What is Embodied Healing?

(Here we go…let’s try to describe the indescribable… haha!)

Embodied Healing works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

It’s integrative, it’s effective, and it gets to the roots of whatever you’ve got going on

Sometimes in one session.

Sometimes in a series of sessions over time.

Embodied healing connects you to the most natural, wise, and wild parts of you – the parts that knew how to thrive before the world conditioned you into not thriving.

Embodied healing also reminds you that you are fully human AND fully divine, and helps you to understand the sacredness and deep wisdom of your body.

So, if you’re here, you’re ready to come home to yourself on some or many levels…and you’re ready to see the ripple effects of engaging in an approach to healing that is informed by many disciplines and modalities.

Embodied Healing is highly considerate of each individual. It’s designed to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.

I want to emphasize that last part because sometimes the biggest resistance to healing comes from thinking you need to be anywhere other than where you are right now to receive it.

That’s never the case.

Because Embodied Healing is thorough and rooted in love, compassion, courage, and a ton of experience with all kinds of folks dealing with all kinds of things, you may not feel ready, but the fact that you’ve made it as far as reading this sentence of this page shows us both that you are absolutely ready.

You might be afraid, and that’s not even just ok–it’s normal.

I hold down the fearlessness in the healing container, that’s my job.

You just show up and be open.

You might have doubts about what’s possible, that’s ok too.

Just know that even if I don’t know you yet, I have complete faith in your ability to heal, and my faith comes from facilitating healing for 1000s of people over the course of my career. I’m very used to seeing how much more people are capable of than they tend to think they are.

The vision I hold for you is that everything is possible.

What kinds of things might we work on together?

Identify the wisdom in the things that have wounded you in the past and help you live more from the wisdom than the wounds.

Learning to live your life from a place of surrender, trust, and acceptance.

Cultivating deep love and appreciation for ALL of you.

The array of challenges that come from being disconnected from your body – especially women!

Dissolving any shame, guilt, regret, or resentment that keeps you stuck, stressed, angry, or sad.

Grief! My goodness, most people have so much to grieve in order to feel free. Together we can clear out that room in your heart to make space for something else

The courage to use your voice, speak your truth, identify your needs, ask for them and allow them to be met.

Cultivating pleasure, play, joy and fun in your life as habits, not just whimsical fantasies.


Unlocking your creative potential.

Connecting you to your soul’s purpose or divine calling.

Fears. If you have lived a life led by fear, we can shift you out of that home frequency into one of faith, love, true power, and liberation.

Embracing change and navigating transitions.

Developing supportive habits and practices that reflect your values.

Healing core wounds.


Anything else that separates you from your truest nature and most honest expression of you who are in your life, your work, your relationships, and your spirituality

Student Love

The thing that really spoke to me through the Self Love Mini Course was when you spoke on boundaries. I learned that having boundaries is actually freeing you to live authentically. I used to believe that I’d hurt another’s feelings if I stood up for myself (boundary setting) but you helped me see that people will get hurt if no boundaries are in place, that boundaries are there to protect and respect each other. So in those ways it’s self-loving and other-loving to have boundaries. There's so much more but overall I was blown away in that lesson. Really had a perspective shift, thank you!!!

Student Love

I’ve learned that within me, I have everything I need to handle whatever the world can throw at me. AND that I am worthy of all of the same care, love, and attention that I give to others! .

Student Love

I struggle with putting words to what I’m feeling. I’m so thankful for the Q+As in the Mini Course, they really helped me gain some insights.

Student Love

Learning that I can embody self-love by reconnecting with my body has been absolutely amazing.

Student Love

I don’t abandon myself anymore! It’s easier said than done for me at this point since I realized I’ve pretty much been abandoning myself my whole life. But I hear you on repeat in my head as I work through it :).

Leaders, Creatives, Innovators, and Healing Professionals Share Their Experiences

“Working with Elizabeth has provided the most direct and fun path to clarity I’ve ever had. Through one on one sessions as well as a 2 day immersion together, she helped me renegotiate my business model to be of higher service to my clients and more sustainable, enjoyable, and profitable for me too…not to mention, a massive improvement to my quality of life.

Her no-nonsense, New Yorker approach to “calling it like it is” cuts right to the core of the energetic blocks and fears that were keeping me stuck and the powerful energetic nurturing energy she brings to the work creates a really safe container to feel safe and compl tell supported every step of the way. She has a way of intermingling deeply esoteric and spiritual support with clear and actionable steps to bridge the gap from where you are to literally operating where you want to be.


-Sarah Nannen
Owner,Renkon Yoga Studio + Founder of Grief Unveiled

What surprised me most was how much I learned about myself. I thought I knew myself pretty well, but there was (and still is) so much more. Elizabeth facilitated that wild and deep exploration for me, and it was magic.

This isn’t any ‘ol life/business coaching. This is Spiritual Special Ops. I came out of our work together with clarity of vision, clarity of purpose, personal accountability, boundaries and an integrated alignment to my values & priorities that I didn’t have before.
Elizabeth’s methods aren’t cookie-cutter. It’s the best combination of straight-up personal stuff & spiritual/self alignment. In every interaction, Elizabeth creates a sacred container primed for intentions, experimentation, discovery, questioning, laughter, alignment and execution. You don’t have to be anything or anyone else but yourself for this experience. Just show up for the work as you are and Elizabeth will guide you to finding your juiciest self.

-Jacqueline Carly
Founder Maria and Jane + Marked Skin Health

“When I reached out to Elizabeth, I had ALL these problems that I wanted to work out. I was distracting myself with made-up issues because I didn’t want to face what I really needed to figure out. Funny thing is when you work with Elizabeth everything comes out in the open, in the most organic way possible.

Within our first few hours, Elizabeth drew out of me the core of what I was truly struggling with. My identity. That weekend we got to the core of who I am, why I have patterns I live, and what I can do to overcome my blocks. I made a solid decision in my career and had tools in place before I left to ensure I follow through.

Throughout my life I’ve always had a pretty good connection to my intuition. But sometimes it didn’t speak to me, or so I believed. Elizabeth helped me decipher my own body/intuitive language that has been 100% TRUE. My intuition is always on, I just didn’t understand the message. Now I do, and it is amazing to know every decision I make is 100% true for me.

My spiritual practice is finally consistent. While I use several practices to connect, I do so every single day, sometimes multiple times daily based on what I need. The best part is, I know when I need more, and exactly what I need. I am in tune with life, and the universal thread that guides it.

My relationships have improved tenfold. With my kids, my husband, and my friends. I’ve become discerning in my relationships, in what I expect and want out of a relationship, but also how I show up for my people. Amazingly my circle has shrunk and I feel richer than ever. I am fulfilled and loved. I laugh loudly on airplanes again, and sing in public (although people around me probably don’t appreciate it, but I love it so I am not stopping).

I can honestly go on, because the immersion has had an impact on every aspect of my life. But I want to end it with the impact the immersion weekend has had on my career/business. When I came to immersion, I had no clue where I was going in my businesses. I had lost the passion, and frankly was burnt out on everything real estate related. After immersion, I had full clarity I was able to reignite the fire in my belly, and not only come back to help grow my existing business, but start another complimentary company that works hand in hand, yet independently of our real estate investment company.

If you don’t know how your body and your soul are speaking to you every single moment of your life, you need to work with Elizabeth. If there is any part of your life that isn’t where you want it to be: family, romantic relationship, work, finances, blocks, spirituality, if you are missing anything – even if you don’t know what that one thing is. Go work with Elizabeth and you will change your life.”

– Ines McCanna
Radix Real Estate Company

“There were not too many surprises during my session, though one surprise was the energy work we did. I did not know that Elizabeth had experience with energetic links and cords in that way. I was pleasantly surprised to receive healing through that modality.

The biggest change afterwards was my mindset. I really left believing in myself in a way I hadn’t expected. Elizabeth totally normalized my work and allowed for it to be normal. This was really helpful in allowing me to see the potential more clearly. I’ve definitely gained confidence and also less drama around my work. I left the building in NYC where we had been working like, ‘I can do this!’ Really helpful, as I’m not necessarily a fake it till you make it kind and it felt so truthful to say I can do this. Elizabeth was also really good and getting to a root pattern/trauma that even after a year I’m still working on breaking down, that’s how deep it is. She really was the catalyst for me looking at this deep core pattern and I’m so happy it came through that day, because now I have the opportunity to move forward in new ways.

I would recommend the immersion experience to anyone who is ready to go deep into themselves, to finally say yes to themselves in a way that is significant. The personalized attention and one on one time is everything. I really love all the work that Elizabeth does, and I see so much value in the one on one work with her. This experience was powerful, honest, engaging and supportive. The perfect recipe for expanding your capacity and ability to believe in yourself once again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

– Kalah Hill
Founder of Pussy Consciousness

“I can’t even describe how much I awe and how much overwhelming gratitude I am feeling for the shifts that have occurred during our work together. I’m accepting all of myself, finding my power, speaking my truth and most importantly finding deep deep love for who I am. It all sounds like a tagline from a. Self help book, but it’s f’ing real!!!! To be honest there were parts of me that didn’t think this was possible.”

– Jennifer Arthurton
founder of Old Chicks Know Shit

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