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EP114: Ask Me Anything Part I


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Oooh, this is a fun and special episode today. As I poured all my creativity into the #bbbm Brilliant Body Beautiful Mind Challenge, I found myself literally unable to get it up to create this episode. Skipping the episode wasn’t an option, so I turned to the #wildsoul community and asked for help. They stepped up with over 20 questions I could potentially answer on the show today of which I chose five (otherwise this would have been a three hour episode). What I learned is how awesome community is. Having a tribe of people who are really there for each other is a wonderful thing. Thank you so so much to those of you who helped me out in my creative pinch with this one. Love you and enjoy!!

The Questions I answered:

1. Since I believe that every illness has root in what’s going on in our heads, how do we figure out what an illness is teaching us?

2. I’ve recently had a toxic person that I cut out of my life reach out to me. I would love so guidance on how to stay strong in your convictions and keeping toxic people out of your life. Or maybe am I suppose to welcome them back?! I need some advice.

3. How to ask your partner for something sexually that you’ve never asked for before

4. I have a wonderful husband. Being a police officer for 25 years has taken a toll on him. He is retired now and I’d love for him to reconnect with his emotional side. For so many years he had to adjust so he could cope with everything he saw. How can I help him do that?

5. How to stand your ground, and respectfully set boundaries with older/powerful men while still being a gentle empathic strong professional woman who knows her shit! I feel like the theme of my recent life has been standing up to bullies and they have all been male! I’m smart and strong and I still find it a challenge….I’m so tired of professional male dominance and hierarchies!!!! Please don’t get me wrong I am a man lover(!!!!!!!) and a mom to an amazing boy, I’m just tired of feeling pushed around by some of them and I want to be clear and professional without getting emotional which can be so tough.

What You’ll Hear:
6:30 Physical illnesses + trusting the revelation
8:45 Tuning into your body to make decisions
11:08 Handling asking your partner about sex
13:40 How to help your partner connect with their emotional side
16:37 Taking your power back + feeling into emotions

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EP114: Ask Me Anything Part I