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EP131: Kisma Orbovich on Your Soul Energy and Purpose


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This is an experimental episode, wild ones and I can’t wait to hear how you respond to it. Kisma Orbovich is a dear friend who I met through working with Sheevaun Moran, and fun fact, was my next door neighbor in my first place in San Diego (for over a year before I even met her!). She’s a super sensitive soul who was always a bit different from the people around her and didn’t discover or embrace the gifts of her sensitivity until after many years as a musician playing all over the world in orchestras and philharmonics, and opening a yoga studio in Michigan. In this episode we get her expertise on the eight soul energies she uses to help clients identify and fulfill their purpose and understand themselves and she helps us understand how to relate to intuition. Enjoy!

About Kisma Orbovich:

Kisma Orbovich is often referred to as a leading transformational expert incorporating ancient wisdom for modern day success. She’s co-host of the award winning podcast Illumination with Nick and Kisma (click here) and is an active mentor for high performing artists, celebrities, CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

Kisma speaks and trains all over the world as well as from her online platform where she reaches thousands of students. She’s passionate about helping people clear their blockages so they can Manifest from their Higher Self, step into their Full Potential and lead their life and business in line with their Soul’s Purpose. She teaches humans how to command their reality and live from Infinite Awareness.

Founder of Illumination Academy™ Kisma is certified in Auric Clearing, DNA Activation, Karmic Imprint Clearing, Divine Soul Reading, and Yoga (500 RYT). Her foundation is Vedanta and Holodynamics and she leads retreats to Maui, India, San Diego and other locations worldwide.

Kisma lives in Carlsbad with her partner, Nick Hansinger, CEO of Source Movement and travels the globe to stay in touch with her daughter, Zoe Hu and teach workshops.

In this episode, Kisma shares:

1. How the spiritual path isn’t linear or easy all the time but totally worth it if you’re willing to do the work (and tools to help you do the work!)
2. The eight soul energies
3. Divine Right Timing and Order

What You’ll Hear:

4:51 Kisma’s journey with intuition + the timing of change
10:06 The evolution and development of intuitive gifts
14:30 On assuming privilege
18:26 Spirituality and clearing out your money stuff
21:14 The eight soul energies
29:42 Implementing and integrating information by taking action
42:37 Energetic Hygiene + The Ultimate Spiritual Cleanse

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EP131: Kisma Orbovich on Your Soul Energy and Purpose