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Marie Forleo B-School Review

I logged in to B School (yup, once you buy you get lifetime access, holler!) to grab some images for ya and make sure I’m up-to-date on all the modules before writing this review and all I can say is DAMN.

What I really can’t believe is that she’s kept the price point this low. Most online “gurus” raise the prices of their courses every time they run them. Marie has kept B-School at the same accessible and affordable price for the last four years and  the content in this program is easily worth $10,000+.

Anyway, for this review, I’m not going to break down each module, she does a perfect job of that herself, here. What I am going to do is give you the run down of HOW I’ve used B School to build my brand and business by highlighting my very favorite parts AND let you know about the only downside of the program.

Bad News First.


Although you have access to office hours, Q&A, and of course the private Facebook group, there’s no built-in system for accountability. It’s totally up to you to make the time to get through the course material and implement what you learn.

This is why one of the bonuses you get when you enroll with my link includes access to a Private Facebook group with me.

You may not think this is a downside.  In fact, for me, it was an upside because I enjoy self-study programs and doing things at my own pace.  I didn’t even go through the course in order, I skipped around and did my own thing.  You know your learning style best.

My Top 5 Favorite Things About B-School


The first time I saw Marie on stage at RHH Live in 2010, I knew she was my mentor.  She’d walked in my shoes and the passion, energy, and care she puts into her work doesn’t just elicit fleeting inspiration for the audience.  She inspires you to TAKE ACTION and action is what gets results. In B-School she teaches you exactly what those actions are.

I’ve attended tons of events since the first time I went through B-School and gone through several other courses.  NO ONE in this industry creates a user experience like Marie.

Here’s what you see when you login to B-School. It’s freaking gorgeous…

And I love that she added this Tech Habits piece.  Did you know that half of the problems we have online with websites are due to things that the non-techy population (like me!) have no idea about like caches, cookies, what browser you’re using and etc?

She actually walks you through this stuff to make sure you don’t deal with any of that once you’re inside B-School so you can focus solely on learning and implementing and making money (not messing around with stupid internet issues!)

Speaking of money…

2. PROFIT CLARITY…specifically identifying my Ideal Customer Avatar

In 2009, I’d started sending emails to a list of my friends and family members with health and fitness tips.  I didn’t have a way of collecting email addresses or organizing a list (maybe you don’t either right now, no big deal.  If you do, you’re a step ahead of me!).  I also wasn’t clear on WHO I was actually speaking to.  Truly at the time, it was anyone who would listen.

The BIG PROBLEM with that is I wasn’t really connecting with anyone.  People appreciated the info I was sharing, but I certainly wasn’t laying any foundation to create customers or make any money.

In the Profit Clarity module you figure out how you actually want to make money.  The BEST PART is The Ideal Customer Avatar exercise. This didn’t just change my business though, it changed my life because it gave me purpose in my business.  As I type this I even get a little teary and have goosebumps because I have no idea where I’d be if I hadn’t figured this out when I did.

3. THE COMMUNITY (AKA how B School pays for itself)

There are tons of decisions to make as you build a business. Unless you are already part of a large community of online entrepreneurs, the feedback you get from friends, family and colleagues is well-meaning, but rarely valuable or applicable since they do not run businesses and just don’t understand.

Being able to pop into the B-Schoolers group on Facebook and gather insights and feedback to help make decisions in your business is a feature you just can’t put a price on.  I do it at least once a week, here’s an example (I got over 100 replies to my question!)–>

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 5.55.23 PM

Not to mention, I can’t even count how many of my clients and customers are B-Schoolers. And, because the community is already trained by Marie to be fantastic students, they are also super high quality clients and customers.

So, when you enroll in B-School, in addition to securing the education and camaraderie you’ve been missing, you will also gain thousands of new leads for your products and services.


When I started B School I was a personal trainer and group exercise instructor (if you search YouTube you can find some of my old Zumba videos, hilarious).  I had zero online presence and a super embarrassing website…look–>

That logo? A friend did it for me for free, I drew that H myself.  And the headshot with the background that looks like 4th grade picture day? That’s from a $225 photo shoot (all I could afford at the time) by a guy I found on Craigslist. I laugh and cringe simultaneously.

No wonder I wasn’t making a single dollar online! I’m extremely right-brained, I have no business messing with the website! In B School I learned what to hire out and what to do myself.  More importantly I learned how to set up the site so that it CONVERTS.  The whole purpose of your website is to connect with your audience and build your list.

Of course aesthetics matter, but many of us have a lot of distractions on our sites and we’re missing out on tons of leads and sales because of it.

This is why Marie brought in our good buddy, Derek Halpern, founder of Social Triggers, and one of the smartest guys I know, to teach a section called Conversion Machine.  I would have paid $1,000 for this section alone.  I went from adding 0-3 people to my list every day to 10+ with Derek’s tips.


Ever land on a website, read around a little bit and wonder “What the hell is this person talking about? I can’t even really tell what they do from this mess?”

Copywriting is not something that comes naturally to most people.  In fact, you may go through B-School and still not be a very good copywriter in which case I urge you to hire it out.  If you love writing though or have any kind of sales or marketing experience, this section of B School might be your favorite.  Especially the Fun sheets and Checklists–>

One of the frustrating things about starting my business was that I had sales and marketing experience.  I sold over $1million of Cutco knives as both a sales rep and an office manager.  I knew how to sell stuff!! The problem was doing it online is way different than selling in person.

In B-School I learned how to translate my sales and marketing experience into highly effective practices for my online business.

If you don’t have any sales or marketing experience, even better! You won’t have to break any bad habits like I did, you can just learn how to do things the right way the first time around.

It’s time to make a decision…

By no means have I covered every single aspect of B-School in this review.  However, if you already have a business or at least have an idea for the business you want to start online, the information I’ve given you here is more than enough to take action and invest in this powerful program.

Keep in mind, you have the option to split the investment into four payments and you have 30 days to get your money back. It’s like making a deposit so you can take the program for a test drive 100% risk-free.

Enrollment for B-School opens on Feb 18, 2015.

Let me be clear, joining B-School does not guarantee you a successful business or fast results. It’s took me a solid two years to get traction and I’ve seen the MOST success in years three and four since doing B-School. There is a lot of work to be done once you’ve gone through the course to IMPLEMENT the material.

If I had not made the investment though, I’m quite sure I’d still be a personal trainer, trading time for dollars, and trying to figure out how the hell to pay my rent.

Disclaimer: Any and all links on this page are approved B-School Partner links. That means if you register by clicking it I will receive a commission – that’s why I put together a bonus package for the people who do, it’s my way of saying thank you. I’ve been a B-Schooler since 2011 and would recommend the program even if I wasn’t getting a commission. Just another reason to love Marie, she’s super generous.

Marie Forleo B-School Review