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EP116: How to Choose Which Programs and Professionals to Invest In


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I love this question – how to decide which programs and professionals to invest with. What qualifies me to answer it are the several investments I’ve made over the years in programs, courses, events, coaches, teachers and healers. I’ve got serious experience here. It’s important to choose that which resonates for you, feels supportive, safe and empowering. By safe I don’t mean keep it safe, in fact the best programs and coaches will guide you outside your comfort zone – what I’m saying is you will feel safe and held while doing so. Have a watch or listen for my best tips.

Here’s the Question:

I am kind of newish to the whole personal growth thing having spent a lot of my last 43 years having my head in the sand (or just being in my head) apart from stints with psychologists to help with anxiety and depression which largely continued the head in head thing! The last couple of years I have really opened up a lot to what else is out there and really trying to embrace mindfulness, meditation and anything else that resonates with me. Obviously as a result of this you can get totally bombarded and overwhelmed and get stuck in a whole new place, just as someone highlighted in the FB group this morning (esp with all the free stuff available).

I have been talking to my husband about wanting to commit to a person or a program to work through some of my issues/beliefs that are holding me back, but don’t know how to go about that really. I know that you and Tara Brach are people that most resonate with me but (and I say this with ALL due respect) I am not sure whether signing up to a retreat/program is what I need or whether to do more work with a psychologist or similar that is a more personalized approach.
Whilst I know that it is impossible for you to answer that, especially as each individual has such a unique set of background/circumstances etc, I am wondering whether you would say that there would be a thing or things that you would suggest that someone does first before they work with someone to get the most out of it and can then assist in deciding which approach to take/who to work with. I mean before the whole research on a person or anything like that – ie would you suggest doing some work on your core beliefs/shadow work/read a particular book (yours is next on my list!) or whatever. Then when you have done that you might be most equipped to see who/what you should work on/with before you explore the next area (not that life lets you compartmentalize in that way!)

I suppose I was hoping that I would find a program or someone that I could commit too and that would really get me moving quicker on my journey .I feel really stuck, partly cos I am paralyzed by information and the inability to commit as I don’t know where to start and feel the financial pressure as I do not earn as a SAHM.

Am I being realistic about starting some of this core work on my own (or with a psych) or could it really be better to just jump into something with either a program/someone that does resonate with you and then start the ride?

I am not sure if my question is 100% clear, as I am trying to make sense of it myself, but I suppose I feel that sometimes the lack of ability to commit is just because I don’t know where to start. Any tips would obviously be super welcome!

What You’ll Hear:

5:06 What to look for when considering joining a program
14:47 The things that need to be addressed before working to move forward

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EP116: How to Choose Which Programs and Professionals to Invest In