention and our processes. And this again applies to everything, how we treat ourselves and others how we communicate, how we do our jobs, how we cook clean, make the bed or everything in life requires skill and capability. Some things just require more than others, and some things matter more than others. Something I want you to notice about my description of The Sovereign Queen is that nowhere in the description is the word luxury. Notice Now it’s not about having stuff status, a castle or accumulation. Because riches don’t come from material things. Sovereign Queen helps you to see where your real wealth is your soulful or your divine prosperity. So let’s also, which by the way isn’t to denounce those things, right?

Elizabeth DiAlto  25:19

I’m not around here demonizing anything, and listen, I’m gonna have strong opinions about things. And people might feel like I’m demonizing something just because I have a strong stance on it. But above all else, always in forever, my stance on things is to each their own. Because I don’t know anyone’s soul contracts. I don’t know anyone’s paths. And I’ve done way too many. I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of Akashic Records readings with people, where people have shown up and ask questions about doing stuff, that if I wasn’t in the Akashic records, I might have been judging. But in the Akashic records, people’s masters, teachers and loved ones which are infinitely unconditionally loving, accepting and compassionate, don’t judge. They only speak into where this is playing into someone’s soul path. So I really got to see through that medium, how there’s just so much our human reasoning mind cannot and we’ll not ever understand about why things are happening. And we waste a lot of time, effort, energy and attention on trying to figure those things out. And as well on needing to be right about those things in our own lives. And others rather than just rolling with it, working with it, accepting with it moving through it.

Elizabeth DiAlto  26:30

And so let’s also for a moment, talk about the meaning of the word sovereign. There’s a bunch of definitions, when you look it up, the one I homed in on is possessing supreme or ultimate power. And in the School of sacred embodiment, we often talk about true power. And when I talk about true power, I always capitalize the letters for True T ru E, because what I mean by that is power that’s rooted in the soul, in the divine in love and curiosity, in values, like the values we hold in this school, joy, liberation and peace. It’s inclusive, it’s reverent, honoring the humanity and the divinity and people. And when I say people, I mean, all people. Nothing is sovereign, if it requires the dominance or suffering of others, or turning a blind eye to their experiences, period. That doesn’t mean we should take on things as individuals that are systemic issues that needs solving. But there’s a difference between developing awareness and analysis of things, and denying the exist. There is a range of possibilities we have as part of a human family that depends on a lot of factors. But the one thing it cannot depend on, its hyper individualism. Sovereignty, asks us to consider where we source our power, from the Divine from love from within, from our connections, relationships and community, from our ancestors from nature, from so many beautiful places. And to examine where we have been conditioned to believe we can source our power from shallow material things like stuff. And yes, we need stuff. And we need money to function in this world. But there’s a difference between treating those things like the tools and resources they are, and pedestals using or worshipping them, and projecting false power onto them, or using them to dominate others to exert power over people or things or circumstances. There’s also a difference between privilege and true power. Privilege gives us access to things it doesn’t make us more powerful as human beings or as souls, it just gives us more options and choices. And in some cases, more safety and protection from having to experience things that other people do that they don’t necessarily have a choice around as long as our cultures and societies are still functioning the way they are. So we’re true power relates to privileges and understanding what our privileges are. And just being humble about that and accepting it. It sucks. And some of us are like, I didn’t ask for this. I don’t want this privilege, cool, but it’s actually not up to you. Right? It’s important to look at our privileges and understand what they are and see where we can share or give things up, or make sacrifices for the greater good, or leverage it for the benefit of others. And this is not something a lot of people want to hear or talk about. It isn’t currently in our power to entirely relinquish our privileges. No matter how much people holler at us that we have to do that, because we can’t do it ourselves. That is going to take a lot of cultural and societal shifts, we can certainly chip away at it and adjust a lot of our actions, behaviors and choices. But it will never be up to me. For example, I’ll just use my own example. And you all I’m sure have your own examples. It will never be up to me whether or not moving through this world with my light skin, for example, makes it easier for me as a bipoc person than someone whose complexion is many shades darker than mine. Just like it will also never be up to me that my body type Garner’s so much attention from the male gaze While other women simply don’t have that experience, and that’s just a set of physical examples, I could lose so many more. And I will in the podcast episode that comes after the sermon, which some of you are listening to this on that podcast episode right now, you weren’t at the Sunday service, which is kind of meta.

Elizabeth DiAlto  30:16

Let us pray. This prayer is The Sovereign Queen prayer. So my mother goddess, use me, move me and make me an instrument for your infinite grace. Fill my heart with the grace to forgive what needs to be forgiven so that I can see and feel clearly what is mine to do and what is not. Bless me with ever deepening faith to face my fears, and stay open to community connection and collaboration and service of love and the highest good. Give me the courage to lead others and conduct my life with and from the immense grace, faith and courage you bestow upon me every day, helping to be gentle with myself when I fail or falter. And remember that life is filled with opportunities to begin again, to learn to grow wise and to heal my wounds. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you a met. Alright everybody, I hope you enjoy that sermon. And your time today with The Sovereign Queen come back. We listen to that one anytime. Share it with your friends, talk about it, share yourself and Queen wild dreams, visions, desires, and all of those things. I also want to leave you with a little announcement today since I created the wild soul archetypes in 2020. I have taught a lot of classes created embodiment practices, meditations run two immersions a mini course and guided the wild soul sacred body members through embodiment journeys with each one of those and train some level two sacred vitamin specialists in teaching the wild soul archetypes. On March 4, I’m releasing a new course that includes the best of all those creations. It’s called the wild womanhood course. And this is number two of four of the core self paced courses I’m releasing in the School of sacred embodiment this year. So if you’ve enjoyed the wild Soul Sunday services, or these podcasts, episodes sermons, if you would like to go deeper into your exploration and embodiment with the wild soul archetypes, you can learn more about that course at untie. forward slash interest, dash womanhood. Next week we’ll be back with our final wild so archetype number 60 Erotic priestess. And listen, don’t be intimidated or turned off by the word erotic if that’s not necessarily your thing, with your current set of associations with that word because the radix priestess has some surprising and delightful insights for anybody around self love, especially self honoring self respect, how you treat yourself how you embody yourself, the way you inhabit pleasure of your own existence, that don’t necessarily have anything to do with sex or sexuality. So we’ll see you next week. Excited to get into that. And thank you for listening