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Awaken your soul and fire up your senses. Turn up the volume on your inner wisdom. Increase your capacity for trust, love, openness, passion, fire, and freedom.

EP276: An Exploration of Integrity

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher Integrity is one of my top values so I really geeked out in this episode. The exploration spans my own personal experiences of and with integrity. Working definitions, references to wisdom from…

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EP275: Relationships, Self Love and Sacred Work with Shanda Catrice

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher Today’s interview is a deep and soulful one with Shanda Catrice. Shanda is someone whose writing online is always packed with healing wisdom and her big truth was, “You don’t get to…

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EP274: Getting To Hell Yes With Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher If you’re a long time listener you know I am a geek for healthy and conscious communication strategies and today’s episodes is centered around just that. Alexandra Jamieson is back on the…

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EP273: Challenging The Way We Think About Bodies With Melissa Toler

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher I really enjoyed this chat with today’s guest Melissa Toler. Melissa also used to work in the fitness industry and I’d been enjoying her posts on Instagram about challenging the way we…

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EP272: Cultivating Joy During Difficult Times

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher This was a fun episode to record. Last year the birthday episode revolved around lots of healing and lessons. This year was much more of a celebration of fully living, emerging from…

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